Tar soap

Does someone take a piece of soap differently than the usual hand cleanser? The time when they had their heads washed and things washed was already almost irretrievably gone, but some types of this product are undeservedly underestimated. In particular, tar soap is the most powerful antiseptic based on birch tar. It can still be found in baths and saunas, spas, but for some reason in personal use rarely appears. What are the benefits and harm of tar soap? And how to apply it?

Tar soap: benefit and harm

Tar soap: benefit and harm

The main component of this soap, which deserves attention and determines all the useful properties of the product is birch tar: a strong antiseptic that not only disinfects, but also reduces inflammation, kills parasites, acts as a mild analgesic and wound healing, and also stimulates blood circulation, increasing blood flow to surface of the skin. The only thing that the aroma of tar is that few people can cause admiration, so you have to resort to certain tricks to neutralize it or at least reduce its intensity. The share of birch tar in tar soap is usually 10-12%, while the remaining 88-90% fall on the classical components for toilet soap: animal fats and vegetable oils, water, salt, and less well-known chemical elements.

On the basis of the composition, it is already possible to say at least about the benefits of tar soap for the skin of the face, body and head: it perfectly cleans it of almost any type of inflammation, prolongs minor injuries, can reduce its fat content. Besides the fact that tar soap recommended to eliminate acne and acne, it works well in the fight against depriving and so on. Infectious entities. However, here it should be understood that, like any soap, tar tar dries the skin, and, stronger than the usual toilet, due to the absence of caring components. Therefore, girls with combination or oily skin often resort to tar soap to cleanse the face and body. Under the condition of normal or dry it may be necessary to subsequently actively moisten it with an emulsion or serum.

For the hair, the benefits and harm of tar minelate are also mainly in cleansing the scalp, eliminating such unpleasant phenomena as seborrhea and dandruff, as well as normalizing the oily skin. Due to the fact that tar soap improves blood flow, it contributes to the strengthening of hair follicles, and the awakening of sleeping specimens. However, if you compare the effect of tar soap and nicotinic acid or pepper tincture, then, of course, the effect of soap on the issue of enhancing hair growth will be less noticeable. This is felt already in the process of using the product: there is no characteristic burning or local temperature increase from it, which are present when blood circulation is activated - the effect is milder. Most often tar soap for hair is used to stop their loss, and not to accelerate growth.

The main drawback of tar soap relates not so much to the product itself as it is inherent in any organic and chemical component: it can cause an allergic reaction due to tar in the composition. The ingredient is potent, in high concentration, and the possibility of swelling or reddening is not excluded. If you want to use tar soap for the first time, it is recommended to test on the crook of the elbow.

Also, the fact that it dries skin and hair can be attributed to the negative sides of tar soap, therefore it is contraindicated in the dry type and should be used with caution in the normal way. However, it is unreasonable to talk about the harm of the product in this case: this is only its peculiarity, since there is no means suitable for everyone at once. More than any shortcomings in the funds have been identified.

How to use tar soap?

How to use tar soap?

  • The most common use of tar soap, of course, in relation to the skin of the face and body. Here the method depends on what problem you need to solve. If you are worried about rashes (acne, acne, acne, hypoderm, etc.), you just need to wash with soap suds in the morning and evening, trying not to touch the skin around the eyes - there is too sensitive and tender area. The course of such treatment varies from 3-4 days to 30-60 days, but positive changes are usually observed by the end of the 1st week. Redness on the inflamed areas become less, rashes dry. Immediately it should be said that you can try to get rid of inflammation, even on normal and dry-prone skin, but apply soap locally, leave for 1-2 minutes. and after flushing. The same applies to lichen stains, but on them soap lasts for 3-5 minutes.
  • If you just want to maintain the skin in good condition and regulate the discharge from the sebaceous glands, carry out prophylactic washings with tar soap every 3-4 days. But this advice is applicable only for owners of combination and oily skin.
  • Tar soap is useful for intimate hygiene due to its wound healing and anti-parasitic properties: it is often used for disinfection and after unsuccessful shaving of the bikini area. However, gynecologists have questioned the correctness of using tar soap to clean the intimate area, because it upsets the natural pH balance.
  • The use of tar soap for hair is no less popular and effective. Rinse them with it should not be - hair tangled instantly. But to treat the scalp with soap suds after using the shampoo is quite safe. At the same time, it is recommended to perform a light massage, which will also contribute to the stimulation of blood circulation. Enough 1-1.5 min. on such actions, after which tar tar is washed off the head, and the hair is treated with any balm or mask, without affecting the roots and skin. If the soap is in liquid form, it can be added to the shampoo, but the effectiveness will be lower due to a decrease in the concentration of the active ingredient.
  • For more serious scalp problems (for example, pediculosis), extreme measures are possible: tar tar soap is abundantly applied to the skin and hair, wrapped with polyethylene and a towel, and then waited 2-3 hours. The foam should be washed out without shampoo, and after drying the hair comb out the wooden crest of the parasites. The course lasts until the problem is completely resolved.
  • In addition to the most common uses of tar soap, it copes well with less common problems. For example, with excessive sweating. True, it is important to bear in mind here that it will not help with the sweating of hormonal genesis that needs treatment from the inside. If the problem is of an external nature, then during morning and evening hygiene it is necessary to treat the armpits and feet with tar soap. At the same time, you are doing mycosis prevention, and if necessary, you can even get rid of the fungus. The reinforced measure will be the distribution of soapy suckle connected to salt in the washed feet. After that, the legs must be wrapped in socks, and such a procedure is performed at bedtime.

Reviews consumers

Tar soap soap is loved for so many years: even with the progress and development of the cosmetic industry, it continues to be an incredibly effective and affordable tool, as a result of which the number of positive reviews about it is growing. Women and men note the special merits of the product in the fight against dandruff and seborrhea, particularly focusing on the fact that in comparison with tar soap, all the shampoos and balms created for this problem lose - the result from such a simple remedy manifests much faster and is long-term.

  • Jeanne: Tar soap saves me already good 6 years, when I switched to the classic shaving of the bikini area and legs. The skin is thin, sensitive, even with the most expensive machine damage is inevitable. After each session I treat the skin with soap suds, and by the morning the cuts become less noticeable. A friend recently suggested mixing soap suds with chamomile and St. John's wort decoction - it became even easier to calm the irritation, and the skin is not dried, as when using soap solo.
  • Kseniya: Once upon a time, tar soap saved me from such an unpleasant problem as lice — grandma suggested when she saw my fruitless attempts to bring out parasites by expensive means. A few years later it happened that I had dandruff, and how it is disgusting on black hair - you can not mention. I remembered again about tar soap, I tried to use it - I did not see the result, but I could not sleep from the smell all night long. I read that you can add lemon juice to the soap suds: the aroma really became barely perceptible. Continued use, is the 3rd week, dandruff has become much less, but still wait for her to completely disappear.
  • Anna: Tar soap in our house is a savior not only of my oily skin, but also ... of a cat. He walks freely and somewhere he managed to catch the parasites: scabies to the bloody wounds of an animal is something else. A friend recommended to bathe her pet with tar soap: after 4 procedures, the cat not only stopped scratching, but also wounds healed. The course continued until the 7th procedure, inclusive, bathed pet every 3rd day. Now, after walking once a week, we are sure to bathe it with tar soap, though, then we try not to take it in our hands - it really smells like wool.

The benefits and harm of tar soap for hair and skin is undeniable: disinfection, wound healing, soothing inflammations. With its low cost, the tool can be considered a real find, which should be on the shelf for everyone. The only thing that is important to remember about the possibility of the manifestation of an allergic reaction and the drying properties of soap.

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