Spa treatments for body care in the salon


Today, most young girls seek to monitor their health and beauty. You can take care of yourself at home, and you can turn to the services of a specialist in a beauty salon. In addition to skin and body care procedures, there are those that include complete relaxation and relaxation from current problems. Such procedures are called SPA (SPA). This concept appeared in ancient Rome, when the Romans, thanks to bathing in thermal water, got rid of all ailments and diseases. You yourself can experience the beauty of spa treatments offered by beauty salons in the range.

SPA has long been an international concept, as everywhere they recognize the beneficial properties of water and its strengthening effect on the body. Water combined with herbs, algae and various masks simply magically affects our skin. Properly selected essential oils in the spa can have a healing effect in many diseases. With the help of SPA procedures you can fight with overweight, pigmentation, cellulite, skin aging and many other unpleasant things. Now there is a huge selection of SPA procedures, let's analyze the main ones.

SPA capsule

SPA capsule is just a country of pleasure. It is a cabin, inside of which there is a whole range of useful functions: steam bath, Vichy shower, infrared sauna, bubble bath, vibratory and hydromassage. The number of functions can vary in different beauty salons, but the main purpose is to give pleasure and health SPA capsule always performs!

You can safely sign up for this service if:

- you have problems with overweight or stretching after a quick weight loss,

- do you want to get rid of cellulite

- there is a breakdown, reduced immunity, depression or insomnia,

- you suffer from dull skin, clogged pores and loss of elasticity,

- endure prolonged physical exertion and feel pain in the joints and muscles.

SPA sauna

The sauna is very popular, using aromatic oils, honey and mineral salts, which has a healing and relaxing effect. Its main function in cleansing the body from harmful toxins and toxins, also has a positive effect on the nervous system, which improves the speed of reactions, increases coordination and balance in the body. Properly selected herbal essential oils elevate mood and vitality. SPA saunas often use infusions of mint, eucalyptus and chamomile, which moisturizes the air and adds healthy phytoncides to it. Together with then in the sauna all the harmful substances come out, and cardiac activity is normalized. Long stay in the sauna is contraindicated for people with high blood pressure - their stay in the sauna should not exceed ten minutes. Visiting the sauna has a positive effect on blood circulation, muscle fatigue and tension of the whole body are relieved. Especially this procedure is useful as a recuperation for those who enjoy sports or swimming. The skin after the SPA sauna becomes smooth and gentle, lipid skin balance is restored, and elasticity and elasticity return.

SPA massage

In addition to the pleasant sensations, massage is often focused and is used in almost all diseases. There are massage of the whole body and massage aimed at the problem area, massage with the use of natural remedies - honey, vegetable oils, with the help of stones, bamboo, there are also various massage techniques - Russian, point shiatsu, Thai and Ayurvedic massage. But this is not all types of massage, the main thing is to first consult with a specialist and tell us what you want to achieve with this procedure. Depending on your wishes, a suitable massage will be selected for you.


Today wrapping is one of the most popular procedures in the salon. With this procedure, not a single cell of our body is ignored, and the efficiency of all metabolic processes in the skin increases several times. Any kind of wrapping performs a relaxing and healing function.

Seaweed wrap helps to compensate for the lack of iodine in the body, normalizes the activity of the thyroid and reproductive systems, and also contributes to a more rapid conception. Such a wrap eliminates puffiness, fights cellulite and flabby skin.

Real gourmets choose chocolate wrapping. In cosmetology, the healing properties of coffee and cocoa beans, which tone the skin, have a vitaminizing and stimulating effect on the whole body, have been known for a long time.

If you pursue the goal of deep cleansing, then clay wrap will suit you. Special exfoliating compounds activate the regeneration processes, improve the color and appearance of the skin. Also, the procedure has a pronounced anti-aging effect.

SPA peeling

The procedure can be performed as a separate service, or in combination with a massage. In the peeling process, the old skin particles are peeled off, toxins are eliminated, and the entire body is cleansed. With the help of peeling body fat is reduced, therefore it is often included in the course of the fight against cellulite. It is best to do it before the massage, as it warms up the body, the pores will expand, and the nutrients during the massage will immediately begin their healing effect.

SPA procedures will help you to cope with illnesses, consequences of a wrong way of life and bad ecology, well and at the very least will raise your mood and well-being!

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