Spf50 sunscreen for face - which one is better

It is known that a long stay in the open sun without the use of protective creams is fraught with not only redness, but also premature aging of the skin, a serious violation of pigmentation and the development of cancer - melanomas. To protect against all the listed hazards, special creams containing UV filters are necessary.

How to choose sunscreen cream spf 50, which is better and right to use all the advantages of this tool?

Types of sun protection

Having examined the label affixed to the packages of products to protect the skin in the summer (and not only) period

After examining the label affixed to the packages of products to protect the skin in the summer (and not only) period, you will learn what filters are contained in creams, lotions, oils and sprays. They are as follows:


This filter is designed to absorb UV rays belonging to group B. The products containing this element will protect you from burning. However, they are powerless against skin photoaging, since this effect is provided by Class A rays.


This option is suitable for women who care about their beauty and youth, as well as owners of dark skin that does not require additional tan.


Such funds - a rarity. However, this fact is connected, rather, with their uselessness, than with demand. The fact is that UVC rays are absolutely safe for humans: they are completely absorbed by the stratosphere, not "reaching" the earth.

Sun block

This marking indicates that before you the best sunscreen for people who want to completely protect their skin from sunburn. The physical filters contained in the media of this type reflect any rays.

Water Proof and Water Resistance

These protective agents do not lose their properties even after contact with water. Moreover, the first type of marking means that you will be protected from the harmful effects of sunlight even after 80 minutes in sea or river water, and the action of the second filter is enough for a 40-minute swim.

To ensure that you avoid unwanted redness, pigmentation, or aging of the skin, experts recommend sunscreen lovers to use broad-spectrum protective agents - UVA + UVC.

Do not forget about the importance of proper selection of the level of sun-protection SPF-filter. It is determined individually, depending on the color of the skin, the age of the person and other factors.

What is the optimal SPF level?

What is the optimal SPF level?

Buying sunscreen cream spf 50, which is better - each of us decides on our own. To make it easier to choose, it’s worth finding out what the “SPF 50” products are superior to other protective creams.

There are the following levels of protection:

  • SPF 15 - reflection of about 93% of solar radiation;
  • SPF 20 - 95%;
  • SPF 25 - 96%;
  • SPF 30 - 97%;
  • SPF 50 - 98%;
  • SPF 100 - 98.6%.

When using the product with the marking "SPF 50", the skin will acquire a light golden hue. At the same time she will not face photo-aging, burns and other dangers that can cause an uncontrolled stay in the open sun without the use of special protective equipment. Thanks to these properties, it is preferable to use sunscreen spf 50 cream for the face, distributing it evenly, without rubbing, 15-20 minutes before leaving the house.

In the spring-summer period for office workers there are enough funds with a level of protection of 15. For a picnic and walking with friends, choose creams with an SPF of 20-30. If you are not planning to sunbathe or are forced to protect your skin from the sun for health reasons, use formulations with the highest UV protection ratio.

What are the best brands?

What are the best brands?

So, you have decided to purchase a sunscreen cream spf 50. Which is better? To obtain an answer to this question, we propose to study the descriptions of several common tools represented in the specialized market. Assessing their composition and reading the reviews of people who previously used this makeup, you will make an informed choice.

Garnier "Kid in the Shadow"

This tool with SPF 50+ is suitable not only for children, but also for people with delicate, sensitive skin. It is distinguished by a viscous consistency and long-term absorption. According to customer reviews, after it is applied, a white film forms on the surface of the body. But the skin of the face and body are not afraid of burns, even after a long stay in the open sun.

Lotion Darphin Vital Protection Age Defying ProtectivesSPF 50

This tool features a delicate texture. It does not overload the skin of the face and provides complete protection against UVA / UVB. Lotion can be used as a base for makeup. An additional plus is the delicate aromas of jasmine, orange and rose petals.

Tanning cream Lancaster SunSPF50

Characterizing this delicate in texture and economical sunscreen face cream spf 50 is positively positive. According to women who have tested the tool, it copes with its main task - protection from harmful radiation. Caring ingredients provide it with anti-aging effect and excellent moisture retention. A rather pronounced smell, which may not like when you first meet with the cream, quickly disappears, leaving only a light scent. The only minus is the cost of a cosmetic product reaching 2.5 thousand rubles. for 30 ml.

Clinique spf 50

This hypoallergenic remedy is optimal for both children and adults. It is perfectly distributed over the skin, it is economical to apply, so a 150 ml bottle is sufficient for the entire summer season. And its value is quite affordable - from 1 thousand rubles.

Loreal Sublim San spf 50

According to reviews, this sunscreen for the face perfectly protects against burns, has a light texture and mattifying effect. Suitable for different skin types, does not clog pores.

Remember that any remedy, even the best, begins to act not immediately after application, but after 15-20 minutes. First, the cream needs to be absorbed into the skin. Therefore, you should apply the selected cosmetics even before leaving the house. You should not use creams with a fat texture all day - in order to avoid the formation of acne and comedones. After 1-2 hours, a layer of protective equipment should be updated, even if you did not swim in the pond.

A beautiful tan is a valuable acquisition, but it is even more important to maintain the health of the skin and the body as a whole, to which the sun's rays can cause serious damage. Therefore, it is simply necessary to use sunscreen, and the choice of the best of them is not a question of prestige. On beautiful days, cosmetics with SPF 50 will be the best option - all that remains is to pick up the rest of its parameters - texture, price, hypoallergenicity, aroma, and others - according to your needs and desires.

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