Tanning cosmetics


A beautiful even tan is the business card of a successful person. But not everyone can afford to rest in the south, especially in winter. Therefore, many of us go to the solarium. After all, it is there you can get a southern tan without spending a lot of time and money.

In order to get a smooth skin tone, special tanning cosmetics is used in tanning beds.

Tanning products in tanning salons: how to use?

Special cosmetics can be purchased in the solarium. There you will find the means that suit your skin. So what is needed?

Cosmetics for solarium: what is it?

The most important thing is a face cream. If you have very fair skin, choose a cream with a high level of UV protection. They will have to use each trip to the solarium, so it is better to immediately buy a large volume bottle.

You will also need a body cream of 2 types: with a high and low degree of protection against UV light. During the first few sessions it is better to use the product for light skin, with a high degree of protection. Buy it in a small package, because you will use it only a few times. In subsequent sessions, the skin will need to lubricate the cream for tanned skin with a low or medium degree of protection against ultraviolet radiation. This means you need a lot, so it will be more economical to purchase large packaging at once.

If you sunbathe, you will need a lipstick for areola nipples. The same tool is applied to the lips. Moreover, it is better to buy such cosmetics in a tanning salon. Lip balms, which are sold on store shelves, have a low degree of protection from UV light and are ineffective.

How to get high-quality cosmetics, but not overpay? This question, sooner or later, asks every visitor to the solarium. In fact, expensive tools for tanning differ from cheap only in that they are applied more easily and evenly. In all other characteristics, they are almost identical. Both those and others will provide reliable protection of your skin and beautiful uniform suntan. In the solarium can sell expensive cosmetics, but in stores you can buy at least quality products at an affordable price.

How does tanning cosmetics work?

Cosmetics for solarium: what is it?

The main effect of applying cosmetics for tanning beds is a quick tan and long-term preservation on the skin. The composition of such cosmetics include special substances that contribute to the enhanced production of melanin - the pigment responsible for the darkening of the skin. Dr. The products contain a mixture of different oils. They attract sunlight to themselves, but they do not affect the production of melanin.

The same can be said about cosmetics, which include liposomal complexes. If you want to accelerate the appearance of sunburn, buy a cream containing tyrosine. This substance is an amino acid from which melanin is synthesized under the influence of sunlight.

Good effect and dark skin tint provide tanning products with bronzers. By their action, bronzers are similar to tanning agents. They are composed of certain pigments that give the skin a dark shade, as in natural tan. But at the same time they do not change the amount of melanin in the skin cells. Bronzers only stain the upper layer of the dermis, which has nothing to do with tanning. Pigments of such funds for a long time on the skin does not persist.

There is another group of products that can accelerate the appearance of tan. This is a cream with a tingle effect. Their action is based on enhancing the microcirculation of blood in the layers of the skin and the expansion of the lumen of blood vessels. At the same time more oxygen enters the cells, and the metabolic processes are activated. This has a beneficial effect on the production of melanin and its amount in the skin cells increases.

After applying a tanning cream to the skin in a tanning salon with a tingle effect, you may experience a slight tingling sensation or a weak burning sensation, sometimes reddening of the skin is noted. These manifestations are very similar to the sensations of a natural tan. Remedies with a tingle effect are not recommended for people with very sensitive skin and vascular fragility.

Cosmetics for solarium: what is it?

Another category of products that you need for a solarium is moisturizers. Their main function is to keep tan on the skin for a long time. Everyone knows that sunbathing leads to loss of moisture and dries the skin. In medicine and cosmetology there is such a term "photo-aging", which means aging under the influence of sunlight. And the more a person is under the sun, the faster he grows old, and wrinkles appear on the skin. The cause of photoaging is, above all, dryness. To prevent premature aging, it is necessary to apply moisturizing products after each tanning session - both in the solarium and in the spa. They will not only save your skin from drying out, but also extend the existence of your tan.

Moisturizers are available for both light, unburned skin, and for dark skin with tan. Both those and others contain many nutrients, moisturizers, vitamins and essential vegetable oils.

You, probably, noticed that sunburn, reaching a certain shade, further ceases to be fixed on skin. Whatever you do, no matter how much time you spend on the beach, your skin refuses to darken yet. The fact is that in the skin that has lost moisture, melanin is produced slowly, or not produced at all. What to do? The answer is simple - use moisturizers! Full hydration contributes to the active production of melanin and, as a result, to obtain a dark tan.

Some people use cooling agents when visiting a tanning salon. Their main effect is that they extend the time of a comfortable stay in the solarium. At the same time, the person does not feel unpleasant burning or overheating. It is very convenient. In fact, the use of such funds is strongly discouraged. The human body feels perfectly well how much ultraviolet it should receive per session, and refrigeration leads to an excess of the time spent in the solarium. As a result, you can get overheating or even burns.

If you dream of a beautiful tan, and before the holidays for a long time, do not despair! Sign up for a solarium! Of course, it will not replace a high-grade rest on the seashore, but you will be provided with a beautiful tan. The main thing - do not forget to use special cosmetics for tanning. It will not only help to achieve results faster, but also keep it for a long time. At least until the next holiday!