Tattoos on intimate places for women


Female tattoos on intimate places have come down to us through the centuries. In the 19th century, such a drawing was considered depraved, but our ancestors did not disdain to decorate their bodies in this way. Today, painting intimate places is not only a way of self-expression, but also an opportunity to change the train of thought and lifestyle.

How to choose an intimate picture?

What tattoo to choose for an intimate place?

Tattoos on intimate organs today have undergone many changes. If it used to be popular in the décolleté zone, on the buttocks or pubic paint only draw floral and floral motifs and fragments of various celestial bodies, today intimate tattoo is much more diverse. In addition, in the past century, the sexual tattoo was considered the top of the moveton, and today it is one of the options to emphasize your sexuality, emancipation and individuality.

All girls who decide to make an intimate tattoo for themselves, but without having decided on its content, should pay attention to such moments:

  • First, the drawing must fully comply with the proportions of your body, the perception of the world and the way of life.
  • Secondly, it is necessary to refrain from putting the name of a loved one on the body, especially if there is no guarantee that your feelings will not subside after a year or two.
  • Tattoo of brutal content or portraits of favorite movie characters, political leaders, writers and poets look extremely ugly and sometimes vulgarly on the tender female skin and refined body.
  • If you already have a young man and a tattoo in an intimate place is done just for him, it would not be out of place to inquire about the guy’s opinion.
  • And finally, you need to determine in advance the location of the picture. First of all, ask the tattoo artist to draw a sketch with a pencil and see how the selected image will look from the side.

Take the choice of a tattoo on the intimate area as responsibly and meticulously as possible and remember that the selected design will stay with you until the end of life.

Top 10 best tattoos

Ten of the most popular and erotic tattoos in intimate areas look like this:

  1. Butterflies and small animals. In one song it is sung that butterflies are fluttering in the stomach. But we know firsthand that this type of insect can be in the form of a tattoo on the pubis. Such sketches are often chosen by girls with a light character who are not burdened with any everyday problems.Ten most popular and erotic tattoos in intimate areas
  2. Flower motifs. Quite a bit in popularity butterflies give way to various floral motifs. Such tattoos are extremely successful on almost any intimate part of the body, whether it be a decollete, buttock, thigh or lower abdomen.Flower tattoos
  3. Inscriptions. Phrases or individual words in English, Latin, or Chinese characters have become very popular for intimate tattoos. It is believed that such inscriptions can change a person's life, push him to accomplish any feats, or simply save him from adversity. However, for whatever reason, the girls began to fill them in hidden areas, is still not entirely clear.Tattoo lettering
  4. Asterisks and hearts. These are excellent and non-binding symbols. They do not carry any additional meaning and simply fulfill their direct purpose - they decorate the body of the owner. Asterisks and hearts can be either in a single copy or in a group. In either case, such a tattoo looks very sexy and harmonious.

    Tattoos on intimate places for women
  5. Feathers. This is a symbol that romantic people like very much. A light feather can be presented in the form of a loincloth, a picture on the pubis or depicted under the breast.Tattoos on intimate places for women
  6. Tribal motifs. Ornaments "tribal" still remain in vogue in the beautiful half of humanity. They will be a worthy decoration of the area under the breast, collarbone or lower abdomen.Tattoos on intimate places for women: how to choose a picture?
  7. Kitties. Cute and fluffy animals - a symbol that speaks about the softness, docility and playfulness of the character of their owner.Tattoos on intimate places for women
  8. Abstraction. Practical mindset, foresight, a demonstration of strength and faith - this is how you can characterize a tattoo in the intimate area of ​​an abstract form. The nature of such a pattern carries a semantic, rather than artistic, load.Female tattoos on intimate places
  9. Birds. Do not go out of fashion, although in recent years and become less popular, images of birds. Such an ornament is most often chosen by ladies who like to be in the center of attention, but at the same time always retain their individuality and adhere to a clear life position.Bird tattoo
  10. Openwork patterns. Not spared the world of intimate tattoos and various openwork-lace patterns. Such tattoos on large muscles, for example, the thigh, and also at a distance from the waist to the chest and buttocks, look favorably.Openwork patterns on the thigh

It is better not to do an intimate tattoo, if ...

Quite often lately one can hear the opinion that tattoos on the pubic part of a woman have brought only disappointment and deceived expectations. To prevent this from happening, you should not put a picture under the following conditions:

  • You do not plan to constantly maintain a minimum level of vegetation in the intimate zone.
  • If it is difficult and painful to endure any pain, because the procedure for applying a tattoo can be very unpleasant.
  • A trip to warm countries is expected soon. After tattooing, the skin will be reddened, inflamed and bleed for a while, which does not add sexuality to the woman. Experts recommend a procedure in the winter or autumn.
  • You do not maintain a stable weight of your body. Remember that a tattoo that will look beautiful on an elastic ass and a tightened chest can stretch in an ugly way if you gain a couple of extra kilos.

Summing up, I would like to remind you that if you could not make the choice and make the final decision on how much you need eternal decoration, you can put a temporary tattoo in the intimate zone, for example, with henna. This version of the tattoo looks no worse, and after a couple of months you will be able to apply a new and equally fashionable ornament.