Tattoo on the wrist. features of the tattoo on the hands and

Today, a person tries by all means to express himself using various methods. Changes in appearance - the easiest way, almost no boundaries. And this does not end only with a change of style of clothes: bold decisions like piercing and tattoos are used. Hand for the latter - one of the most successful places for those who do not need to periodically hide the picture.

What to consider when applying a tattoo on your hand?

Hands, in fact, are the most open part of the body, with the exception of the face. This is especially true of brushes that are always in sight. Therefore, the application of the pattern in this area simultaneously has both positive and negative sides.

The ability to always demonstrate the selected sketch will please those who do not seek to hide their uniqueness, for whom a tattoo is not an intimate thing, but a public one. If you want her to declare her owner earlier than his behavior does, the hand is an ideal tattoo area.

Tattoo on the hand

However, things are not so smooth. In this case, it is necessary to keep in mind the question of the dress code inherent in most large organizations. If at work your own expression has to be suppressed, adhering to social rules, such a tattoo will definitely break them. It is difficult to imagine an office worker, especially with a high status, extending a hand with a decorated back of the palm. Therefore, if there is a similar restriction, it is better to think about other areas on the body for an image that can be easily hidden if necessary.

The following nuance concerns the procedure itself. Many understand that the creation of long-term tattoos - not a pleasant process. But in the case of the hand, everything is especially complicated: this place has a lot of nerve endings, which makes the procedure of tattooing very painful. In addition, the qualifications of the master must be very high, because you have to work on a not very flat surface with a small area.

And what many people forget about is the question of their own attitude to body decoration. Special originality in the selection of a tattoo sketch on the wrist is problematic, the choice often falls on simple inscriptions, patterns or symbols. Often, an attempt is made to completely copy what was seen from the idol tattoo in the same place.

However, fashion is changing, tastes are changing. And after 2-3 years, perhaps the situation will turn so that the tattoo will not cause anything but irritation, especially if it was done under someone's influence. And she will constantly be caught on the eyes, even more depressing. Flatten the drawing will be difficult, expensive and no less painful than stuffing. In the end, if you want to make a long-term tattoo on the hand, it is worthwhile to think carefully about everything.

Female tattoo: choose a sketch

Tattoo on the hand

Women started tattooing their hands not so long ago - for a long time this zone with drawings was a male prerogative. Moreover, associations in society of tattoo were and are not the most optimistic: these tattoos made prisoners. And to break other people's stereotypes is not easy. Gradually, however, women's hands began to color up with various patterns, and today one can often hear questions about which design to choose for a girl.

Undoubtedly, it depends only on her style. It is impossible to say which particular drawing is in fashion, and which is not. The reaction of others will cause any tattoos, so it makes no sense to focus on this parameter. If a girl is prone to shocking and going beyond, she can have a full-fledged picture on her wrist, leaving almost no clear space on the skin. For more elegant and sophisticated natures, inscriptions embracing the wrist, plain curls or even single small elements are suitable.

The greatest demand among women (65-70%) occurs on broken hearts, the names of lovers, important dates. Most often, they are all transferred to the wrist. Young girls are attracted by small elements like butterflies, swallows, five-pointed stars. Sometimes made and original tattoo amulets, as well as paired tattoos. The latter are a bit harder to choose, as they should fit perfectly both of them and not cause a resonance with their style. And since the emphasis in them is on a name or an inscription, their background should not attract attention.

The black or dark gray tattoo will be the least embossed, especially if it is not too voluminous. A neat pattern, for example, imitating a wide ring on any finger, will harmoniously fit into many images. Or a bracelet from a long inscription in a foreign language. Color variations will certainly already attract a lot more attention. Especially if the sketches themselves are not harmless by design: crosses and skulls are not perceived by everyone correctly.

Remember is the following nuance: on the hands of the skin is updated quite actively (in comparison with many other parts), but uneven. This leads to the fact that in certain areas the pattern will be swollen earlier: for example, on the fingers or on the palms. On the back side, the tattoo in a clear form lasts much longer.

Warning: danger and warning!

Tattoo on the hand

  • Before applying a tattoo should pay attention to the issue of security. Any process of introducing a needle into the body is not immune from negative effects. If everything is done in the medical center to ensure the safety of the patient’s life and health, in tattoo parlors the risks to harm themselves are increased. Therefore, you should choose the master very carefully. To be guided by reviews of friends, to study his certificates and diplomas, preferably, and medical education. The salon must be licensed. Prices at a proven place can be considerable, but when safety of life and health is at stake, you should not try to save. Better then completely abandon the idea.
  • The main precaution that is important to observe is the cleanliness of the area of ​​the hand where the tattoo will be located. And this is not only about its disinfection: there should be no moles, warts or birthmarks in the place reserved for drawing. It is not allowed to stuff a tattoo in place of a non-prolonged skin damage or tumor. If the master agrees to neglect this requirement, he risks harming the life of the client.
  • What else are fraught with tattoos? First, poorly disinfected needles can contribute to blood infection with a number of complex diseases. Secondly, in addition to the usual allergy to any element of ink injected under the skin, there is a risk of getting granulomas in puncture sites. Thirdly, what relates again to an individual reaction is the appearance of a tumor in the tattoo area during an MRI.

Making temporary tattoos

Tattoo on the hand

The above points are quite capable of becoming one that will not allow a tattoo to be placed on the hand, but the desire is sometimes too strong. What to do? Not so long ago, temporary patterns on the body, made through the use of henna, became fashionable.

Their advantage is safety and fragility, as well as the ability to do without outside help. It is enough to practice in the execution of the desired pattern with an ordinary pen on paper, then to perform the same special tool. It is purchased in a store of Indian goods. This henna, similar in composition to that used for hair coloring. The only nuance that should be taken into account with it is the possibility of the appearance of allergies. Therefore, like any other dye, it must be tested on the elbow.

Such a tattoo is called mehendi. Although it is applied to almost any part of the body, it is possible to notice it on the hands most often, and it is for women. These patterns, though they look from the side of ordinary decoration, have their own interpretation, because initially they had a non-decorative function. Their defect in terms of appearance is in color: in contrast to the usual ink tattoo, performed in any shade, mehendi is only red-brown.

In India, this painting is created on the body of young people who are about to marry. In Europe, henna tattoos are often performed as a simple replacement for a long-term tattoo ink. But they retain their origins in relation to the drawing: for example, it is impossible to see the skulls and crosses filled with henna. It is always flowers and curls, popular today "cucumber" or paisley (its Indian name), Celtic patterns. Clarity will continue to 1.5-2 weeks, after which the tattoo begins to slowly fade.

Photos of finished works

Tattoo on the hand

Tattoo on the hand

Tattoo on the hand

Tattoo on the hand

A tattoo on the hand is definitely a great way to add a highlight to the image, to attract attention. But before you decide on its implementation, it is recommended to study all the warnings, as well as choose a qualified master. If for some reason it is impossible to make a durable pattern, you can always refer to the temporary analogue: it is no less effective.

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