Strengthen nails at home

Studies by sociologists have shown that 43% of men, when they first meet with a woman, pay attention to her hands. They appreciate the manicure of girls. In this case, the color of lacquer plays a secondary role - the representatives of the stronger sex rarely understand fashion trends. Men like well-groomed and healthy nails.

To nails were strong, you must permanently abandon direct contact with detergents. For household chores, use special gloves.

Give the nail plate shape and shorten it manicure advise only using nail files. To hands always look aesthetically pleasing, you need to constantly care for them - with the help of masks, baths and vitamins.

Strengthen nails at home

Homemade masks to strengthen the nails

  • Homemade masks will help keep nails strong and prevent them from splitting, brittleness. They moisturize the nail plate and saturate it with beneficial trace elements. The effect of healthy home masks - cumulative, however, the mode of application for each of them is different.
  • Wax therapeutic mask for nails. Not so long ago, beauty salons began to offer their clients the strengthening of nails with natural wax. This procedure not only gives the manicure gloss, but also protects against delamination. You can carry it yourself at home and at the lowest cost.
  • All that is required for this mask - natural wax. It should be melted in a water bath, and then dip in the mixture with your fingertips. After the hand immediately must be dipped in cold water. Then wear cotton gloves and leave the mask on for at least 2 hours or overnight for the best effect.
  • Red pepper masks for hair growth are popular, but few know that they also stimulate the growth of nails and help to avoid their delamination. It takes 0.5 tsp. red pepper mixed with 10 drops of warm boiled water and 1 tsp. nourishing hand cream. The resulting mixture must be heated for 10 minutes. in a water bath and then cool. Apply the gruel on the nail plate and hold for no more than 20 minutes, then rinse with warm running water. It is recommended to repeat the procedure no more than once a month.
  • Lemon-olive mask strengthens brittle and thin nails. It should be carried out by a course - 10 sessions with a break in a month. 1 tbsp. Olive oil should be heated in a water bath and add a few drops of lemon juice. Apply the mixture on nails, wear cotton gloves and leave overnight.

Bath to strengthen nails

Strengthen nails at home

Another way to care for your nails at home - baths. This procedure, unlike masks, requires less time, is simpler to prepare.

  1. Classic bath. For cooking requires half a liter of boiled warm water and 2 tablespoons. sea ​​salt. It is recommended to use natural, without aromatic additives and dyes. Dissolve salt in water, lower the hands into the resulting liquid. The duration of the procedure is at least 20 minutes. After wiping your hands with a cotton towel and brush with your favorite nourishing cream. You can make such baths every day.
  2. Bath iodine + salt. This procedure is an improved version of the classic nail bath. It differs from the first option only in that 5 drops of iodine are added to the mixture of sea salt and water. Regular use of this bath will make your nails strong and protect them from delamination.
  3. Firming gelatin for nails. Gelatin is an ingredient that is useful not only in cooking, but also in personal care. Masks from it return strength to fragile nails. 0.5 tbsp. gelatin is required to be diluted in a glass of boiling water, cool the mixture and put hands into it. It is recommended to use the bath at least 2 times a week.
  4. Honey bath for the nails is made from honey, eggs and olive oil. 2 tbsp. honey and butter should be heated in a water bath, then add a beaten egg with a mixer. In the resulting mixture, the hands must be held for at least 15 minutes.

Vitamins to strengthen the nails

Vitamins to strengthen the nails

  • Laying down weak nail plates - the result of a lack of trace elements. Therefore, in conjunction with masks and baths own cookingIt is necessary to compensate for the deficiency of vitamins in the body.
  • The most necessary for a healthy and attractive appearance of nails trace elements - selenium, zinc, iron, iodine, calcium, vitamins - A, PP, E, B5. There are a lot of different vitamin complexes, so you should select them based on the individual needs of the body, taking into account tolerance.
  • However, it is possible to saturate the body with vitamins useful for nails, and it is possible with the help of food. For example, Vitamin A is found in carrots, chicken and pork liver, tomatoes and bell peppers. B5 can be obtained by eating broccoli, peanuts, rice and wheat bran. Bean and vegetable oil will help to stock up on vitamin E, PP - sesame, brewer's yeast, fish.
  • Selenium is found in eggs, tomatoes and wheat bran, zinc is rich in nuts, shrimps, soy, iron - black tea, raspberries, spinach, cauliflower and zucchini. Maintain a level of iodine in the body will help sea fish, mushrooms and pineapples, calcium - poppy seeds, lentils, hard cheeses, figs.

Masks and baths, multivitamin complexes and healthy food - nail care requires a serious and careful approach. When making masks, one should pay attention to the recommended regimen, complete the baths with hand massage using cream, and select the microelements based on the individual requirements of the body. Follow these simple tips and your manicure will always be well-groomed, and your nails healthy!

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