Spring 2012 fashion trends for girls


This day we brought as we could! April, we sing, the sun shines somehow more caringly or something, it seems that along with the spring something new comes into our life, as if everything bad has gone, disappears, is erased and life begins from a clean slate.

Spring months are the most beautiful time of year for a girl, we bloom even more after winter cold, the mood rises, brighter and brighter thoughts appear in our thoughts, and the thoughts of the beautiful half of humanity are always the same: what to wear?

Yes, Spring is not only a change of season, but also a change of mood and wardrobe.

What colors and styles do world designers consider most relevant this spring?

New spring colors for girls

This spring has come after all and practically shouts: "The one who is brighter is more fashionable!" This season for girls are popular the brightest colors, in the collections of leading designers of the world are represented such as bright red, even crazy - red, all shades of ocher, juicy green, green needles, lemon yellow, bright yellow like the sun, sky blue, lilac, deep blue, and also a special hit of this spring when choosing a color - deep and fascinating blue.

However, it is safe to say that soft pastel colors do not remain in the last roles, for example, the pink color will look great this spring.

White and black colors - the basis of the classics will never go out of fashion, so you can have a few things of these colors in the spring wardrobe.

It has always been very dangerous. game with gold and silver shades in clothes, since not all ladies manage to combine such metallic colors, and if you wisely, the presence of these colors in clothes will be just a disaster, this season gold and silver is a real fashion hit of spring, so if you choose these colors, try to approach the outfits, and then their combination with shoes and accessories - dosed.

Concerning prints, this spring they express spring motifs, namely: flowers, and the most diverse, large flowers, small flowers, of various colors, with leaves, also a popular print of this spring has become a print in the form of smeared gouache paint, large or small caliber, on your own taste.

Styles of spring 2012

The styles of this spring suggest a completely different approach than before. Fashionable direction becomes a combination of seemingly completely incompatible - combining sports plus romance, combining completely diverse fabrics, as well as things of different social levels of luxury with simple, in fact, this trend in the fashion of this spring may seem completely chaotic to you, but we will hurry to reassure you - all you need to try, try to dream and to experiment with different outfits and styles, it’s just the right to choose what fashion designers offer us, erasing the boundaries of compatibility in style.

But nevertheless there should be a measure in everything, and even if some thing seems very fashionable to you, look at how it sits on you, if it fits to your figure, how you feel yourself in it, if you feel uncomfortable in it, then it’s best to give it up, otherwise one day at an important meeting for you, you will feel uncomfortable, and it doesn’t matter whether it is evening or day, both can be ruined by discomfort.

The fact that in the fashion of this spring for women, read the article Fashion trends of spring 2012 for women.

Finally, we note that The most important hit of this spring, as beautiful as you, will be your charming bright and seductive smile. Smile more often.