Soap making


If you think that cooking soap is very difficult, then you are deeply mistaken. Soap making is easy enough. All components that are necessary in order to cook the soap, you can easily find on the shelves. Meanwhile, this cosmetic product, prepared by you alone, will bring much more benefit to the skin.

Besides, soap making is a very creative and exciting process. You can combine different ingredients, thereby varying the properties of the product that you end up with.

Soap from fine wrinkles and age spots


  1. Transparent soap base - 100 g
  2. Castor oil - 1/3 tsp.
  3. Gel food dye - 2-4 drops
  4. Fragrance "Orchid" - 3-4 drops
  5. Glitter or Glitter
  6. Round form
  7. Mixer


  • The soap base must be melted in a water bath or in a microwave.
  • If you use a microwave, the melting process should look like this. First you need to measure the appropriate amount of soap base and put it in a glass, pre-cut into pieces. Cover the container with the base of cling film and place in the microwave. It is necessary to heat a basis at the maximum power of the furnace. By the time it can take from 30 seconds to several minutes. Therefore, you need to closely monitor the process of melting and periodically stir the base. Be careful - the base should not boil.

  • If your choice fell on a water bath, then the process of melting in general will not differ from melting in a microwave. Likewise, the main thing is to prevent boiling and stir constantly.
  • Add a dye, castor oil and a perfume to the melted soap base. Mix all this thoroughly.
  • Place the liquid soap in the mold for a while and let it harden slightly. When it cools down, but is still soft, apply the pattern you have thought up using a needle heated on a fire.
  • Then, using a thin brush, apply glitter onto the pattern you have lined.
  • Let the soap harden completely and remove it from the mold. It is ready.

Stained Soap: Recipe


  1. Transparent soap base - 950 g
  2. White soap base - 100 g
  3. Gel food colors in different colors - 5 drops each
  4. Black gel food coloring - 8 drops
  5. Soap maker syringe
  6. Soap cleaner


  • Before you prepare the soap, invent and draw a pattern of stained glass that will be on your soap. The size of the stained glass, respectively, must match the size of the form for soap. You will need 3 such drawings (you can make copies).
  • In one of the figures, reduce by 1 mm each detail along the contour. The thickness of the gap between the parts should be 2 mm. Now cut the details.
  • Melt 250 g of a transparent base, add a dye of one of the colors to it, place it in a mold and let it harden. The resulting layer should be approximately 1.5 cm. Remove the first frozen layer from the mold. He will be the first "glass" in your stained glass window.
  • Similarly, the need to make and "glass" in other colors. Soap base always take 250 g to your layers were the same height.
  • Now put the stained glass detail patterns on the soap block of the corresponding color. Carefully cut the part with a sharp knife along the contour.
  • Cut out the stained glass parts on the second sketch to check the correctness of the sizes, arrangement of the parts and the combination of colors.

  • Melt 100 g of transparent soap base, pour it into a soap mold and sprinkle with alcohol. Put the details of the stained glass on it before it hardens. If a plenochka began to form on your basis, then the work should be interrupted and wait until the base has completely set. After that, armed with a sharp knife, cut out the places without parts and then pour the melted base into them. Now you can again make a stained glass window.
  • Melt the soap base in white and mix it with the black dye. Mix everything thoroughly. Type in a syringe without a needle (it is more convenient to use a soap maker syringe) and fill the gaps between the parts. This should be done carefully, but if the black outline, nevertheless, got on the part, do not try to remove it immediately. It is better to do this after solidifying the contour with the help of the soap maker.
  • Melt another 100 g of soapy transparent base and fill it with the resulting stained glass. Pre-sprinkle stained glass with alcohol. After this layer hardens, your beautiful and bright soap will be ready.
  • You can add glitters, glitters and perfume compositions to your soap besides dyes. It will make your soap more beautiful, brighter and more fragrant.

Strawberry Soap: Cooking Recipe


  1. Soap base - 100 g
  2. Refined avocado oil - 1/3 tsp.
  3. Gel food dye scarlet - 2-3 drops
  4. Food flavor "Strawberry" - 2-3 drops
  5. Rectangular shape
  6. Fresh strawberry juice
  7. Wooden stick


  • Melt the soap base in a water bath to a state of mashed potatoes. Divide it into two parts, approximately 30 and 70 g.
  • Now the success of the event will depend on the speed of your actions. In most of the base, add avocado oil and strawberry flavor. Mix all this thoroughly and place the soap in the form.

  • In the smaller part, add the strawberry fresh juice from several strawberries, as well as the dye. Mix all this thoroughly.
  • Put the base of the red color on top of the white and smooth it with the palm of the food wrap.
  • Leave your product to cool at room temperature until it solidifies completely.
  • After the soap hardens, remove it from the mold.
  • Excellent cosmetic product of its own production is ready!

Homemade soap, as well as the process of its preparation, can give a lot of pleasure and positive emotions. If you use natural ingredients in its preparation, it will also be beneficial for the skin. Do not be lazy to give yourself the pleasure of this kind, because the process of making soap is not at all difficult.

Especially for - Marie Matveyuk