Syoss hair color palette (cieces)

In every woman deep inside there is a desire to change. It is not necessarily associated with an important event or a period of maturation. It occurs without any particular reason and most often causes the hair color to change, dyeing it, making highlighting or coloring. For this, hair dye is always necessary, the variety of which is simply amazing.

Quite recently, the Ciez hair dye palette attracted attention, which can offer a wide variety of colors and shades.. Before you choose exactly the palette of colors Syoss, you should know what else it differs from other equally well-known hair dyes.

What is the Cies hair color palette?

The palette of colors is a unique map created by various manufacturers in the market of cosmetic products, which presents a variety of colors and shades of hair dye. It is designed so that women, if they want to change their hair color at home, can easily find what they need. For those beauties who are accustomed to using the services of stylists or hairdressers for dyeing their hair, it is not worthwhile to understand the existing shades of colors, the specialist will easily do it for them.

Syoss hair color palette (Cieces)

But for those who prefer to dye their hair on their own, a palette of hair-dye for such a serious product as Cies is simply necessary. And to understand it is necessary to learn, as it is very wide and diverse.

To create a palette of paints, manufacturers of the Ciez line use artificial materials. They are more stable and durable, which is especially important with frequent touch of the hands. Looks like Ciez Hair Color Palette,as a cardboard booklet, opening which you can see many shades of paint that are created on small samples of artificial hair.

Advantages of a hair color palette Syoss

Using the Cies hair color palette, you can easily become a fiery red princess, a burning brunette or a natural blonde. In order to achieve such a wonderful effect, for a long time it was necessary to contact the salon, where a specialist selected the desired paint color. But now use professional staining can be at home. This opportunity gives and hair dye Syoss. After using it, the hair looks as if you have just left the beauty salon.

Syoss Hair Color Palette

The main advantage of the Cies hair color palette is the ability to appreciate the chosen shade visually.You can substitute it under the sun's rays, tilt in different directions, see all the semitones and the game of color. Just a picture on the box with hair dye is not as impressive and is not able to demonstrate the exact result.

Differences palette of hair colors Ciec

The choice of shades for hair from manufacturers of dyes for home use is much less than that of firms producing professional dyes, which can offer up to 100 or more variants of shades of only one dye. Also, professional dyes can be mixed together, which allows you to get a lot of new shades.

The palette of colors Cies is very diverse. If you look closely, you can easily make a choice. Also professional hair colors palette Cies presents glowing and saturated colors that will satisfy even the most capricious young lady. Hair dyes, presented in the palette, created by the new formula Pro-CelliumKeratin, which is a professional technology that is used in salon care.

Color palette for hair dye Cies

All colors that can be seen in the Syoss palette are designed and tested by professional colorists and hairdressers. This approach provided for all shades collected in the palette, a stable result after dyeing at home, which is no different from dyeing carried out in the cabin. The highly effective formula used to create the palette fixes intense color pigments deep inside the hair, which allows you to get the desired result, keep your hair healthy and give it shine.

What is the palette of hair colors? Syoss?

Samples of hair dyes in the Ciez palette are arranged in a certain pattern, rather than in a disorderly manner. It is created precisely so that you can quickly find the right tone of paint. According to the accepted standard of large firms, the lightest shades of paint are located on top. With a decrease in the number of shades in the palette of hair colors Syossbecome darker.The very dark tones are at the bottom.

In the Ciez hair color palette there are 2 red shades for hair, 7 blond and blond, 4 dark, 10 chestnut. The palette of chestnut shades is the most diverse. Here you can see a variety of shades of caramel and chestnut, walnut and chocolate.

Syoss paint palette (Cieces)

Golden brown shades are best for brown-eyed girls, and ashy for green-eyed beauties. For a warm type of appearance, it is better to choose from deep brown, medium-brown and all that go to rich chocolate, and for representatives of the cold type, colors from raven to dark brown are perfect. The most extreme is the palette of paint colors of red shades.

When choosing a hair dye It is worth paying attention to the palette of colors Syoss (Cies). This palette represents many shades created by professionals and able to satisfy any wishes of beauties. In it, you can easily choose exactly what you need.

The palette of hair colors Ciez is made as convenient as possible for studying and represents all shades created by the company lately and enjoying the greatest popularity.. In addition, Syoss resistant hair dye, presented in the palette, fixes dyes deep inside, which provides a more accurate result after dyeing, full gray hair dyeing and rich hair color.

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