Solcoseryl against wrinkles


If progress had reached the cultivation of rejuvenating apples, they would have been bought up in a day, because every woman is concerned about the issue of preserving her blossoming and attractive appearance. Manufacturers take this moment into account, so various gels and ointments from the initial signs of aging appear at the speed of light. But how real is the effect of them? Will salsoseril ointment help wrinkles, or should you not even pay attention to it?

Ointment Solcoseryl for wrinkles: composition and properties of the product

Ointment Solcoseryl for wrinkles: composition

In order to have an exact answer to the question about the effectiveness of any remedy - medical or cosmetic, it is necessary to consider its composition, to pay attention to the active components, and it is on the basis of this knowledge to draw conclusions. As for the ointment Solcoseryl, its main component is an extract from the blood of dairy calves, the properties of which have not yet been studied by experts. On 1 g of ointment its share is 2.07 mg. However, if we study the reaction of the skin to the use of this ointment, and then continue to consider the composition of the product, we can say that it is the active component that is responsible for the main property of Solcoseryl ointment: stimulation of the regenerative functions of cells and their metabolic processes. The remaining ingredients - preservatives E218 and E216, as well as petrolatum, alcohol, water and cholesterol - do not give a similar effect. Fatty alcohol acts as a substance that protects the skin from moisture loss, petroleum jelly - nutrient, like cholesterol.

The tool has a rich creamy texture, the color of which varies from muted white to milky yellow. Excessive yellowness along with a change in the smell, which was almost absent initially, indicates improper storage of the drug and the inadmissibility of its use.

It should be noted that the main purpose of Solcoseryl ointment is not to smooth wrinkles. It is claimed to be wound healing in the case of injuries of a dry nature (without blood and other secretions), including burns, ulcers and frostbite. In complex wounds, the primary treatment is gel, after which, as soon as the edges begin to grow together, an ointment is applied to the wound, more favorable due to the presence of fatty components in its composition. From this point of view, one can speak about the effectiveness of the remedy in eliminating scars from acne and other major inflammations.

However, the greatest demand for Solcoseryl ointment is associated with its indirect functions - regeneration of aged skin. This is in some way explained by the general pharmacological action of the drug. It stimulates the production of natural collagen in cells, improves oxygen metabolism (especially its absorption), eliminates cell hypoxia due to glucose in them. Approximately the same algorithm is performed by artificially injected cosmetologists preparations, however, the dosage in them is often much higher, and the components have little in common with the components of the ointment Solcoseryl. However, if the final action in theory should be similar, does it make sense to overpay in the cabin? Perhaps, it will turn out to do without a product intended for this?

Features of use and contraindications

Ointment Solcoseryl for wrinkles: composition and properties of the product

Due to such a simple composition, Solcoseryl ointment can be considered quite safe if you do not take into account the active component of animal origin, which can cause individual allergic reactions. They appear on the skin in the form of itching, dermatitis or urticaria, an increase in body temperature, and in more severe cases, anaphylactic general reactions up to edema. In addition, the drug has a lot of restrictions, although it is released without a doctor's prescription.

As for the use of Solcoseryl ointment during pregnancy, there is no single medical opinion. Direct contraindications have not been established, however, the use of the product with such a complex active component at the time of waiting for the child is undesirable, so as not to cause possible harm to the fetus. If we take into account the inadmissibility of the use of this ingredient intravenously in children and adolescents, it is likely that substances entering the mother’s blood may adversely affect the fetus. In any case, it is best to use Solcoseryl ointment for pregnant women and nursing mothers under the supervision of a specialist.

The traditional use of the drug is carried out through the application of a thin layer of ointment to the damaged area of ​​the skin, the frequency of use - up to 2 times a day. If necessary, a bandage is applied on top to prevent rapid absorption of the drug, or its accidental elimination. If we talk about the impact not on wounds, but on wrinkles and other signs of aging, the ointment is also distributed locally on the skin with a thin layer, and the area under the eyes is not affected. That is, the main areas of use of Solcoseryil ointment are nasolabial, inter brow and frontal folds.

