Subcutaneous facial acne

Anyone would agree that such a problem as acne is very unpleasant. They can appear unexpectedly, at the most inappropriate moment on any part of the body, spoil the appearance. This is especially true for subcutaneous acne. They are especially difficult to treat, and after the course of therapy there are often ugly scars.

The main causes of percutaneous acne are as follows:

  1. Inadequate hygiene;
  2. Disorders of the endocrine system in the body;
  3. Fungal or bacterial diseases.

According to experts, the main cause of acne in humans is a blockage of the sebaceous glands, due to hypothermia, or vice versa, overheating of the skin. As well as insufficient and unsystematic personal hygiene, skin damage, unhealthy diet and sometimes poor-quality fabric of clothing.

Subcutaneous facial pimples: what is it? Causes of Subcutaneous Acne

Even subcutaneous pimples can appear due to sharp hormonal surges, endocrine disruption, frequent stresses and problems with the nervous system. It is also important heredity, which may be to blame for the appearance of acne just under the skin.

What is called subcutaneous acne, is nothing like the inflammatory process, which contributes to the blockage of the sebaceous gland. The node is not formed in the duct and the release of pus from the channel, laid the skin fat, it becomes impossible. Gradually suppuration grows, forming cysts.

Acne subcutaneous, arising from inadequate hygiene, have a bright color. When there is an excess of sebum, and there is no timely cleaning, then pathogenic microflora occurs in this area.

When the problem is connected with the endocrine system, another pathology is observed, the metabolic disorder affects the functioning of the internal organs and for each type of lesion there is a different type of rash and location.

Subcutaneous facial pimples: causes

80% of subcutaneous acne on the face occurs due to dirty hands. The remaining 20% ​​are metabolic processes occurring during puberty, thyroid disease or hormonal disruptions, a violation of the production of subcutaneous fat.

Subcutaneous acne occurs due to an excess of female hormones, diseases of the ovaries or intestines.

Why do subcutaneous acne appear on my chin?

Subcutaneous facial pimples: what is it? Causes of Subcutaneous Acne

If you have acne on your chin, you should do hormone tests to determine the level of sex hormones and if there is an imbalance, you need to make a visit to the gynecologist to prescribe treatment.

Another cause of acne is a weakened state of the immune system, infectious diseases, often banal colds - the cause of lesions on the chin.

The appearance of acne is also affected by pathology in the work of housing and public utilities. It is necessary to go through complete analyzes, determine the presence of parasites and deal with their subsequent elimination.

How to get rid of subcutaneous acne?

In the treatment of subcutaneous acne, 3 main aspects should be highlighted:

  1. It is necessary to remove the inflammatory process and remove suppuration;
  2. Find out the cause of the occurrence and address it;
  3. Maintain regular preventive measures.

The treatment of subcutaneous acne is a rather complicated process and differs from simple acne on the surface. It is impossible to squeeze them out in any way, the scars that arise after such manipulations are difficult to remove from the skin. There is also a risk to infect the wound or, on the contrary, to transfer the infection to a healthy area of ​​the skin. To remove subcutaneous acne, use a special cosmetic procedure.

Opening of the blocked sebaceous channel is carried out in out-patient conditions. Address the surgeon who will carry out operation quickly, safely, and also will appoint drugs for removal of inflammatory process. Next you should go to the beautician and ozone therapy to eliminate the possibility of scarring, swelling or redness.

It is also necessary to visit a therapist to find out the causes of the disease itself.

Prevention of subcutaneous acne

Subcutaneous facial pimples: what is it? Causes of Subcutaneous Acne

  • Worth reviewing your diet and lifestyle. More to be outdoors, fresh air, play sports. Stop drinking coffee, alcohol and nicotine. Harmful substances contained in them have a negative effect on the skin.
  • Properly and carefully monitor your skin, hygiene - the basis of clean skin.
  • Do not self-medicate and do not use strong antibiotics yourself, such drugs should be prescribed only by a doctor. Better to do steam bath with herbs, since the celandine, chamomile, calendula or mint. You can also wash your face with the decoctions of these herbs.
  • To simplify the process of treatment of subcutaneous acne, do an analysis of the skin mite, because it can be their catalyst.
  • Girls should pay attention to the cosmetics that she uses. It must contain plant elements. If you are treating acne, discard the foundation completely, it can only aggravate the situation, clog pores, which are designed to drain sebum, and impede natural processes.

Subcutaneous acne requires immediate treatment. Moreover, you need to start with a survey of the whole body. So you can correctly determine the cause of the rash. Do not try to eliminate acne on your own. This should be done only by an expert. To avoid this cosmetic defect, carefully monitor skin hygiene and lead a healthy lifestyle.

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