Spring 2012 fashion trends for women


In the new spring season, the most relevant trends are interpreted by already known topics. As before, This spring it is fashionable to wear things in ethnic style, use the details of military, casual and safari style, create a luxurious bohemian image. It is also fashionable to strive for simplicity of shape and minimization of details, to dilute the details with stylish colors and unusual materials.. Of course, the new spring looks at fashion in a new way, dictates something different from the old one. After all, each season gives traditional styles a slightly different, new, fresh sound.

Trendy colors of spring 2012

Spring 2012 fashion trends for women

The most fashionable color of the season is white.. This beautiful, but at the same time impractical color has become a favorite with many famous designers. They do not recommend bright and rich colors. Better pick gentle and light tones. Colors such as blue, pink, peach and beige are very relevant this spring, they look feminine and unusually elegant.

Still this spring fashionable length to the knee or slightly higher. For solemn occasions, women are offered elegant dresses to the floor.

Fashion prints and fabrics spring 2012

Spring 2012 fashion trends for women

Color drawing and stripes remain popular, as well as blurred watercolor prints and magical Japanese motifs.

Relevant becomes blending by color, texture and texture of materials. And it is used not only in clothes, but also in accessories (handbags and shoes).

Still trendy is lace. This season the most important is colored lace: green, blue, red, pale pink, etc., as well as white and beige lace.

Styles and styles of clothing spring 2012

Current fashion focuses on the 70s: midi length, flared trousers, straight skirts, trouser suits, overalls and tights. The main trend of this season is a jacket or jacket in the men's manner. Such clothes will emphasize your femininity, the main thing is not to overdo it.

Most current subject this season - sea. In addition to the traditional white, blue, red and black colors of the sea, yellow color is included. Here fashionable ruffles, flounces, frills resembling corals, as well as rhinestones and rivets, images of marine life. This theme will really like the romantic girls.

Still in fashion Oriental motifs. But this spring various oriental turbans are also popular.

The trendy trend of the season are wide gypsy skirts in the style of ethno. In ethnic style plays an important role palette of colors: mustard-yellow, ocher, brown shades. Openwork weaving, fringe, beadwork, volumetric sleeves are widely used.

Spring 2012 fashion trends for women

Spring 2012 fashion trends for women

Among the most popular prints of ethnic style are animal prints and abstract patterns. The most popular among women is the combination of the most striking unusual patterns in one set of clothes.

To the maritime theme fashion designers have added Hollywood retro. In this style, open and bright colors are popular: yellow, red, purple, etc. Here sundress is as relevant as ever. No less popular are skirts to the floor, open shoulders, bright floral and abstract patterns, intersecting straps, asymmetrical bottom. An important element of retro style - fluffy skirt with folds and ruffles.

Popular and dress tunic. Pants in this style are considered fashionable wide, coming from the hip or shortened and tapered.

In irresistible trend urban fashion are included Safari, casual, sometimes elements of sports style. Women form their own style based on a mixture of styles. These clothes are very functional and comfortable. Geometrical details, hood, zippers, cotton and mixed fabrics, straight and semi-loose silhouettes run wild here. Very relevant inserts of transparent materials, light flying or heavy flowing fabrics. One of the main trends is dress shirt. Skirts are generally knee-length or long with a wide belt and a slightly high waist. Trousers are considered fashionable narrowed or flared. Popular and overalls.

Fashion Accessories Spring 2012

Spring 2012 fashion trends for women

Still does not go out of fashion clutch bag. Pendants on a long chain are popular.

High-heeled shoes remain in fashion, but the heel is significantly thickened. Fashionable as well platform (the influence of the 70s).

Listen to the advice of fashion designers and use the fashion trends of this spring to improve your attractiveness.

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