But, as practice and reviews of real people show, the most pronounced effect often manifests itself not with the traditional use of the product, but with a non-standard approach to it. Therefore, from reviews of Solcoseryl ointment, it was possible to find out that some women used it in combination with additional components as an evening and / or morning mask, incorporating the resulting agent into their daily facial care. How reasonable these actions were - only qualified cosmetologists can say, however, the results demonstrated in the reviews spoke in favor of such a “development”. But what can Solcoseryl ointment really apply to?

Is it acceptable to use Solcoseryl and Dimexide against wrinkles at the same time?

Is it acceptable to use Solcoseryl and Dimexide against wrinkles at the same time?

The components of Dimexidum are selected in such a way that the main active ingredient, dimetel sulfoxide, has a slight anesthetic effect, leveling the pain sensation. At the same time, the agent acts on inflammation, concentrating it at a certain point, and also acts as a conductor between another drug and cells of the deep layers of the skin. For this reason, cosmetologists often resort to Dimexidum as a kind of basis for a more effective drug to enhance the effect of the latter. Of course, this property of the product could not be overlooked by women who do not have medical qualifications. The study of the composition of each tool showed that they do not conflict and are indeed able to multiply the positive aspects of each other.

  • To use the ointment Solcoseryl and Dimexide from wrinkles, you must carefully clean the skin. Due to the fact that Dimexide actively transports all substances that fall on it, into the cells, any dirt will also be transferred to the blood. It is best to use a tonic with a neutral pH and without alcohol, then wash with warm water. Some women perform a face steaming procedure to pre-expand pores, but doctors say that this does not affect the result.
  • Dimexide, presented in the format of a liquid gel, is combined with distilled water in a ratio of 1:10, and is applied to a cotton pad with which the face is treated. The area around the eyes is not affected; the traditional pattern of fluid distribution is along massage lines, towards the periphery. Neck and décolleté can also be processed.
  • The time for absorption of Dimexidum is not maintained: it is necessary to apply Solcoseryl ointment immediately, without mixing it with anything, putting it in a thick, but not thick layer. The procedure is similar to the use of a nourishing night cream. If necessary, you can use the drug locally: only on the nasolabial folds or on the forehead.

Remove the ointment after 30-60 min.: Time depends on the density of the layer and the complexity of the situation. For prophylaxis and weak signs of aging, rather rare courses with a short duration, and the deeper the wrinkles, the longer the exposure time. However, 60 min. - the limit indicated by experts. Taking into account the fact that the ointment begins to dry out quickly enough, it is sprayed with thermal or mineral water every 5-7 minutes.

Beautician reviews about the tool and recommendations

Solcoseryl against wrinkles

No matter how effective the folk remedy may be, sometimes there are pitfalls that only a professional can detect. In the case of Solcoseryl ointment, which was originally not aimed at fighting wrinkles, it is also important to find out what opinions about it in this vein are cosmeticians. Is it acceptable to use in eliminating signs of aging skin? And if so, how to use it correctly?

Beauticians in their judgments in professional forums do not give a definite answer, but on the whole they are inclined to believe that Solcoseryl ointment can be used to stimulate skin regeneration, including improving its turgor. Some of them even admit the possibility of applying the product to the area around the eyes in the outer corners, where the so-called “crow's feet” are located, but in a very thin layer. And almost every specialist claims that it is best to use the drug locally, without mixing with other products: for example, day or evening creams.

In addition, cosmetologists advise not to be zealous with Solcoseryl ointment: 10 treatments for deep wrinkles and 3-4 for fine wrinkles are enough to significantly improve the situation. Between the procedures is enough 1-2 days break. And for prophylaxis, it is enough to use the drug 2-3 times a month for the night, in certain areas, and, after the 5th use, a break for 5-6 months is taken. Some experts claim that a particularly pronounced effect appears when applying the product after mechanical cleaning of the face.

Summarizing the above, we can say that Solcoseryl ointment is an affordable and fairly safe replacement for Botox and other rejuvenation procedures, approved by most cosmetologists. However, despite the large number of positive reviews of Solcoseryl ointment, you should first check for individual perception. And for any negative skin reactions, interrupt the course.