Style party

This subculture was widely popular in the 50s of the last century, it does not leave indifferent and modern youth. The fact that its representatives were cynical, not interested in the fate of their country, today, few people remember.

Dandies like us with their bright clothes, funny manner of communication and incredible love for fun parties.The image of the style is one of the most popular at weddings, discos, birthdays, proms and hen parties. Want to have an unforgettable holiday for friends - organize a style party.

Style Party

Image of the stygi

The image of the style is universal. It is equally suitable for a big winter party in a country house or for a small holiday in an apartment, arranged in the midst of a hot summer. The fashion-boy is an image for everyone: both men and women will be able to try on it. And finally, this a real godsend for people with hectic imagination and a great option for those who do not like long to choose clothes, and create a hairstyle.

Create an atmosphere in the style of style

Before you set the date for the party in the style of style, collect the little things that will help create the necessary atmosphere. Let friends lend you everything that can be connected with the era of the 50s. It can be big points, records, players, old photos - everything is useful.

Style Party2

If you can find a working player - be sure to turn it on on the day of the party. Decorate the room in which you are going to rest bright balloons and vinyl records (to attach them to the eaves, chandeliers, etc., use colored silk ribbons).

Style Party: Script

So, the estimated date of the holiday is chosen, friends are invited, the necessary trifles to maintain the atmosphere are collected - it's time to think about the script. You should not make it too voluminous and paint the actions on time - on such a bright and cheerful party, interesting and funny impromptu will be born. Therefore, preparing for the event, briefly formulate the plan of the holiday.

Not all guests may know about the style, so at the very beginning it would be appropriate to watch excerpts from the films. "Dandies" (2008), "Others" (1959) and short comedy "Foreigners" - from the film almanac "Absolutely Serious" (1961)

Now is the time to start the fun. Introduce your friends with interesting slang style. For example, write words with decoding on cards (“look at” - look, “sleeves” - money, “throw a break” - walk, “jackets” - a jacket, “socks” - stockings, socks, “old” - old). And then try to communicate with the help of "new words".

Style Party: Script

No party in the style of style will not do without dancing in the style rock'n'roll. Do not forget that in the 50s danced a lot and to the fall.

Remember and aboutphotographs. Decorate a corner in which your guests can capture themselves in the image of dudes. For interesting shots, stock up on a frame frame - let your friends hold her in her hands while posing.

And finally come up with contests. Let the guests compete for the title of the best dancer or the most original dudes.

Style Party: Music

At the party in the style of style, only incendiary music should sound - because the stylers loved to "hang out". Keep a record of the group "Bravo, "The Beat Quartet" The Secret ", Elvis Presley, Bill Haley, download songs from the movie" Hipsters "2008.

Style Party: Clothes

The brighter the image, the more fun it will be during the holiday and the more interesting the photos will be. Therefore, give preference yellow, orange, red, light green, raspberry flowers. Dresses and skirts in the style of style can be decorated with peas - any size.

Style Party: Clothes

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On the head - high tail, bun or fluffy styling, do not forgetdecorate your hair with colored silk ribbon with a big bow. Get bright tights and shoes with a rounded cape. Also advise men not to be shy - let them put on bright shirts and make a haircut on their heads.

So, the script is designed, the music is selected, the room is decorated. Perhaps everything is ready. It remains only to wait for friends and do not forget to take pictures. Dance till you drop, dudes!

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