Soviet mascara. composition

Many women still remember the Soviet mascara - black briquettes with a brush. Interestingly, some ladies still prefer this cosmetic product. They believe that Soviet mascara makes it possible to achieve spectacular eyelashes much better than fashionable analogues.

Leningrad mascara: history

Soviet mascara

In Soviet times, mascara was a scarce commodity, so many women used different substitutes based on burnt matches, soot or pounded pencil lead. There was no specialized release of this cosmetic product in the Soviet Union, mascara was produced in theater factories as an element of the actors' makeup, along with glue for a mustache, so it was difficult to find it on the counter.

The legendary Leningrad mascara was produced (and even still produced) in the form of black briquettes complete with a brush. In order to make up the eyelashes, the mascara first had to be soaked well, and the Soviet women of fashion simply spat in a box with dry mascara. Since the brush (similar to a small toothbrush) was not very convenient for uniform application, and the wetted agent was not always homogeneous, the cilia were glued together and the women used a needle or matches to separate them. Frankly, it was not the safest way to apply mascara on the eyelashes.

The composition of the Soviet ink

According to reviews, Soviet mascara gives a very rich black color and a good volume, so some women are happy to use it so far. The main disadvantage of this product is that when it gets on the mucous it causes a strong burning sensation, so it must be removed very quickly - within a few seconds, otherwise you can go all day with reddened eyes.

If you look for the most legendary Soviet mascara, then on the box you can read its composition. It includes soap, beeswax, ceresin, stearin, liquid paraffin, soot and perfume. As you can see, such mascara does not contain any harmful ingredients. You can say this is a natural product, without preservatives and harmful chemical compounds. The fact that the composition was previously attended by soap and was the main cause of irritation when the carcass hit the eyes, no other negative consequences should have been expected from it.

Since this brand was popular throughout the Soviet Union, it is available for sale and now costs very little. But, if you look at the modern composition of the carcass called Leningradskaya, there will be quite the same components that they were many years ago. On the box you will read a completely different composition: white wax, stearate, acacia flower extract, water, methylparaben and perfume composition.

Soviet mascara: reviews

Soviet mascara: reviews

  • Valentina: In the Soviet Union, it was one of the best mascara for eyelashes. I was just beginning to paint, was a schoolgirl. As I saved money for myself, I bought this box. Happiness was! The time has passed, I have already forgotten about the existence of the Soviet carcass, but then I went into the store and saw it in the window. Bought. Eyelashes are painted quickly (took a brush from an expensive mascara), voluminous. None of the expensive carcasses of this effect does not.
  • Nadezhda: I thought the Leningrad mascara has not been released for a long time. We must look better in stores. She has a lot of advantages!
  • Gala: Mascara for all times! Until now, I actively use it, and not because the conservative, but because of its quality is very pleased.
  • Ludmila: Nostalgia for youth ... This mascara never spoiled the eyelashes, for which she was loved. True, the brush is not very successful. But you can take it from modern mascara - the effect will be simply amazing.

Soviet mascara is not just a memory from the past. This is a cosmetic product, which is still produced, because it is natural and inexpensive. Many women believe that only this product can achieve the effect of thick, fluffy, dramatic eyelashes.

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