Strengthen nails. how to make nails beautiful and durable


Nails are an indication of your body condition. The nails can be brittle, exfoliate, longitudinal stripes or small white speckles can form on the nail plate. There are many causes of nail problems, from vitamin deficiencies, poor liver and other internal organs, nervous disorders to fungal infections and parasitic diseases. When healing the body, the condition of the nails improves.

But there are also unconventional approaches to improving the condition of nails, which do not require costs, but with which you can achieve amazing results. One of these methods involves lunar rhythm.

Nail care and lunar rhythm

Do not recommend to do nails in the days of Pisces and Gemini.

The best time for cutting and filing nails - Friday evening after sunset. Without any medical intervention, the nails become firm and durable. Also recommend doing nails in the days of Capricorn.

If on Friday you did not have time to process your nails, then on Saturday it is better not to do this, because exactly this wrong time.

Ingrown toenails need to cut only when the moon wanes. Clipped nails in the days of the young Moon will soon begin to grow again.

I have been following these recommendations for several years and see positive results. Try it yourself. And you will be impressed by the positive results. After all, knowledge of the rhythms of the moon was in the folk tradition of the Slavs from ancient times, used and maintained by the Priests and Mages.