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The fashion for decorating your body with the help of various images is becoming increasingly popular. This art form has become a familiar way of expression. Tattoo bearers give them a certain meaning, which can mean the aspirations of the wearer or personal qualities.

When choosing a body part for a future tattoo, girls are guided not only by their taste, but also by how this image will be perceived by representatives of the opposite sex. Therefore, they often opt for images that will make it more attractive to men. For this reason, the best solution is to have tattoos for girls in the lower back, because this will give additional elegance to a slender back.

The main thing here is to make the right choice of drawing and decide on the master. To make the decoration look beautiful, it must be filled in the center so that there is no sense of asymmetry. This is the top priority for the tattoo artist. Considerable attention should be paid to the drawing itself: for fragile girls it is better to choose a small image with thin lines, but for bigger ladies you can get a bigger tattoo.

Tattoos for girls on the lower back

Female tattoos on the lower back have their advantages and disadvantages.

  1. One of them has several hours of pain, because the skin here is thin, and the proximity of the bone makes itself felt.
  2. The owner herself can see her tattoo only in the mirror.
  3. In the old days, tattoos on the lower back were considered to be the hallmark of a servant; if this is of great importance for a girl, then it is better to choose another place.
  4. On the other hand, the loin is the part of the body that is least susceptible to change. Pregnancy, weight loss, weight gain, age indicators - all of these factors will not affect the type of tattoo.
  5. In addition, such a picture is easy to hide under the clothes and show only a few, and this will not cause convictions, for example, in the working team.

Most often, such tattoos are performed in the tribal style, because the pattern has an oblong shape. Very often images of flowers and animals are applied, because these elements are distinguished by elegance. Cats, lotuses, turtles, butterflies, cherry flowers will perfectly fit into this part of the body.

Most popular tattoos for girls

After determining the location of the tattoo, it is necessary to proceed directly to the choice of the image itself. There are no restrictions here! The most common topics are:

  • Butterflies The image can be both color and black and white. A butterfly is a symbol of the soul; in addition, it means lightness, beauty, carelessness, the joy of life and love for it. Less often - fragility, different peoples have different meanings of the symbol;
  • Flowers Often, girls choose flowers as their body decoration. Lily means love and purity, rose - love, passion, sometimes tagging, rebirth and peace, it all depends on the color of the picture. Lotus - a symbol of rebirth and peace, orchid - wealth, luxury, splendor. But not always behind each such tattoo hides a certain meaning;

Tattoos for girls on the lower back

  • Flame symbolizes change in life and passion. Often under such a pattern is meant that which was destroyed by fire and turned into ashes;
  • Snake. It means power, immortality;
  • Celtic patterns are popular because of their mystery and beauty. Depending on the particular pattern, it can mean rebirth, eternity, the union of life and death, etc .;
  • Cats are independence, love of freedom, such tattoos are often made by girls who are strong and extraordinary personalities;
  • Feather means weightlessness, beauty, lightness in relation to life, creativity, originality;
  • Hieroglyphs. Their meaning depends on the meaning of the selected symbol;
  • Inscriptions. A girl can choose her own language and font, phrases in Latin are very popular.

This list can be endless, and the pictures themselves can be combined, change the shape and color. The composition should be thought out in advance, because often the meaning lies precisely in the details.

The process of tattooing in the lumbar region is almost the same as applying it to another part of the body. It is better to print a tattoo sketch in advance or make it yourself. It is necessary to approach the choice of the master with the big responsibility, after all it is important to choose the professional.

Before you go to the salon, you should make sure that in the lumbar region there is no damage, skin diseases, wounds, moles. Immediately before the procedure, the skin is disinfected. In the process of working on the hands of the master should be wearing disposable gloves, and the instrument is sterilized.

There is no anesthesia for tattooing; the strength of the pain will depend on the sensitivity of the girl's skin.

After completion of the procedure, the master should apply a bandage with an antiseptic in the form of an ointment on the lower back, so that the wound heals soon. Some time it will be necessary not to wet the lower back and not to sunbathe, and the clothes will need to be worn only from the fabric that does not harm the skin.

A complete instruction of the actions and manipulations that will need to be performed after applying the tattoo will be told by the master himself. Better not to neglect his advice!

Tattoo: female sketches

Tattoos for girls on the lower back

Tattoos for girls on the lower back

Properly selected and executed tattoo on the lower back of the girl will give charm to its owner and will be a wonderful decoration. It is necessary to approach this issue with great responsibility and think carefully before applying it! Remember that this image you will wear on your body all your life.