Summer boots


Surely each woman pays special attention to her shoes, because it is she who is able to give the appearance of the final charm. That is why in the wardrobe of every woman there are at least several pairs of shoes and boots for each season. Especially popular in recent times are summer boots, which are able to complement various fashionable images.

Touching the theme of summer shoes, images of open sandals and thongs immediately come to mind. But in recent years, at the peak of popularity there is a slightly different type of footwear, namely, summer boots. First of all, they attract attention with their unusualness. And if the girls experienced in this matter have long figured out what kind of clothes correspond to such shoes, then the beginners are not so clear.

Summer boots are divided into 2 types - open and closed. This means that 1 pair of boots completely covers the leg, and others have an open toe or heel. Nowadays, in the shops you can find such shoes in a large assortment. They can be knitted and delicate, which in combination with a light dress in a floral ornament will make the girl a real heroine of a book novel.

Summer boots: what to wear?

Also there are summer boots made of cloth, modern designers sew them from jeans, flax, cotton and other materials. Denim boots will complement the style in combination with denim clothing, but can also be worn with light dresses or skirts. Shoes made of thick coarse fabric can be worn with sundresses or safari-style dresses.

The most popular summer models are perforated boots, i.e. in the hole. They can be decorated with embroidery, beads, beads, ribbons and other accessories.

Such shoes can be both with and without heels, as well as on the platform. There are both short copies and high boots without a heel. But wearing such shoes, you need to carefully consider your style and choose the right clothes.

Many are familiar with this style of clothing, as cowboy. A checked shirt, jeans and boots made of leather with a small heel can be combined with a scarf around the neck, as well as a belt with a large buckle. Also here is a bag of natural color made of leather with a fringe.

To create a romantic image, you will need lace knitted summer boots and a wide sundress, all of which should be light in color. Also an excellent option would be summer boots plus a short jumpsuit or shorts. Leather boots with perforation of natural color are perfectly combined with a waistcoat of jeans and a short skirt. Open boots in the form of sandals without heels look great with an elongated tunic. Complement to the image will be massive beads.

Summer shoes are very relevant, which consists of many weaves and straps. Summer boots on the platform with clasps and straps will create an attractive set with a light chiffon sundress.

In summer, it is better to choose the following colors for shoes and clothes: white, beige, mint, light blue.

But it is not enough to buy summer boots with perforation, you need to know - how to take care of them? First of all, this shoe is strictly forbidden to machine wash. This model is made of thin material, so care must be taken of it, the best thing is to dry-clean it. Experts know exactly how to clean the summer boots, as well as produce it according to all the rules. But if you decide to cope with the cleaning of such summer shoes yourself, then you need to remember the following:

  • Coarse brushes to remove dirt can not be used;
  • It is also better to refuse potent detergents and stain removers;
  • It is allowed to clean suede shoes only when dry !;
  • Summer leather boots require the same cleaning and care procedures as winter ones.

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Summer boots: what to wear?

Summer boots: what to wear?

Summer boots: what to wear?

Summer boots: what to wear?

Summer boots: what to wear?

Do not forget that summer boots must be very carefully and carefully worn. Thin material from which they are made, can easily tear, and it will not be possible to restore it after that. Choose shoes based on those toilets that you plan to add to it. When purchasing summer boots, be sure to measure every pair that you like. Often on the foot, they look very different!