Tattoo girls on the stomach. most popular tattoo for girls

Those girls who want to somehow decorate their bodies, use many options to translate their desires. If it comes to the abdomen, then you can do a piercing in the navel, or a beautiful tattoo.

Tattoos for girls on the stomach are varied. There are no clear guidelines for size or value. It is possible to depict both small and imperceptible, as well as causing and large figures. Anyway, they look great and are a good way to express yourself. Each woman with the help of this image will be able to emphasize exactly what he wants.

The most popular area for applying a tattoo on the abdomen in girls is the area down from the navel, both on the sides and in the middle. Often tattoo is applied in the area from the navel to the chest. Initially, such drawings could be observed on the body of those girls who were involved in sports, dancing.

Tattoo girls on the stomach

The trend quickly captured, etc. ladies who are not shy about sexually dressing and decorating their bodies with tattoos. And let it be considered not decent in society to show your belly for everyone to see, but dancing in a club, doing gymnastics or summer on the beach, a tummy tattoo looks very attractive!

Often, girls do not want to make such images due to the fact that in a few years they will look very different. After all, if the skin stretches, then the pattern will lose its shape. But if in the future the lady wants to get rid of the tattoo, then this is not a big problem, it will be as easy to do as to apply it, only the cost of such a procedure will be somewhat more expensive.

The most popular tattoo for girls: how to choose the appropriate option?

Great success in our day tattoos are not only for men. Increasingly, especially in the warmer months, it is possible to meet girls on the streets with original tattoos. They have become a kind of fashion accessory for the fairer sex. Moreover, stylists claim that real artistic masterpieces, and not just drawings, are becoming more and more popular.

Tattoo girls on the stomach

With the onset of spring in the tattoo parlors, time is literally written months in advance. Masters make orders for every taste, but girls most often choose inscriptions or images of flora and fauna.

Female tattoos differ from male ones in that they do not have such a dark color and are smaller in size. Such drawings are carried out with light strokes, they are graceful and delicate. The most frequently selected images on women's bodies are floral patterns, hearts, or even fairy-tale characters such as fairies!

But on the 1st place in popularity among the tattoos for girls are inscriptions. They can be small, large, thin, the font is selected individually. Ladies give preference to inscriptions in English, Latin and even Ethiopian! Most often, the following phrases are performed in the form of tattoos: "life is a struggle", "struggle for life", "what a woman wants - what God wants," "all your burden with you."

At the 2nd place in popularity are images of representatives of the fauna and flora. A swallow, for example, is a symbol of victory and success in business, a peacock - wealth, regal, beauty. Such tattoos make funny and bright girls who achieve their goals. Also often made bird feather, which is performed in thin lines.

Tattoo girls on the stomach

Practical and shy ladies often give their preference to images of a flying flock of birds. They are especially beautiful and harmonious look in the abdomen. Kitties, lions, butterflies, snakes and even ladybugs - that's what young girls prefer to put on their bodies.

The snake is a symbol of the wisdom, strength and sexual power of a woman, death and temptation. A cat can mean the desire for freedom, independence. It is considered that a tattoo of a cat's paw can bring a carrier to luck, and an elephant's image will help to become a carrier stronger, wiser, more serious.

Tattoos in the shape of an owl are also very popular. In addition to the fact that an owl is a symbol of wisdom and erudite and intelligent girls often choose such an image, such a tattoo is considered a talisman.

Ladies stars also give considerable preference, because it is a very ancient symbol. Girls like to make tattoos in the form of a group of stars or one star. Such a picture symbolizes constancy and protection.

The main advantage of the abdominal area for tattooing is its area. Even if the tummy itself is not at all big and taut, there is plenty of room on it for the master to fulfill any wish of the client.

Tattoo girls on the stomach

The area for drawing should be chosen in advance, it can be as an area from the chest to the navel, sides or area around the navel. For drawing it is possible to choose not one, but several drawings which are combined among themselves. And you can combine both black and white and color versions.

The more complex the image in terms of technology, the longer it will take to apply it, respectively, and the pain will have to experience more. Therefore, when choosing a three-dimensional pattern, you need to have patience and courage.

Tattoos on the abdomen will help hide unwanted scars on this area of ​​the body. A symmetrical pattern depicted on both sides of the tummy, can emphasize the dignity of the figure and hide the flaws.

If the plans of the girl include pregnancy, then before applying a tattoo you need to think carefully. During pregnancy in the abdomen stretch marks are often formed, and this will affect the image itself. Also the appearance of the pattern can change the possible cesarean section.

Sketches of tattoo

Tattoo girls on the stomach

Tattoo girls on the stomach

Often, modern girls make tattoos for the purpose of self-expression and decoration. Therefore, images that are able to emphasize beauty, tenderness, mystery, love prevail among them. But in any case, the girl must carefully consider the issue of tattooing, because she will remain for life.

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