Teeth whitening strips


While one only dreams of a snow-white smile, others admire the whiteness of their teeth. How do they do it? To do this, it is not necessary to spend time and huge sums on special procedures in dental clinics. You can achieve an impressive effect at home using teeth whitening strips.. How does this novelty work and can everybody use it?

How can whitening strips brighten teeth?

How can whitening strips brighten teeth?

Drinking coffee, antibiotic treatment, smoking, eating in fast foods lead to the fact that the teeth lose their whiteness and become gray-yellow. Bleaching pastes are ineffective. One of the newest developments in the field of dentistry has been the creation of teeth whitening strips.. What it is?

The strips are made in the form of thin elastic plates, which are covered with a therapeutic composition of gel-like consistency. It includes the same substances that are used to impart a pearl-white color to the teeth in dental offices.

The active component, due to which the teeth become white, is carbamide or hydrogen peroxide. It is necessary to remove the protective layer from the strip, as chemical reactions begin to occur in the gel, resulting in the formation of active forms of oxygen ions. These are powerful oxidizing agents that can penetrate enamel and dentin and brighten teeth.

Strips for the upper and lower jaws vary in size. Special configuration allows you to attach a strip so as to cover the entire perimeter of the dentition.

Pros and cons of teeth whitening using strips

Pros and cons of teeth whitening using strips

Smooth, white teeth - a must-have attribute of a modern successful person. But not everyone has the time and money to visit dentists, and some simply are afraid of them. Therefore, teeth whitening strips are becoming increasingly popular. The advantages of this innovative way of care are obvious:

  • You do not need to visit the doctor; you can whiten your teeth yourself, in comfortable conditions;
  • the use of strips gives a noticeable result (clarification up to 4 tones) already in the first week, and the obtained effect lasts long enough;
  • saving. A similar procedure in the clinic will cost much more;
  • low concentration of the active substance in the gel provides delicate bleaching;
  • The process does not take much time. In the collection of strips there are models that dissolve after a certain time;
  • the procedure is painless, does not injure the tooth enamel and does not cause harm to health.

Although it is convenient to use whitening strips (reviews confirm this) and this tool really helps, this technology cannot be considered ideal. Here are some disadvantages:

  • the use of strips increases the sensitivity of the teeth. They begin to react more sharply to the use of sour, hot, cold, sweet foods. If a person has already sensitive teeth, then he will have to experience great discomfort;
  • strips are not able to change the color of fillings, crowns and teeth in which the nerve was removed. A person with such teeth will look uneven;
  • the effect is not saved permanently, but for a certain time. In order for the teeth after such bleaching to retain their color for up to 4 months, you will have to give up wine, coffee, strong tea.

Some people who used whitening strips, in a review, point to such a disadvantage: they can crawl, as they do not fasten securely enough. To avoid this, you should choose reliable manufacturers.

Can everyone use strips to brighten their teeth?

teeth lightening strips

The device should be used by those who are unhappy with their natural tooth color (yellow or grayish). Smokers and coffee lovers can use it to restore the normal shade of enamel. Strips are a real salvation for those who are afraid of visits to the dentist. Dental novelty will help to remove age spots after wearing metal braces.

Teeth whitening strips are not suitable for everyone. They cannot be used during pregnancy. Nursing mothers and children up to 16 years also can not resort to this tool.

How to carry out the bleaching procedure?

Using strips is very simple. It is necessary to glue them, standing in front of the mirror. First, remove the protective coating, then stick a strip of helium side on the teeth.

In order to keep the device well, it is aligned with the growth line of the teeth, bent, so that it goes on the back side of the teeth. It remains to firmly hold the strip to them. It is left for about 30 minutes (the exact time is indicated in the instructions). Then remove, remove the remnants of the gel. After the procedure, it is necessary to rinse the teeth with warm water or brush the paste.

Lightening can be done daily or every other day. The course includes from 7 to 20 sessions. Do not brush your teeth before using the strips.

Which strips are better: the advice of professionals and non-specialists

tooth stripes

If you summarize the opinions of specialists and those who have experience in home teeth whitening with the help of strips, the following brands will be the winners in quality and effectiveness:

  • first place - crest 3d white whitening strips. They were designed specifically for home use. Absolutely safe and give the effect after the third use. The reviews note their affordable price;
  • Bright Light in second position. Their advantages are: they are easy to use, safe, lighten teeth well, and are securely fixed;
  • completes the list of leaders of the novelty - self-dissolving plates Rembrandt. Their advantages: do not have time to notice; due to the presence of antibacterial components, the strips eliminate the smell from the mouth and prevent the formation of plaque.

Thanks to the whitening plates, everyone can acquire a Hollywood smile. But if you do not adhere to the rules of hygiene and do not follow the teeth, then no dental inventions can keep them healthy and strong. Although strips are a popular means, before checking their safety on your teeth, it is better to ask a specialist to evaluate the condition of the enamel.