Smoky eye makeup


Do you want to have a fatal feline look and captivate all men, just looking in their direction? Then the effect of smoky eyes is for you. This makeup can change the image beyond recognition and give even the simplest person piquancy. The look becomes languid and deep, in such eyes you can look endlessly long and look for a solution to their secrets. And if you add a few false cilia to this make-up, then your eyes will be incredibly attractive.

Some stereotypes are associated with the smoky eye make-up, for example, that not every woman is suitable for such a make-up and only gray shades should be taken for such make-up. This is all fundamentally wrong, smoky makeup can decorate a woman of any type of appearance and age, if it is, of course, done professionally. For such a make-up, it is not necessary to take gray colors, pastel, golden, brown color of eye shadows for daytime make-up and cooler colors — dark gray, gray-brown, lilac-purple, gray-black shades — for evening make-up. And another misconception associated with smoky makeup - the complexity of its implementation: in fact, there is nothing particularly difficult and it can be done in just a few minutes.

Features smoky eye makeup

Smoky makeup differs slightly smeared shadows and eyeliner dark shade. You can add shadows to the lower and upper eyelids, and you can only to the upper one and so the makeup will be more moderate. Mascara with such a make-up should not be regretted, it should be applied in several layers and better in bright black color with the effect of voluminous eyelashes. For evening makeup and a more piercing look, you can glue a little false eyelashes to the outer edges of the eyes and then boldly go to any celebration.

Of course, we should not forget about the eyeliner, without her in the effect of makeup smoky eyes can not do. It can be done with a thin brush or a simple cosmetic pencil, but then it is important to carefully shade everything.

The border of the transition between light and dark shades of shadows should be as smooth as possible, otherwise the entire effect of makeup may disappear.

How to apply smoky eye makeup?

To begin with, you should prepare the skin: apply a cream-corrector on the skin around the eyes, and then powder the eyelid area with a slightly lighter color than the basic skin tone. This will allow you to hide not only prepare the skin for applying makeup, but also to disguise swelling, fine wrinkles or bruises under the eyes.

Now that how to pick up the shadows. You can not put the first shadow, even if you have seen how they look cool on someone else, they may not fit your face at all. Owners of blue eyes should prefer blue, steel or purple shades. Dark-eyed women are perfect shade of brown or green. Green-eyed to face the golden or lilac shadows, but the gray and silver shade of the shadows is suitable for almost any eyes.

A darker shade of the shadows should be applied over the upper eyelid closest to the eyelash growth line, and then gently shade all this with a finger or cotton swab. As you approach the brow, the shade should become brighter. Eyeliner can take any dark color, but so that it is in harmony with the color of the shadows. The eyeliner is also applied along the line of cilia growth and shaded. Owners of large eyes can be distinguished by a dark eyeliner and the inner border of the eyelid. And at the end of the make-up, abundantly cover the cilia with mascara, but make sure that there are no lumps and stuck cilia!

Smoky makeup for many years does not go out of fashion trends makeup, and we love many stars, because this is a great way to turn from a prude to an experienced seductress.