Tanning at home


Summer, unfortunately, is over, but many of the fair sex want to have a beautiful and even tan all year round. The most common ways to achieve the desired result are tanning beds and tanning. But do not forget that ultraviolet rays are harmful to the skin. A great alternative is tanning!

What kind of tanning is better to use at home?

Tanning at home: reviews

Women who use tanning, note mainly the positive aspects of this cosmetic. In their opinion:

  1. Tanning is the best way to achieve the desired shade without burns and harm to the skin. It can even be used by pregnant women, women during lactation and people with a large number of moles on the skin.
  2. With the help of tanning you can even out the skin color of the face. For example, if you have dark circles under the eyes or slight pigmentation, it will successfully hide these minor defects.
  3. Tanned girls always seem slimmer than whites!

Tanning at home: reviewsTanning at home: reviews

What kind of tanning is better to use at home?

First of all, the means for instant tanning should be selected according to the type of skin. Fair-haired and red-haired thin pale skin you need to buy tanning products marked "light" or "for fair skin" and it is better to choose not a cream, but light tint mousses, lotions, balms or milk.

Brown-haired girls with peach skin You can choose any tanning, ideally suited means marked "medium".

Dark-skinned brunettes it is better to opt for the means marked "dark" or "for dark skin".

You should not chase expensive brands, almost all means for tanning include the same components, and the price depends only on brand awareness. Before you buy this or that tool, be sure to take a probe and see how it will look on your skin. Choose those products that give the most natural result.

What kind of tanning is better to use at home?What kind of tanning is better to use at home?

  • Cream and Milk tanresistant, but they are absorbed for a long time and do not appear immediately. To achieve a beautiful even shade, you need to repeat the procedure for several days in a row.
  • Tanning lotionapplied to a cotton swab, and only then on the skin, may appear unevenly.
  • Spray - tanningunequivocally saves time, it is applied easily and manifests itself within 10 minutes.
  • Mousse - tanningabsorbs quickly and moisturizes the skin. It can be used immediately after a shower.
  • Tanning wipesIt is very convenient to use for the correction of an existing tan. They can be put in a handbag and during the day quickly tidy up the skin of the face, hands and decollete. The effect is instantaneous, so this type of tanning is not recommended for girls with fair skin.

Tanning at home: a recipe

  • Also used rhubarb juice or decoction of its root. But it should be remembered that rhubarb has astringent properties and can greatly dry the skin. To make a decoction of the roots, proceed from the calculation of 1 tbsp. crushed raw materials for 1 tbsp. water.
  • Surely everyone knows how wonderful colors onion peel Easter eggs. Why not try using a similar decoction to give the skin a tan shade? To do this, thoroughly rinse the husk, cover with water and boil a little. The intensity of the color depends on the strength of the decoction, and the vitamins contained in the onion skins will carefully care for your skin.
  • Fresh walnut leaves also remarkably color the skin. Just make a strong decoction and take a bath with him. Already one procedure will give the body a light shade that will last for at least a week, and the essential oils and components contained in the leaves will relieve the skin from allergies and rashes.

Tanning at home: photo

Tanning at home: photo

Tanning at home: photo

Tanning at home: photo

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Self-tanning at home is a good alternative to a natural tan or tanning bed for people who are contraindicated for ultraviolet rays. With it you can maintain year-round tan skin tone. And if you use natural recipes for this purpose, in addition you will receive gentle care, nutrition and hydration.