Square face makeup


In spite of the fact that it is rather easy to “calculate” a square face, it is not so easy to make a competent make-up for her. If you have wide foreheads and cheekbones and at the same time your chin does not stand out much, but it looks a bit heavy, then you are the owner of a square face. Together we invite you to boldly comprehend new useful beauty secrets from womeninahomeoffice.com, so to speak, special for YOU!

Eyebrows with a square face

Cut off some length from the natural shape and make the eyebrow lines ascending and slightly curved. An unexpected step, right? But this way of eyebrow shaping is the only true for a square face and it really works: the visually square shape begins to approach the oval.

Makeup base for square face

Before you start applying makeup bases, the first time will have to remove the hair back for convenience. We apply the basis suitable to our skin tone. Next, you will need to visually present an oval on the face, the length of which coincides with the length of your face. With the help of a tonal tool or powder of a dark matte shade, "cut off" all that is superfluous - everything that is outside the oval. Pay attention to the nose. To add a face ovality, apply a dark tonal tool on the sides. A small piece of advice: if the eyes are planted widely, then we darken the sides of the nose, if close - on the contrary, we select the entire nose bridge with powder with light-reflecting particles. The face on which the chin, the area around the eyes and the middle of the forehead are highlighted with light powder with a brush rather than puffs also looks advantageous.

Applying blush in makeup for a square face

Blushat correct drawing only your advantages will be emphasized. The color is better to choose a gentle, not very bright. This will give the face freshness and wipe away any signs of fatigue. We apply diagonally, but do not go beyond the cheekbones! It is important. If the corners of your lips are lowered down - we apply blush horizontally and in no case get out of the cheekbones, otherwise all our manipulations with the foundation for make-up, foundation or powder will disappear. Blush can be applied to the frontal bumps, if any, with triangles directed to the highest points of the eyebrow curves. For those who have a rather low forehead, it is better to refrain from this procedure: there is a risk to get an even more massive, but narrow forehead.

Those who love bright colors and shades, we hasten to please: on your eyes or lips, they will always look the way and will not look vulgar. In addition, bright and juicy shades are now in vogue. The main thing is to choose the color that suits you.

Eye makeup with a square face

Let us dwell on the makeup of the eyes, since there are also a lot of important nuances here.

  • Girls who prefer arrows simply have to remember that they, the arrows, should always be ascending, but certainly not horizontal!
  • Shadows blend with ascending or vertical brush movements, but again not horizontal!
  • If the upper eyelashes can be painted from the heart - to add an incredible volume and eight times the length, then with the lower ones we show modesty: tint only in the outer corners of the eyes.
  • It happens that in the morning hated bags under the eyes can settle on the face. In this case, it is better not to lower the lower eyelid and paint it with shadows: there is a risk of drawing attention not to its expressive eyes, but to the swollen areas under them. The same rule applies to fairly deep and noticeable wrinkles under the eyes.

  • With a small distance between the eye and the eyebrow, the whole gap should be covered with light shadows with reflective particles, not pearl, but on the eyelash growth line, apply shadows of your favorite color or draw arrows and paint the upper eyelashes with volume or extension mascara in two layers. To the note: we apply the second layer of ink, when the first one is already dry, otherwise we will get not a lash, but a stuck homogeneous mass.
  • Sponges should not get too long to avoid visual expansion of the cheekbones. Use the pencil only for correction purposes and carefully blend with vertical movements of the brush or fingers. Glitter is applied exclusively on the middle of the lips, and not on the entire surface.

That's all the details of the right makeup for a square face. If you set a goal to observe them all every day and under any circumstances, then soon you will have no difficulty at all and this effort, any special, suitable only for you, the secret of a great appearance!

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