Tattoos on the scapula for girls. tattoo sketches for girls

The art of tattoo has been practiced since ancient times. With the help of special drawings on the body, people emphasized their status and membership in a particular group. Nowadays, a tattoo is just a body decoration and a way to stand out from the crowd. For girls, the scapula is the ideal place for a tattoo.

Tattoo on the shoulder: the pros

Tattoo sketches for girls: how to choose?

Tattoos for girls on the shoulder blade are becoming increasingly popular. There are reasons for this, among which are the following:

  1. The paddle is a place hidden from prying eyes, so if you wish, you can easily hide it or show it.
  2. Tattooing on the scapula is not so painful, because the skin in this area is rather rough and has almost no nerve endings.
  3. The surface of the blade is more or less even, which reduces the number of possible defects.
  4. A tattoo on the shoulder blade will help make your back more sexy and graceful, and will give you confidence.

Tattoo sketches for girls: how to choose?

Before you decide on such a crucial step as body tattooing, you need to choose a good tattoo parlor and decide on a pattern. After all, the image will remain on your body forever, so approach this issue thoroughly, having studied possible sketches. There are classic tattoos that even after 15 years will look relevant and stylish.

  • Butterfly - this insect is very popular among young girls, emphasizing the lightness and sophistication of female nature. The butterfly is a symbol of elegance, represents peace, freedom and strong spirit.

Tattoo on the shoulder for girls

  • Angels - they denote purity, love, devotion and faith in Christianity. Such drawings are perfect for girls and women of any age. As a rule, choose a cupid or angel with wings.
  • The heart is a symbol of passion, love and affection. The tattoo with the image of the heart looks romantic and beautiful.
  • Dragonfly - refers to the liberation of the female spirit and soul, symbolizes luck, wisdom, prosperity, compassion and courage. This design looks elegant, especially if the dragonfly is with long wings and large faceted eyes.
  • The sun - this image has a huge number of variations. It symbolizes faith in divinity. To give the sun its uniqueness, you can put some significant symbol inside it.
  • Star - such tattoos look cute, mysterious and colorful. They attract extraneous attention. A star means good luck, success in business and good wishes. To create a unique piece, you can fill one or several stars.
  • The snake is a symbol of wisdom, knowledge, fertility. The image of a snake is interpreted ambiguously: positively and negatively, depending on how it is depicted. You can choose a realistic or multi-crested snake.
  • The pen - this image has a deep meaning and means enlightenment, freedom, happiness, dreams and love. As a rule, the feather is depicted in black and white, but there are girls who prefer the colored feather.
  • Musical notes are a very topical drawing, which is depicted on the shoulder blade. It symbolizes the love of music, passion, fun, love and carelessness. This tattoo looks very unusual and stylish.
  • Zodiac sign says about the person Such a tattoo will always be relevant, since your zodiac sign will not change. When choosing such a pattern, stop at a simple design in black.
  • The bird is a symbol of love, peace, success and freedom. The most popular images of birds - colorful and winged. Powerful and proud birds can be portrayed to emphasize their independence and dominance.
  • Animals - a current tattoo that will allow you to express your love and admiration for our smaller brothers. The most popular animals for the image are lions, horses, dogs, cats, foxes, tigers, panthers, etc.
  • Inscriptions - they are always interesting and unique. You can choose whatever your heart desires: quotes, poems, biblical phrases, your initials, etc.

Most popular tattoos for girls

Most popular tattoos for girls

The fashion for tattoos began not so long ago, but has already managed to gain considerable popularity. Among the top tattoos for girls are the following:

  • Cherry flowers are one of the most popular images on the female body. There are good reasons for this: these flowers look feminine, tender and elegant. They are usually portrayed in color to convey the aesthetics of the design.
  • Cat - means grace, freedom, ease and femininity. Such tattoos represent the feminine.
  • Swallows - a symbol of spring, representing luck, hope, love, fertility and renewal. Often swallows are depicted with something in their beak, for example, a twig, a key, etc. This will help add value to the tattoo.
  • Ladybird is a kind of amulet that carries luck, sexuality and happiness. Usually, it is depicted together with a horseshoe and a four-leaf clover (with the help of additional symbols, the talisman can be enhanced).
  • Fairies are a great idea for a tattoo that is an inspiration for poets and artists. Fairies always look kind, fabulous and even childish, but never aggressive and insidious. With the help of such a tattoo you can give yourself individuality and attractiveness.

A tattoo on the shoulder blade is a great way to show your inner world. Remember that whatever image you choose, you will have to wear it all the time. Carefully study the value of the tattoo and choose a good tattoo parlor to minimize the possible unpleasant consequences.

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