Every woman dreams of a beautiful even tan. In our time, golden skin is considered one of the components of the ideal of beauty. Sunbathing virtually at any time was possible thanks to tanning beds. In order not to harm your health, you need to carefully study the contraindications to this type of tan.

How to sunbathe in the solarium?

It is necessary to understand that fake tan brings both benefit and harm. Therefore, it is better not to get involved. To get started is to contact a cosmetologist and a dermatologist. They will assess the condition of your skin and give correct recommendations on the duration of the procedure and the choice of special creams for tanning beds. If your type of appearance is Scandinavian, then it is better not to risk and not to sunbathe.

Usually this applies to natural blondes with blue eyes, very fair skin with freckles. Sunburn in such people is manifested in the form of redness and holds very poorly. All other types of appearance can sunbathe. It should only pick the right time.

Before sunbathing in a tanning bed, prepare your skin and hair. On the eve you should not take a shower, because water washes away the protective film that protects the skin from burns. It should immediately attend to accessories for tanning beds. Usually they are a special device for the eyes in the form of glasses. Also worth buying pads on the chest.

Solarium: harm and benefits

Check out the cosmetic products. For tanning, you need to buy a special cream, because on the skin affect the rays that are different from the usual solar. Some cosmetologists and dermatologists advise the use of bada and special preparations for a safe tan. Recently, the so-called solar capsules are very popular. They look like small dragees. Capsules protect the skin and contribute to an even tan. They also prevent skin dehydration and aging.

The first tanning sessions do not last very long. They are just a few minutes away. This is due to the fact that artificial rays are much stronger than natural. A few minutes tanning can be equal in time to the hours of a beach holiday. Before the session it is better not to use cosmetics. Otherwise, there may be various unpleasant consequences, because the ingredients in its composition interact with UV rays. Under the ban fall cream, deodorants, perfume. Should take care of the hair. Whatever the length they are, it is better to remove them under the cotton cap. So you avoid dryness and fragility.

Before tanning need to remove the lenses and wear special glasses. If there are tattoos on your body, then they should be carefully covered by the office. Some fans of the procedure over time, they become less bright. In addition, there is an opinion that the rays penetrating the skin react with the paint. Some doctors say that this can even lead to an allergic reaction. Do not forget to protect your chest! Use a bra or stickers. This should be done to prevent cancer.

After sunbathing, you need to properly care for your skin. Usually tan comes off in 4 weeks. Immediately after tanning is not recommended too much overstrain. By itself, the procedure takes your strength, because ultraviolet rays accelerate the metabolism. It is worth drinking a glass of carrot juice with a small amount of sour cream. This will help keep the tan. Proper skin care will help choose a beautician. Usually it is moistened with special products.

You must always adhere to a certain period when going to the solarium. The first session can be only 3 minutes. There is an unspoken rule that between procedures should be 48 hours. In total, a tanning salon should be about 50 times a year. In order to bring yourself into proper form, you should start sunbathing 1 month before your trip to the sea.

Solarium: harmful or not?

Solarium: harm and benefits

The question of the dangers and benefits of tanning beds has been discussed by physicians more than once. The tanning procedure, thanks to artificial sunlight, has both positive and negative sides. On the one hand, tanning beds are literally uplifting. Thanks to the action of the rays, the hormone of joy, endorphin, begins to be synthesized. In addition, the body is stored with useful vitamin D. The safety of a tanning bed is explained by the fact that the lamps have special filters that block the path to dangerous rays. According to many data, this is why such a tan is much safer than a sun.

On the other hand, tanning beds are a risk of developing melanoma. Despite the fact that the rays in them belong to the classes of UFA and UFB, there is a likelihood of developing cancer. This is due to the fact that they provoke the production of melanin. It gives the skin a brownish tint. The downside is that it is the frequent production of melanin that provokes the development of skin cancer. Therefore, when hiking in the solarium, it is important to know when to stop.

Also, any type of tanning leads to a deterioration in the appearance of the skin. It becomes less elastic and flabby. Under the action of rays splitting of collagen occurs, which is responsible for elasticity. In addition, due to tanning, the skin begins to age much faster. If you sunbathe too often, instead of a golden color, it will become grayish.

Many women go to the solarium to get rid of skin rashes in the form of pimples. In the 1st time, indeed, they will become a little less. Rays activate our immune system. On the other hand, if you go to the solarium constantly, then this will only make your skin worse.

In order to minimize the harm from the procedures, one must carefully consider the choice of the salon. So you should know when the last lamp was changed. According to the norms, this is done after 540 hours of use. If the lamps are new, then the tanning time should be slightly reduced in order not to get burnt. Get accustomed to administrators. Competent specialists should clearly instruct you and schedule an individual session time.

Solarium: contraindications to use

Solarium: harm and benefits

Solarium, the harm and benefit of which has been discussed repeatedly, has a number of contraindications. As already mentioned, it is better not to sunbathe people with a Scandinavian appearance. You will not get a good even tan due to genetics. Instead of a golden color, redness will be formed. Solarium is contraindicated in pregnant and lactating women. It can not be visited during menstruation. Doctors forbid sunbathing in the solarium, if there are a number of diseases. It is better to abandon the procedure to asthmatics, people with high blood pressure, skin problems, a genetic predisposition to melanoma, and strong pigmentation. Women who have many moles on their bodies are at particular risk when going to the solarium. Benign growths can be transformed into malignant tumors under the action of UV rays.

Solarium is contraindicated in other diseases, among which there is even the common cold. Such a contraindication is due to the fact that the rays activate the defenses of your body. Therefore, immunity begins to decline. If you take hormonal and some other drugs, then a tanning bed can also be dangerous for your health. Before going, it is worth checking whether the medicine you are taking increases the photosensitivity of the skin.

From tanning in the solarium is both good and bad. The procedure improves mood and saturates the body with vitamin D. On the other hand, too frequent trips to the tanning bed can lead to photo-aging of the skin and even melanoma. Therefore, you should consult a doctor and find out if there is a predisposition to cancer. Solarium is contraindicated for pregnant women, nursing mothers, as well as for a number of diseases and while taking certain medications.