Straight skirt models


On the streets of modern cities, we more and more often meet girls in trousers or shorts. However, the relevance of the skirts, of course, on the face. The skirt can not only beautify a woman, but also change her figure beyond recognition. Now in the shops we can meet different styles and models of this wonderful piece of women's clothing. The skirt can (and should) become part of any style: from mischievous sports to restrained office. Any woman who includes this thing in her outfit will always look great and irresistible. And, of course, will please the eyes of others.

Choosing a skirt is not easy, especially considering the current variety of models. However, being in a clothing store, try on a straight cut skirt. This option is relevant in almost any situation and fits perfectly on almost any figure. And in order that you do not mess up in the world of straight skirts, we will talk about them in our article.

Pencil skirt in women's wardrobe

Now in stores a great variety of different models of straight skirts. Among businesswomen, the most famous model, the pencil skirt, is particularly popular.

This skirt is the best option for the office, business meetings, meetings, negotiations. Yes, and in a cafe for a lunch break in such a dress come not ashamed. Every self-respecting business woman should have this piece of clothing. Such a model would give a woman wearing her a memorable, mysterious image. You will look both stern and tempting at the same time. If you have not quite a standard figure, then how to choose this model of skirt, read the article Pencil Skirt for full.

The secret is that this skirt has a special "magic" property. She is able to hide the flaws of your figure and emphasize the dignity. This mysterious piece of clothing is always relevant and is suitable for any female figure, except, perhaps, the "boyish" silhouette. Therefore, if you need a win-win option for all occasions, stop your choice on this model.

Classic straight skirt

A slightly more democratic model is a straight classic skirt. If this piece of clothing you will use for the office, then fit the length slightly below or to the knee. From the above, pencil skirt classic straight skirt distinguishes more loose fit. This skirt is versatile. For work in the office, choose strict discreet colors (for example, beige or gray) and thick fabric. If you decide to wear this skirt for a walk, a date or a party, then the fabrics should be lighter and colors should be bright.

Also for everyday wear or for festive occasions you can choose skirts with different patterns. This will ensure you the brightness, femininity and originality of your image. It should be remembered that heels must necessarily become an addition to this model. This skirt does not fit the full low girls. But the high waistline and heels are able to stretch the silhouette and give the figure elegance.

Mini straight skirt

This year the short straight skirt has not left the fashion world. Various representatives of the fashion world give us a choice of denim skirts, with various patterns, including plaid, and even leather straight mini. This skirt always looks very catchy and sexy. But, when putting on such a model, you must remember that incorrectly chosen other details of clothing can make your image vulgar. To avoid this, it is important to remember one rule - the shorter your skirt, the smaller your neckline and lower heel.

In this case, wearing low-heeled shoes will not be difficult for you, because straight short skirts go very well even with ballet shoes. The onset of cold weather is not a reason to refuse to wear such a skirt. In order not to freeze, combine it with tight tights, and for the top it is better to choose a turtleneck.

Maxi Straight Skirt

No less relevant now and straight maxi skirt. It's all very simple. If it’s hot summer outside, choose a skirt made of light fabrics of bright colors, such as chiffon. Not be superfluous and the presence of various patterns. If the season is cold, a skirt of warm thick fabric will do. Maxi is not just those skirts that hide shoes. They can be of different lengths: to the ankle, to the middle of the calf or to the middle of the heel. But in any case, in such a skirt is very comfortable and comfortable.

Which of the wonderful models of straight skirts to wear is your choice. But remember that in these skirts you will be bright, feminine and unique. And most importantly, all this will be combined with comfort and convenience. Even if you prefer to wear pants, get at least one skirt, and you will see your transformation. And how to choose the right part of women's wardrobe, read the article How to choose the right skirt ?.

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