Stylish woman


Have you ever thought why a good half of the male population turns out after one woman with the words: "Here is a stylish woman!"and the other woman just glances without having selected her from the crowd? So who is she - a stylish woman? And what needs to be done to become it?

Stylish woman: what is she?

  • First, this is the woman who knows her worth. She never exchanges on trifles, paying attention only to the most worthy.
  • A stylish woman will never be offended. She is always able to stand up for herself, but always does it tactfully.
  • Stylish woman always knows how to present herself. She is distinguished by refined manners.
  • Stylish woman always and everywhere watching his appearance. Even having descended suddenly on her day off, you can see her "in full dress".

  • Stylish woman is always effective. In addition, it is always well-groomed.
  • Stylish woman always neat and tidy. In addition, she monitors all the fashionable novelties. Not to buy them, but to be aware of.
  • A stylish woman is always in perfect order hairstyle, manicure and pedicure. She will never allow herself to leave the house, pulling off her hair in a ponytail, with peeling nail polish.
  • Before leaving the house, a stylish woman will always make sure that she looks 100 per cent.
  • The clothes of stylish women are always selected with taste. In addition, all the pieces of clothing are perfectly combined with each other.
  • Stylish woman is always dressed according to the situation and to the place. She will never allow herself to come to work in the mini-dress.

  • Stylish woman always has a good education. She is very well read and literate.
  • Stylish woman gorgeous knows all the rules of etiquette. And not only knows, but behaves according to them.
  • Stylish woman always is following for how she eats. She knows which foods are beneficial and which should not be consumed.
  • Stylish woman believes that wardrobe starts with shoes. That is why, in her closet there can be just a pair of suits, but a huge number of pairs of shoes.
  • Stylish women never wear items decorated with rhinestones, considering it to be vulgar.
  • Stylish woman prefers classic manicure.
  • In the wardrobe of a stylish womanThere is always a classic base of things that will never go out of style.
  • A stylish woman will never wear a thing that involves an open belly.
  • A stylish woman will never wear a dress decorated with fur, or a thing like a leopard print.
  • Stylish woman has a basic wardrobe, things which are perfectly combined with each other.

Now you drew yourself portrait of a stylish woman. But what steps should be taken to become a stylish woman?

How to become a stylish woman?

  • To become a stylish woman, choose the clothes that maximize the dignity of your figure, hiding flaws. It does not matter if you can not immediately find such a thing. Go shopping, in the end, you will find exactly what you need.
  • Follow the fashion trends.. Do not blindly follow them. But you should be aware of what is fashionable this season.
  • Most of the things in your wardrobe should be classic. This is a win-win. In addition, must be present accessories, selected for the occasion.
  • Sure to love yourself. A stylish woman cannot be intimidated and unsure of herself. This is an axiom.
  • Be sure to spend revision of your wardrobe. Get rid of unnecessary things, and from those who are not befitting to wear a stylish woman (for more on the wardrobe audit, see the article "How to clean up the closet").
  • Update your wardrobe. Only it is not worth attending giveaways and market pavilions.
  • Remember, your clothes should always correspond to the time and place. Otherwise, you can lose the status of a stylish woman.
  • All accessories that you wear at the same time should be made of the same material.
  • Stylish women have always well-groomed shoes.. She may not be new. But there should be no stains, dust or scuffs on it.
  • You should always come from nice smell. The most important thing is not to overdo it. They say that if you sprinkled with toilet water, after a while you stop smelling, the “dosage” of perfume is chosen perfectly.

  • Appeal extreme attention to detail. In no case should not stick out from under the sweatshirts bra strap, and part of the panties should not stand out from under the trousers.
  • You should not buy all the fancy news. Thus it is impossible to become a stylish woman. Choose one style that you like and fits, and then buy things of this style only.
  • Sure to watch your gait. Remember the lessons of Verochka from The Office Romance.
  • Pay attention to your behavior. It should not be vulgar. Do not talk loudly and scream. The timbre of your voice should always remain calm, lulling.
  • A stylish woman should have interests. They can touch any area. But a stylish woman can not be interested in anything.
  • You must learn to understand many things. Not only in clothes and cosmetics. But also, for example, in politics. After all, a stylish woman should always be able to keep talking on any topic.

Armed with these tips, you can easily become a stylish woman. Just want to!

Be happy!

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