Soap-making at home


Soap is a thing in every home. It is sold in large quantities, of various shapes, colors, colors, it can be liquid and solid. But with such an abundance of soap becomes very popular. homemade soap. Using special ingredients and advice from experienced amateurs, you can create a real masterpiece.

Soap-making not only has practical benefits, but becomes a creative process, with which you can express ideas, finds, show imagination and imagination.

Pros soap making at home

Soap-making is a very interesting and exciting creative activity. You yourself come up with the shape and design of the soap, add useful substances and flavors that you like.

Pros soap making at home

Thanks to homemade soap making, you can create beautiful colors, unique shapes, and feel the magnificent smell of cosmetic fragrances and essential oils. In the soap, made at home, known composition, it is safe for all family members, even the smallest.

One more The advantage of home soap making is its cost. It turns out cheaper than designer soap. Often this soap is cheaper than the store 5 times.

What you need for soap making at home?

  • A solid soap base is needed. It is of 3 types: white, pale yellow (organic), transparent. For a beginner soap collector, 1 or 2 kg of a white and transparent base is sufficient. It is enough for 40 pieces. The basis is different and in terms of producers, English is of the highest quality, German and Belgian have recommended themselves well; Chinese and Russian cause different opinions - from negative to positive. You can take and baby soap, it is inexpensive and does not have a pungent smell.
  • To make the soap a certain color, dyes will be needed. You can buy a lot of different colors, but for a start it is enough to have three 10 ml each: red, yellow and blue. They can mix and get a variety of colors. You can use ordinary food dyes.

What you need for soap making at home?

  • To give the smell of soap will need, essential oils, fragrances and flavors. Choose them by personal preference. The most pleasant smells - raspberry, coffee, rose, orange, mint, lavender. From the essential oils - olive, cedar, sea buckthorn, almond, tea tree.
  • 2 plastic and silicone molds for soap, which can be purchased in specialized departments, but any forms from bottles, from yogurt, and cosmetic jars will do. It is undesirable to use forms of glass, metal, especially aluminum, it is difficult to get ready soap from them.
  • Medical alcohol, which is necessary for removing bubbles and bonding layers in a multi-colored soap. Now the pharmacy sells only "Aseptol" or "Medical antiseptic solution", it should contain 95% ethanol. 100 ml of this alcohol will be enough. You will also need a spray bottle and bottle-spray.
  • Container with a handle, where soap, measuring cups and chopsticks for stirring will cook.

Soap making technique at home

Secrets of soap making at home

  • If you want soap to shimmer and shine, you need additional ingredients to make it.This is a variety of pearl powder Mica, cosmetic glitter (buy them in small quantities).
  • Dried herbs - calendula, lavender, rose petals, chamomile - will add a decorative effect or scrub to the soap.
  • Soap can be massaged by loofah, which is a natural washcloth. It is necessary to melt it in the soap, this soap looks very unusual.
  • Cinnamon sticks, lemon and orange circles decorate the soap, giving it a festive and elegant look.
  • Soap with a peeling effect can be created using pumice powder, pastry poppy seeds, ground coffee, coconut chips.

Basics of homemade soap

  • Take baby soap and pre-support it on the battery or the sun, then rub it on a fine grater.

Basics of homemade soap

  • 3 tsp. base oil and 1 tsp. Glycerin heat on the steam bath. Pour there gradually rubbed soap. You can add hot water to melt the soap quickly.
  • When the soap gets the consistency of the batter, put 5 drops of the selected essential oil into it.
  • If you want to make a soap scrub, add ground fruit or ground coffee.
  • Soap spill on cooked molds. When they cool down, put them in the fridge.
  • The next day, remove the soap and dry for 2 days. Now the soap is ready to use.

How to cook a beautiful soap at home?

Having mastered the basics of soap making, you can prepare an exclusive soap form. For making New Year's soap, buy forms in the form of Christmas trees or children's toys. Prepare a soap base, add oil, green dye and conifer needles. Pour liquid soap into the mold and cool, remove and dry. Now pick up a rectangular shape in which the Christmas tree will fit. Place it in the middle. Prepare a soap base in any color white or blue. Pour it into a rectangular shape, so that the Christmas tree is closed half the height. Cool and prepare a transparent base for the second layer.

Beautiful soap with flowers can be made with the help of dried flowers. Dried flowers pour boiling water, blot after 15 minutes with a napkin and place in a mold. Melt the transparent soap base and add vitamin E essential oil. Flowers fill with a liquid basis and cool.

How to cook a beautiful soap at home?

About other ways to prepare a soap for various purposes, read the articles Milking: recipes, How to cook soap at home?

Soap-making at home can be a great hobby for any woman.. It helps to express oneself, to create beautiful gifts and exclusive personal care items. Soap-making does not require any serious knowledge and skills, and anyone can learn soap-making at home.

Hand-made soap is safe, has a favorite smell and pleases an extraordinary shape. If you want to have an exclusive soap and are willing to spend time, then soap making at home will be a great way to please yourself and loved ones.

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