Stained glass nail

How do you want our nails to always remain beautiful and shiny. No matter what length of nails we prefer to wear, a beautiful shine and elasticity does not fit. The nails are not always from nature. But in the age of modern technology, people can do a lot. And to add extra shine and strength to women's nails will not be easy. To achieve this, you can use gel nail extensions.

In beauty salons in recent times have increasingly begun to use this technology. For building the stained glass gel is used.

Stained Glass Nail Gel

Stained glass nail gels are self-leveling material. When applying the gel accurately and evenly, the nails are immediately ready after hardening. No need to carefully and persistently file and grind. The finished nail has a smooth shiny transparent appearance. Stained glass gel is transparent as stained glass. Moreover, it can be absolutely any color and still retains transparency. It is usually applied in three layers.

With the help of several layers, additional strength and elasticity are created, as well as the feeling that the drawing is located inside the nail. With the help of stained gel, you can achieve a very elegant, unusual nail design. Here, of course, the manicure master plays a significant role.

Accessories such as glitters, bouillas, rhinestones, lace and liquid mica are perfect for nails using stained gel. Only this extension technology allows you to get an open, light and weightless design.

The composition of the stained gel

The basis of the gel for nail extension is synthetic resin. Its composition in the gels of different manufacturers may vary. Coloring pigments (in color gels) are also present in the gels. But the main thing that causes the gel to harden under the action of ultraviolet light is a special substance - a photoinitiator.

Gels from different manufacturers contain different amounts of photoinitiators. Photoinitiators vary in composition. The more gel contains photoinitiator, the faster it hardens. Hardening of the gel is an exothermic reaction, it proceeds with a slight evolution of heat. Therefore, sometimes during the procedure there is a slight burning sensation. Often this is not observed. It all depends on the composition of the gel and the amount of its application.

An inexperienced master can immediately apply a thick layer of gel on the nail. Naturally, when exposed to ultraviolet light, heat will be released more, and the client is likely to feel a burning sensation.

Stained glass extension procedure

This procedure is a technology of nail extension with the help of a gel (read the article "Nail Extension"). Only as a gel is used a special stained glass gel.

Here is how they do it in beauty salons:

  1. prepare the nails with the help of special relaxing, softening the nail procedures;
  2. put on the nail stained gel;
  3. dried in the ultraviolet lamp;
  4. slightly sawed;
  5. attach to the nail form for building nail;
  6. put on it a small layer of gel (colorless or color);
  7. dried, pinching to best attach the gel to the nail;
  8. put sequins, rhinestones, bouillas, make a drawing;
  9. covered with a layer of gel, dried it;
  10. carefully remove the form to build;
  11. remove the defects in the process of work, the extra details.

Depending on your own preferences and the master's professionalism, you can create very original nails that are very complicated in design.

The shape of the nail is usually set immediately, and not file it already, getting ready to nail.

Often gel nails are not as hard as acrylic, so they combine the two technologies. Usually, they first apply an acrylic coating, create a pattern, and in the end cover the nail with gel. Such a nail will be stronger than that built up by gel alone.

If you are not afraid to break your nails, it is better to make a build-up with only one gel. Nails in this case are less damaged. They can grow and breathe. Difficulty will arise when you want to say goodbye to them. After all, there is no special liquid that allows you to remove the gel. Gel will have to file in the cabin. And this is not always a pleasant procedure.

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