Sweat feet

It is hard to disagree that it is difficult to lead an active lifestyle with the problem of sweating feet. Often have to refuse to visit guests, bowling, etc. Simply put, all those places where you have to take off your shoes. But to rectify the situation is quite possible, since there are many ways to resolve the issue.

Why do feet sweat?

Many people have never encountered such a problem, but some of them know it firsthand. This feature of the body annoys not only when worn shoes are worn, but also sandals and sandals. Often, women and men blame the sweat glands for improper odor and sweating. Which is not entirely correct.

Sweat glands, which have access to the feet, can produce almost 1 tbsp. sweat per day. But, as a rule, he has no smell. So where does the unpleasant scent come from? The fact is that the wet surface of the legs is an excellent breeding ground for the reproduction of a huge number of bacteria. Sweat and dead skin cells create excellent conditions for the nutrition, life and reproduction of many microorganisms.

Sweat feet: what to do?

In the end, begins the selection of the characteristic smell, which comes from the feet, socks and shoes. The stronger the sweating, the faster the microorganisms multiply, and the stronger and sharper the unpleasant odor.

So what are the causes of hyperhidrosis, and why are your feet sweating so much? In fact, there are a huge number of factors, but among them there are priority ones. In the first place, wearing close, shoes made of artificial materials, as well as too warm socks, are distinguished. A special role is given to products made of synthetic materials.

Stresses and strong emotional experiences, poor hygiene of feet and feet in particular play a significant role. With excessive physical exertion, and, consequently, intensive work of the muscles of the legs, a greater amount of sweat is released.

Do not forget about the disruption of the endocrine system, cancer, infectious diseases, various disorders of the nervous system. In addition, often the cause of unpleasant foot odor are various diseases of the feet, in particular the foot fungus.

Strongly sweat feet: what to do?

According to the majority, in order to get rid of unpleasant smell and excessive sweating of the feet, it is only necessary to pay more attention to their own hygiene, change their socks, wash and ventilate shoes more often. Of course, these measures are necessary, but to completely get rid of the problem will not help.

If there is excessive sweating of the legs, then careful care should be combined with the use of effective cosmetics that can quickly eliminate the causes of hyperhidrosis.

Sweat feet: what to do?

When your feet are sweating and you need to get rid of this unpleasant smell, you need to pay attention to the means that will help you quickly achieve the effect and keep it for a long time. We are talking about the use of antiperspiracy sprays, loyenov, gels and creams. The pharmacy has a wide range of similar products, and some cosmetic companies offer specialized antiperspirants for the feet.

Such funds are best used before bedtime. But before leaving, it is best to powder the folds between the fingers with talcum powder, this is where most of the sweat gland ducts open. Talc is able to absorb moisture well, slightly dry the skin and protect it from scuffing. Thanks to this, you can achieve a feeling of comfort for the whole day.

You can use and folk remedies. For example, oak bark. To do this, you must grind it into powder and sprinkle abundantly on the socks from the inside, and only then wear shoes. It is necessary to repeat such procedures until the sweating of the legs decreases.

Another effective recipe for traditional medicine is a decoction of sage, which must be taken orally in a cup 1 time a day, without adding sugar. In addition, it is recommended to wash your feet with cold water several times a day. The temperature of the water must be reduced gradually, it is not only a means to combat sweating and an unpleasant odor, but also a method of hardening the body.

Manganese and vinegar can be taken. To prepare a manganese bath, it is necessary to dissolve the potassium permanganate in warm water until a light pink solution is formed. In the 2nd case, add 200 ml of vinegar to warm water. It is advised to take such baths for 20-25 minutes. Upon completion of these procedures, it is necessary to rub lavender oil into the feet, which has an antiseptic effect and can suppress the growth and reproduction of bacteria.

Sweat feet: what to do?

Do not forget about tea, which is also a natural, natural antiseptic. It is very easy to use it in the fight against sweating of feet and unpleasant smell - you need to put a couple of tea leaves in boots, shoes and leave for a couple of days.

How to get rid of unpleasant smell?

In solving the problem of unpleasant foot odor, you need to pay attention to your diet. If you often use spicy, salty, fatty dishes with lots of garlic and onions, then sweating your feet is more difficult to avoid. Of course, these products only indirectly affect the formation of odor, namely, it only strengthens it, makes it sharper.

To refuse completely from such dishes is not worth it, but there should be a measure in everything.

If traditional medicine, cosmetics do not bring any result, and the problem of foot sweating and an unpleasant smell is not solved, then a doctor’s consultation is necessary. Perhaps the cause of these symptoms lies in a serious illness that requires urgent medical treatment.

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