Tea tree oil for teeth whitening

Few people are ready to give up coffee and tea and eat only cereals and fruits for the snow-white teeth. The prospect of spending a few hours in the dentist’s chair will also seem attractive to very few people. Meanwhile, in pharmacies there is an inexpensive and effective remedy - tea tree oil. For teeth whitening, it fits perfectly. How to lighten them with this product?

What is the secret of dental "talent" oil?

Tea tree oil for teeth whitening

Many representatives of both sexes are looking for ways to get a beautiful tooth color - one of the attributes of an attractive appearance. Such doubtful remedies as soda, citric acid and hydrogen peroxide are sometimes used.

Safe and affordable tool that can give a pearly smile, is tea tree oil. The oil is obtained from the leaves of a tree belonging to the class of myrtle and native to Australia.

Today, biologists have managed to describe over 200 species of such plants. But only one has useful properties, and its scientific name is Melaleuca alternifolia. The plant contains 50 unique components; some of them have the properties of acids. Upon contact with the enamel, these elements penetrate into the dental tissues, which contributes to their lightening and strengthening.

How to use tea tree oil for teeth: application and cautions

Here are the easiest ways you can use for home teeth whitening using tea tree oil.

  • Take a toothbrush, drop 2-3 drops of the product on it and brush your teeth. Instead, you can use a cotton swab to treat the outer side of the teeth. The procedure should last no more than 2-3 minutes. Then rinse the mouth with water. Already after 1 session, the teeth will get a lighter tone. Such an event is allowed to be held 1-2 times a month, not more often.
  • To whiten your teeth with tea tree oil to be more gentle, you should pour ½ tbsp. water, add to it 5-6 drops of the substance. This composition rinse your mouth. If the smell of this solution does not seem too pleasant, you can slightly improve it by adding 2 drops of orange oil. This will help to get a more pronounced whitening effect. Since the composition is less concentrated, this procedure can be performed every day. At the end, rinse your mouth with water.

How to use tea tree oil for teeth

Although the result of applying the oil, as they say, is already evident after one procedure, some, wanting to get the same perfect white smile, like on models from glossy magazines, add other ingredients to it.

Sometimes you can see recipes for whitening teeth, where the oil is combined with baking soda. It is better not to use such tips. Such a composition will aggressively affect the tooth enamel. Perhaps it will allow for better clarification, but the result of such manipulations will be the destruction of enamel.

One more important aspect - oil is suitable only for the external use.

What are the advantages of the procedure?

What are the advantages and features of improving the color of teeth with the use of oil from the leaves of the Australian tree? Product:

  • correctly and delicately affects tooth enamel, so it is suitable even for those who have sensitive teeth. The harm from using such a tool is minimal;
  • having a light but persistent aroma, eliminates bad breath;
  • once in the oral cavity, the microorganisms present are negatively affected;
  • helps prevent the development of caries and periodontal disease;
  • covers the teeth with the thinnest film, which becomes an obstacle to the formation of plaque and tartar.

Is the method universal?

Tea tree oil for teeth

Unfortunately, like other methods of clarification, this method can not be used by everyone. It is absolutely contraindicated in pregnant women, as the oil can reduce the contractile ability of the uterus.

Nursing mothers should not use the product, because it is not established how this may affect the child. The method is not suitable for children who are less than 10 years.

Although tea tree oil is derived from natural raw materials, it can cause allergies. Since it is applied to the teeth, it is possible that some part of the product will be inside. To eliminate undesirable reactions, it is better to conduct an allergotest. To do this, just put a couple of drops of oil on the back of the forearm. If within an hour there is redness, itching, then it is better to refuse such a remedy.

Will my teeth stay healthy after such a bleaching?

Reviews will help you get an accurate picture of the effectiveness and safety of tea tree oil for teeth whitening.. Those who have been helped by the butter to acquire a charming smile are advised to pay attention to the composition, since only a 100% product is suitable for clarification. If the oil is diluted (for example, soy is added to it), then the result will be much worse.

Oil really helps to get rid of the yellowness of teeth. This is noted by almost everyone who used it for home enamel brightening. But some people pay attention to the fact that when applying the product on the teeth there is a feeling of mild numbness. However, these feelings do not last long.

The disadvantage is not very pleasant smell of tea oil. But since the effect of such events is really impressive, most people are willing to put up with him.

The deterioration of the teeth after such whitening was not noted by anyone.

Teeth whitening with tea tree oil - This is a good way to not only get a radiant smile in 32 teeth, but also save money, time and keep yourself healthy. The main thing is not to overdo it! For one cleaning, just a couple of drops is enough. In order to preserve the whiteness of teeth for a long time, it is necessary to give up bad habits and try not to use products that spoil the color of enamel.

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