The benefits of chocolate for the female body

The favorite treat of all people on this planet was discovered a long time ago. But even then he was called "devil's potion." It seemed to the ladies of the world that after drinking the drink you could have a black child. That was before the chefs added sugar and milk to the bitter drink. After the changes, no one ever mentioned the “medieval beliefs”; they drank chocolate with pleasure and in large quantities. Since then, chocolate has taken its place of honor among sweets lovers.

There are even fans of chocolate. They not only drink and eat chocolate in different quantities, but also buy everything that is connected with chocolate: from a shower gel with cocoa flavor to a coat of noble chocolate color. And it’s not for nothing that chocolate lovers prefer this pleasant in all respects phenomenon. After all chocolate is a universal antioxidant. It helps with completely different problems. Soon you will be convinced that chocolate - it is not only very tasty, but also useful.

Only one thing scares - the number of calories. But after all, in order to get enough chocolate, it is not necessary to constantly use it “inside”. You can start to delight yourself and your “exterior” through chocolate, not at all afraid of getting better. Besides, All the chocolate that comes in “outside” makes your body more youthful, supple and healthy. Masks, wraps, massage, baths - all this will painlessly improve the contours of your figure. And it is not necessary to spend money on professional services. “Chocolate therapy ”can be arranged at home at any given time.

The benefits of chocolate for the skin

The face of a woman is the first thing that men always pay attention to. To make your face look "for a million dollars"little eat right. It is necessary to periodically take care of the skin of the face, and chocolate is suitable for such care, even more than. Chocolate masks tighten pores, tone up the skin, gradually renewing it.

Face mask with chocolate, honey and curd:Take a bar of dark chocolate and melt it, add a tablespoon of cottage cheese and tea - honey. Apply the mixture on your face before bed for 20 minutes. Rinse with warm water.

The benefits of chocolate for the body

Chocolate wraps

Wraps first of all relieve girls of cellulite, tone up the skin, remove toxins and toxins. Proper use will help centimeters go, and the waist becomes narrower.

Wraps are recommended to do once a week, not more. Salon wraps will ruin you, so remember your home recipe:

Fill 200 g of cocoa powder with 500 ml of hot water, bring to a homogeneous mass and let cool. Further even easier: apply the mixture on problem areas of the skin, wrap in plastic and leave for 20 minutes. Rinse cocoa out with cold water.

ABOUT weight loss chocolate you can learn from the article Chocolate diet: losing weight is easy and pleasant!

Chocolate bath

In order to soak in a chocolate bath, too much is not needed: 200 g of cocoa mix in a liter of hot water. The resulting elixir must be poured into the bathroom and enjoy 20 minutes. After that, thoroughly wash off the remnants of luxury and lubricate the skin with a moisturizer.

Chocolate Hair Mask

Take 2 tablespoons of cocoa and 2 teaspoons of brandy. All this must be mixed and rubbed into the hair roots for 20 minutes. This procedure will restore the hair structure, make it silky and strong.

Against loss, you can use another recipe: 1 tbsp. l brandy, 1 yolk, cocoa and milk. This mask is good to use every week, if your hair gradually leaves you when combing. Literally 20 minutes a week will make them stay with you.

Chocolate massage

It is very nice to feel “in chocolate”, especially when someone at the same time gives you a massage. The wonderful aroma of cocoa will make the procedure not only extremely useful, but also very pleasant. Take apricot or grapeseed oil as a basis, mix with cocoa and you can start a massage. Lubricate problem areas, massage them. On the back massage is best to invite a girlfriend.

Scientists have proven that the most healthy chocolate is the one with more cocoa. But our favorite white chocolate is harmful at all. To use such in wrappings or massage is contraindicated. Eat white chocolate in large quantities too. When you prepare your own chocolate bathroom, buy candles with cocoa flavor for a heightened effect and “shock”. Who knows, maybe you will become a chocolate man already that evening!

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