Tattoo on hand


Every year, among young boys and girls, tattoos are becoming increasingly popular. Graphic images, symbols, inscriptions and signs carry a certain meaning and energy. Recently, fashion dictates to do a tattoo on his arm. At the same time, inscriptions can be made in any language with different meaning.

Tattoo on the arm: inscriptions with meaning and selection criteria

Tattoo on the arm: inscriptions with meaning and selection criteria

Before you go to a specialized salon and put an original and mysterious inscription on your hand, think carefully if you need it. Tattoo - an element that will accompany you throughout life. Of course, you can reduce it, but why then initially submit your body to such tests.

If you still decide that a tattoo should definitely show off on your body, consider a number of aspects:

  • When choosing a tattoo applied to the arm, determine where it exactly should be - on the wrist, wrist, back of the hand, finger, etc.
  • Be sure to note that such a graphic element will always be visible, so carefully approach the choice of the phrase you want to write, as well as font size and color.
  • A tattoo in the form of a verbal expression or a short phrase must necessarily bear any semantic load.
  • If you want to disguise the meaning of the tattoo, the inscription can be made in any foreign language - English, Latin, French, German, and even Chinese.
  • Hieroglyphs are very popular. Of these entertaining characters, you can also make a whole phrase.
  • The inscription in the form of a tattoo should be purely individual. As a rule, such graphic tattoos reflect the character or inner world of the owner. By copying someone's tattoo, you risk losing your independence and get off the chosen path of life.
  • Be sure to consider the nature of your professional activity. For example, civil servants or office staff will not fit tattoos on exposed parts of the body. It so happened that people of older age generations identify tattoos with something vulgar and defiant.
  • Go carefully to the choice of the salon and a qualified specialist who will do the tattoo. Pay attention to his experience and the sterility of the conditions in which the tattoo will be applied.
  • Do not forget to get acquainted with all the features of tattoo care after its application. The recovery period will take quite a long period of time, so be prepared not only for pain, but also for the discomfort associated with the care of damaged areas of the skin.

Original small lettering

Original small lettering

Many representatives of the strong and weak half of humanity want to have a tattoo on their hand, but they strive to choose small inscriptions that will be as hidden and almost invisible as possible.

Girls who want to make radical changes in their appearance, but at the same time do not want to do large-scale tattoos, choose short phrases or single words for the application of images. One English word can be depicted on the wrist or finger. Most often, the following labels are selected:

  • Believe;
  • Best;
  • My;
  • Forever;
  • Together;
  • Shhhh ...

Each of the above words symbolizes family, faith, love and relationships. If you want to make an original tattoo, but at the same time so that it occupies a small area on the skin, you can try to apply a graphic image of hieroglyphs. As you know, such signs can symbolize a single word or a whole work.

Most often, young men and women choose hieroglyphs for tattooing that personify money, love, hope, health, wisdom. Often on the wrists you can see the hieroglyphs, called tigers. Such tattoos characterize the powerful spirit and power of the owner, as well as his noble intentions. Among tattoo lovers and professional masters there is an opinion that it is best to put on the hand hieroglyphs that represent monetary well-being. Such a sign will attract good luck and money to its owner, and thus protect it from waste.

Of course, the choice of phrases that will decorate your body should be approached with great responsibility. In order to choose the right phrase, today it is not necessary to go to the library and study a lot of dictionaries and books. In the global network, inscriptions for tattoo on the arm can be found in Latin, English, French and other languages ​​with literal translation. Do not forget, the phrase depicted on the tattoo should most accurately correspond to your mood, ideology and inner world.

What tattoos do girls choose?

What tattoos do girls choose?

For girls it is very important what inscription in the form of a tattoo will decorate the hand, so they are more careful in choosing the phrase. Most often, representatives of the beautiful half of humanity prefer to do a tattoo in the form of Latin or English phrases.

For the application of any phrase it is better to choose the original italic font. The phrase can always be supplemented with a graphic image or a small pattern.

The following are examples of good semantic inscriptions and phrases:

  • Iam supervadet vadens (that will be the path that goes);
  • Cave (caution);
  • Juvenesdumsumus, gaudeamusigitur (we will have fun in his youth);
  • Mei memineris faciam ut (I will do everything to remember me);
  • It vero cercando (in search of truth);
  • Liber (freedom);
  • Schlagerwartendusollstnichterst (do not wait until they strike you);
  • Fortuna adjuvat fortes (fate assists the daredevil);
  • Fu ... enone (was ... and no);
  • Noli tangere me (do not touch);
  • Luxury is a v’rgiwty (virginity (purity) is a luxury);
  • Vanitas omnia (everything is vain);
  • Homo quod es memento (remember that we are human or you are human).

Popular Lettering for Guys

A graphic image in the form of a brief phrase or a full inscription on the hand of a representative of a strong half of humanity is a kind of personal business card. Ideal will look brief concise phrase. No need to draw on his body whole poems, dedicating them to his beloved woman. It is better to tell her about your feelings in person.

Guys are trying to realize themselves by making a tattoo. A tattoo for many of them is a way of raising self-esteem and a kind of personal characteristic. Men as well as girls, to the choice of the inscription to perform a tattoo fit with great care. Most often, men place the tattoo on the forearm.

The following foreign phrases are the most popular among representatives of a strong half of the population of our planet:

  • Costru is ciil future, rispettail passato (only by respecting the past can the future be built);
  • Il mio angelo con me è sempre custode (I am accompanied by an angel);
  • It is an eternal fear (fear of losing your happiness is its inevitable price);
  • Lives the dangerous demon in your heart (the worst are the demons that inhabit our hearts).

There is also an uncountable number of foreign phrases that can be used for applying on a hand or another part of the body in the form of a tattoo. Before you decide on such a radical step, think carefully and weigh everything. Perhaps, for self-realization or selection in the crowd, you will not need tattoos. Be happy!