Tattoo removal

The desire to remove the tattoo occurs for various reasons. An annoying drawing or poorly made image become a real problem when they occupy a large area or are in a prominent place. Fortunately, there are currently ways to remove a tattoo.

How to choose a tattoo removal cream?

Rejuvi Tattoo Remover - tattoo removal cream. His technique is based on the chemical interaction of tattoo dyeing elements with substances that make up the tool. The skin begins to reject under its influence inorganic metal compounds, so after a while the pattern disappears.

Tattoo removal: means and methods

The advantages of this method are that

  • The least traumatic;
  • Inexpensive;
  • You can get rid of the tattoo once and for all during 2 procedures.

The cream is usually used in 4 stages:

  1. Apply anesthesia.
  2. Apply cream on the tattoo.
  3. Within a month, the tattoo is covered with a crust.
  4. Then it disappears and the damaged skin heals.

In order to prevent accidental wound infection, bactericin ointment with antibacterial effect is used to safely remove the tattoo. Since the product has a fat base, it is well suited for treating damaged skin.

Laser tattoo removal: methods

To date, use 2 laser tattoo removal method:

  • Vaporization exfoliation is most effective for epidermal tattooing, it acts very quickly;
  • Selective photocavitation - gradual removal of the tattoo (over a year).

There are several types of laser tattoo removal machines:

  1. Ruby is used to remove green, black and blue tattoos;
  2. Alexandrite - also removes blue, green and black tattoos;
  3. Neodymium is by far the fastest device to solve a problem.

Neodymium laser can also be of several types, depending on what color the tattoo needs to be removed.

The infrared laser helps to keep skin smooth and bring out dark green, blue and black tattoos. At the same time, the risk of enhanced pigmentation in the treatment area is as low as possible.


The green laser displays red, yellow and orange tattoos. If orange and yellow are very deep in the skin, this may be the reason for keeping the tattoo.

Yellow laser helps to remove blue tattoos.

The red laser perfectly displays blue, green and black images.

Reviews of the procedure

Tattoo removal: means and methods

  • Daria: Once upon a time, a tattoo was done with a girlfriend, beautiful lips. Then it seemed to us a very original picture. But age is taking its toll, and it is time to get rid of these images.
  • I didn’t want to get an ugly scar instead of a tattoo, but at first they couldn’t find any techniques that preserve smooth skin. Found out on one site that there is a laser with which you can get rid of the tattoo completely. I went to the consultation, made the procedure. The laser penetrated directly into the pigment and destroyed it - crushed into very small particles and then it all went away from the body. The technique is gentle, so not very fast, as we would like. I have already completed a course of 5 procedures - the procedure is done once every 4 weeks. Now the tattoo has almost disappeared, but I think it will be necessary to still skin the skin so that nothing remains at all.
  • Arthur: By removing the tattoo at home, get ready for the most unexpected consequences, once I tried to remove my celandine on the soft tissues of the brush. The result - hard, stung an artery (like a small one), but there was a lot of blood. It is better to contact the specialists all the same - quickly, efficiently, and most importantly - safely. After 2 months after self-treatment, I went to the clinic - 2 campaigns and that’s all, nothing.
  • Olesya: Many of us in our teens make different mistakes. I did them too. And I had the usual, not even in the cabin made, make-up tattoos on his hands. Then, for me, it was very "cool." I grew up and my tattoo began to complicate my life, hiding it all the time.

We had to solve something. Went to the clinic where the laser is removed. This method is very long. It is possible to fill the picture in an hour, the removal takes almost a year. I can not say that absolutely nothing is visible, there are subtle shadows. But they are noticeable only with a very close examination. The removal process is sensitive, the laser beam penetrates the pigment and there it destroys it, without affecting the neighboring tissue. The pigment then goes out of their body.

Tattoo removal process is quite long, but if it is carried out in the clinic, then a positive result is almost guaranteed. Do not try to remove the tattoo yourself, with this you can only harm yourself.

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