Tattoos on the hand for girls. how to choose a tattoo


Many girls and women dream to have tattoos. But before you make a tattoo you need to know that over time its contours will change. This happens due to the fact that in the process of vital activity the weight and constitution of a person can change. But you can choose areas of the body where the image will be subjected to less deformation, for example, on the arm.

In the case when the lady made a tattoo, following the next call of modern fashion, then she should not forget that this phenomenon is coming and going, but the picture will remain for life. You can do a temporary tattoo, it will hold for about a month.

By the way, tattoos can interfere with the career growth of a woman, because many modern companies simply do not hire specialists with piercings, tattoos, since this goes against the corporate ethics and dress code.

Even such inscriptions can change the attitude of others to the girl. Among people there is a perception that if a woman has a tattoo, she simply cannot be serious, educated and educated.

Tattoos on the hand for girls. How to choose a tattoo?

Tattoos on the hand for girls. How to choose a tattoo?

Tattoo on hands for girls can be a certain way of self-affirmation or self-expression. Accurately selected drawing can help a woman to declare herself, to attract third-party interest, some people will want to know her better. Also, such drawings can serve as a talisman or amulet, which will always protect its wearer from harm. Such a talisman can be an image of an animal, a number that is happy for the owner of the tattoo or any other element.

Tattoos on the hands and the girls can be very different - from Arabic characters and hieroglyphs to realistic drawings. Original tattoos look very impressive. On the wrist, girls prefer to fill aphorisms, inscriptions, statements, but their size will be small, because the wrist itself is not distinguished by large dimensions. Therefore, the statements must be small, otherwise they will look like a solid spot.

You can still make a tattoo with a fluorescent paint, it will be almost invisible during the day, and in the dark it will emit a bright color. The main disadvantage of such body jewelry is that during the day they look like scars, which is not very aesthetically pleasing.

If you want to make a large tattoo, then the best location for it will be a shoulder or a section of the arm from the elbow to the hand.

Tattoos for girls: inscriptions

Tattoos on the hand for girls. How to choose a tattoo?

Tattoos on the hand for girls. How to choose a tattoo?

A relatively recent fashion for tattooing on hands for girls spread very quickly and found many of its admirers. Beautiful inscriptions look elegant on the female body. But a significant role here is played by where this inscription is located and how it is made.

The most common drawings among tattoos for girls in their arms are inscriptions that are made in a neat beautiful handwriting. They are made on the shoulders, fingers, wrists, upper back and neck, a little less - on the upper part of the foot. There are no exact rules in this matter, it all depends only on the preferences and preferences of the client, and even more so in the question of choosing the inscription. It all depends on what the owner is and to whom he wants to bring such a picture. Huge popularity among the girls won the Chinese characters. Such tattoos are often small in size but substantial. Only one such hieroglyph can mean in translation into Russian both one word and a whole phrase.

Tattoo designs for girls

Small tattoos for girls: how to choose?

Tattoos on the hand for girls. How to choose a tattoo?

Tattoos on the hand for girls. How to choose a tattoo?

Choose a tattoo should be carefully. An incorrectly chosen picture may look ridiculous, and others may simply not understand it.

First of all, it is necessary to determine the part of the body where the tattoo will be. Then you should choose the drawing itself or the inscription that meets your criteria. The size of the picture must be "tried on" for yourself, you also need to see how it will be combined with your skin tone. If the tattoo is a multi-colored one, then the colors should be correctly combined.

The smaller the tattoo in size, the less likely it will be perceived negatively by society. Therefore, in recent years, small tattoos are very popular among girls and women. After a few years, only a blurry spot remains from such a tattoo, regardless of how well it was made, because the properties of human skin cannot be changed by anyone. Facilitates this process is regular washing with the use of scrubs, gels, visits to tanning salons, baths.

In the first time, such a small drawing looks beautiful, its contours stand out clearly, but then the lines grow dull. Therefore, only the tattoo master will be able to suggest the recommended size for the chosen pattern on a particular part of the body.

Hands - this is the part of the body where the skin changes over time, the size and structure, stretching may appear, so you need to watch them very carefully. The best place to put a tattoo on your arms is the area below the elbow, where the skin deforms the least. If the drawing has lost its former appearance, then it is better to reduce it and apply a new one, or simply to refresh the original one. If you have any questions about tattoo care, it is best to seek the advice of a qualified professional.

Before applying the tattoo you need to carefully think and weigh everything. Pay attention to not only the size and appearance, but also the quality. If you still decide to make such a picture, then pick a good tattoo parlor, follow the rules of tattoo care.