Tea tree essential oil for hair


Fashionable trend today are long, well-groomed hair. To buy such a hairstyle, many girls buy tons of advertised shampoos and balms. But "chemistry" is not always able to give a luxurious head of hair. For its recovery and growth, it is better to use a safe and effective natural medicine - tea tree oil. How is it useful for hair and how to use it?

What is the uniqueness of tea tree oil?

Tea tree essential oil for hair: use

Although the melaleuka plant is called the "tea tree", none of them brew tea. This is a low evergreen tree with soft and light bark growing in Australia. Particularly valuable are dry leaves: this is a real pantry of nutrients and essential oils.

Today, oil is made not only from foliage of wild trees. The popularity of this tool is so high that the tea tree began to grow on the plantations. The oil is obtained using a special technology that uses water vapor, or by means of cold pressing the leaves. Moreover, from 1 ton of raw material receive only 10 kg of valuable product.

When scientists investigated the composition of tea oil, it became clear why it is able to heal the body and add shine and luxurious look to the hair. The product contains up to 50 varieties of nutrients!

How good is tea tree oil for hair?

For those who have weak and brittle hair, and especially - when they fall out, it is very useful to conduct a course of therapy with tea oil. If you do this systematically, you can get this result:

  • normalize the sebaceous glands (this is a big plus for those who have oily hair);
  • find healthy, strong curls;
  • stop hair loss (due to improved metabolism and saturation of the roots with oxygen);
  • Get beautiful saturated color of hair.

Tea tree essential oil for hair will help to forget about matted unruly strands. The process of combing will turn into a real pleasure. A fashionable styling can be done at home and without the help of a hairdresser.

Ambulance for hair: who shows such a remedy?

tea tree

It is possible to apply oil not only with the preventive purposes. This is a real natural doctor for those who already have problems with hair. It will help overcome seborrhea, eliminate dandruff. Masks using this component help with alopecia (alopecia). Oil is an excellent tool for those who are worried about the split ends of their hair.

What else is useful tea oil for hair? Reviews confirm that it contributes to enhanced hair growth, thin curls become stronger. With the help of the product you can get rid of greasy hair. Hairstyle acquires volume.

The use of tea tree essential oil is also indicated for those who are concerned with itching and inflammation caused by the use of chemical agents for dyeing and styling.

Who is not recommended to use the Australian aroma oil?

Although the oil has a unique healing composition and a wide variety of therapeutic "talents", there are 3 cases where it is not allowed to use it:

  1. with individual intolerance. To find out how the body reacts to the oil, you should take a sample before using it for the first time. A couple of drops of money applied to the back of the wrist. An hour later, evaluate the result. If there are no signs of irritation, then you can safely use it;
  2. pregnancy;
  3. age up to 3 years. Children are not recommended to use oil for the treatment of hair, as it affects the immune system, and the child is at the stage of formation.

How to treat and heal the hair with oil?

How to treat and heal the hair with oil?

There are different home ways to use tea oil for hair, but its use should be only external! In no case should not use the product inside!

How to prepare a healing and regenerating composition using tea tree oil?

  • To prepare the conditioner, mix 1 l of purified water with 8 drops of oil. This composition is used after each hair wash;
  • If it is necessary to “revitalize” hair, add volume and get rid of dandruff, but there is no time for masks, then simply add 3-4 drops of oil to a portion of shampoo (lotion, balm), mix thoroughly and apply on strands. This procedure can be carried out 2-3 times a week;
  • the owners of a normal hair type will serve a good service mask, which includes 2 tbsp. l olive oil, honey and milk plus 3 drops of aroma oil and 1 drop of bergamot. Keep the therapeutic composition on the hair for no more than 15 minutes;
  • If the hair has lost its attractive appearance as a result of staining or other adverse factors, then they can be healed with a special mask. It will need 2 yolks, 2 tbsp. l burdock and 5-6 drops of tea oil. The composition is better to apply to the hair roots. For the action of the mask is enough 40 minutes;
  • if the strands quickly become fat, you can get rid of this problem in a simple and inexpensive way. Therapeutic composition is made from 1 tbsp. l jojoba oil and 2-3 drops of tea tree oil. Coconut oil is more suitable for dry hair. Mask can be done 1-2 times a week.

Apply tea tree oil should be properly - only in diluted form. If you apply a clean product to the skin, you can get a serious burn. It should be remembered that the oil is not "friendly" with high temperatures. If it is heated, then all the healing properties will disappear.

Although the cost of aroma oils is much lower than the price of medical cosmetics, it is worthwhile to first find out how women evaluate the effectiveness of tea tree oil for hair. The feedback is mostly positive. Particularly pleased with the result of the application of the overseas product owners oily hair. They note that masks and wraps help curls to gain volume and healthy look.

On the downside, some attribute the peculiar smell that not everyone likes. But this, as they say, is a matter of taste.

As you know, when dealing with women, the stronger sex pays attention primarily to their eyes and hair. The secret of beautiful hair is enclosed in a vial with tea tree oil. It remains only to open it - and become even more attractive and desirable!