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Skin and body care is the most troubling issue for women who look after themselves and want to be always at their best. Now in the market of cosmetics there are a large number of companies offering a variety of cosmetics. To the same cosmetics applies and cosmetics Tiana.

According to the description provided by the manufacturer,cosmetics Teanadistinguished by innovative comprehensive programs for the care of any type of skin, focused primarily on solving specific skin problems.

Tiana cosmetics: expert reviews

Teana cosmetics: reviews

  • Salon, Moscow: "When using Tiana cosmetics, a combination of the proposed preparations in ampoules and in the form of creams is possible. At the same time, ampoules can be applied to the décolleté or facial directly, depending on the specific problem and their appearance. In a concentrated form, such cosmetics are incorporated into the creams or masks, which increases their impact. "
  • Belgorod: "Very convenient to mix cosmetics Teanawith a combination of different types in the palm of your hand, which improves the effect of its impact. "
  • Salon, Kiev: "The proposed Tiana cosmetics can be used by adapting it to your own wishes and needs. All cosmetics lines are designed to give you more freedom when choosing individual use options, which makes it easier to select cosmetics for individual care."
  • Odessa: "Tiana cosmetics refers to natural and medicinal cosmetics, providing a beneficial effect,without any side effects. It allows you to correct many problems with the skin, being an effective way to care for the body and face. "
  • Salon, Novosibirsk: "Teana Cosmetics belongs to a living bio-cosmetics, which includes components of natural origin. It is included in the list of elite cosmetics offered on the market in different countries. Tiana is recommended for use every day as a skin care product."

Cosmetics Teana: positive reviews

  • Tatyana: "I have been using Tiana's medical cosmetics for a year, most often it is concentrated in ampoules. They nourish and moisturize the skin well."
  • Julia: "I liked the use of Teana in ampoules, now I have got a cream, I hope the effect will be just as good."
  • Elena: "I used a serum from mimic wrinkles, belonging to the line of cosmetics Tiana. The effect is simply amazing, I like it and absolutely no irritation."

Teana cosmetics: reviews

  • Valeria: “I really liked the gommage exfoliant, after it the skin becomes just velvety. I liked the moisturizer, but the rejuvenating effect didn’t have any effect. You can see a wonderful effect after applying ampoules and eye gel.”
  • Svetlana: “I have dry skin, and I decided to use the Super Moisturizing ampoules. I was satisfied, the skin became smooth and delicate, the color improved. Other ampoules of anti-stress Tian’s cosmetics didn’t like, there was no strong irritation, but a feeling of dryness and tightness appeared . Cosmetic products must be selected, given the type of their skin, then there will be no irritation. Pay attention to the composition, so that it does not have those components that can irritate your skin. "
  • Natalya: "I decided to buy anti-oxidant ampoules, absolutely ecstatic. The skin immediately became smooth, velvety and delicate. I was very surprised because my skin is very dry and I feel always tight. I usually find it difficult to find cosmetics for my face. Remained very satisfied, the cream didn’t fit perfectly. The multilamellar cream, despite the fact that it was stated that it was energetic, vitamin and moisturizing, with a pleasant smell, after using after 15 minutes appeared dry skin. "
  • Victoria: “I decided to use Twean’s“ Supermoistening ”cosmetics. I used half of the ampoule for the night. I didn’t even need the cream. In the morning the skin looked beautiful. And when I applied the cream, the skin wrinkled before going outside. Tiana’s cosmetics ampoules were used ", but did not feel the effect. But I will try to" super humidify "Tiana."

Cosmetics Teana: negative reviews

  • Olga: "I took advantage of the Teana ampoule course, there is no irritation, the application is pleasant, but the effect is incomprehensible. I think I'll try again."
  • Lyudmila: “I used Eiana and B4 ampoules from Tiana’s cosmetics. The manufacturer promised a soothing effect on the skin. But in the end, oily skin and a lot of acne. I didn’t experiment any more.”

Teana cosmetics: reviews

  • Lyudmila: "I tried to use Tiana in the form of creams and facial wash. There was itching, terrible irritation and pimples. I do not even know what is being added there. I decided to switch to Russian medical cosmetics as a result."
  • Irina: “I refused Tiana’s cosmetics ampoules because oily skin began to itch. Now I’m even afraid to use something new.”
  • Alexandra: "I got Teana to treat oily skin. As for gel for removing make-up and cream, dispensers work very poorly. When applied during the day, the skin shines, so it’s worth putting on overnight. At first all large pimples diminished, but after a week pimples appeared that previously were invisible. I don’t even know what to do, as they say that the effect will appear only after 3 weeks. "
  • Polina: "I decided to buy Tiana's moisturizer and gommage exfoliant. After using my face, it was smeared with fat, no moisturizing effect. The exfoliant was also not particularly impressed."
  • Christina: “I constantly buy cosmetics from rosacea, so I immediately bought the drug Antikuperoz from Teana. But the remedy was disappointing, it dries and tightens the skin, a feeling of discomfort and burning appeared on my face.”

In order to choose the right cosmetics, you should not only believe all the promises of the manufacturer, but also pay attention to the reviews of those who have already used the cosmetics. Teana.

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