Spermacetium cream. formula means


Every woman has wonderful tools for all occasions, for example, for a quick tightening of the skin of the face, for eliminating irritation, improving color and tone, etc. Some rely on spermacetium cream in this issue, although there are many rumors around this product.

Spermacetium cream - what is it?

In the movie "Moscow tears believe me," the heroine of the ribbon, with laughter and an eye to each other, tell about the miraculous "whale cream." The reason for their embarrassment lies precisely in the name of the tool, and the associations it causes. In fact, a lot of disputes and comic situations associated with the name of the cream. Most girls believe that the main component of the composition is seminal fluid.

Spermacetium cream

In fact, most speculations are wrong. Spermaceti taken from whales, or rather sperm whales, but it is not a seed. Spermaceti is a wax-like substance found in a special bag of the animal's head. It consists of a mixture of glycerols and alcohols. It looks like a crystalline white mass, which has neither taste nor smell.

Cream containing spermaceta has a regenerating, anti-inflammatory effect. In addition, it perfectly nourishes the skin, and on rather deep layers. Not all, even expensive means can boast of this. In addition to the spermaceti, the cream contains olive oil, lanolin, beeswax. These components protect the skin from aggressive environmental factors, prevent the loss of its own moisture.

The use of spermaceti cream is quite wide. It is used not only as a cosmetic, but also as a therapeutic. The fact is that the unique composition of the components has an anti-inflammatory, regenerating, wound-healing effect. Some use it even after mosquito bites, because the cream can relieve itching by cooling the skin.

Spermacetium cream

Spermaceti: ​​manufacturing formula

With the discovery of the unique properties of spermaceti, active sperm whale fishing began, which subsequently led to a significant decrease in their population. Since 1986, a global ban on commercial whaling has been adopted. And the extraction of natural spermaceti stopped.

This event provoked cosmetic companies to create an artificially synthesized analogue of this substance. Today, almost all creams and pharmaceuticals, widely used cetyl palmitate, which is also called spermaceti-ersatz. Ersatz (Erzatz) in German means "substitute". Thanks to the use of the substitute, it became possible to achieve a stable consistency of the cream without losing its healing properties.

Tool Reviews

Spermacetium cream

  • Many women use this cream and speak of it with admiration. Although you can meet and negative reviews. By itself, spermaceti has a more delicate texture than beeswax. The tool with him does not give oily shine, which is typical for most fat creams. Because of its positive qualities, spermaceti is also used in the manufacture of hygienic lipsticks.
  • This cream is indispensable for residents of cold regions. Many before leaving the house put it to prevent frostbite and excessive dryness. Owners of dry skin, say that the cream instantly removes the feeling of tightness after washing. Moreover, with regular use of funds can achieve a balance of sebum. In addition, a significant advantage of this cream is its cheapness.

To use a spermatsetovy cream or not - the choice of each woman. This product has many useful properties, enjoys well-deserved popularity. Despite the fact that recently the natural spermaceti has been replaced in creams with a synthetic analogue, this does not reduce the excellent qualities of this product.