Smokey ice for brown eyes

The sultry smoky makeup in the style of Smokey Ice never goes out of fashion. This classic look is perfect for dating, dancing and other special occasions. Today we look at the most popular makeup - Smokey ice for brown eyes. What palette of shadows to choose, how to apply them and many other details, you will learn from our article.

Oh, those brown eyes, or how to make a charming smoky makeup

Smokey Ice for Brown Eyes

It often happens that many girls are disappointed in the makeup of the smoky ice, although they clearly followed all the instructions found on the Internet. Sounds familiar, doesn't it? Do not panic - everything is not so hopeless. The fact is that the color in a smoky makeup plays a crucial role. Therefore, if the Internet idol, which you tried to copy, used an intense black color, this does not mean that the same style will suit your eyes.

Creating a sexy image for brown eyes with Smokey Ace makeup will be much easier if you choose the right color scheme:

  • Bronze, chocolate, plum and mint eye shadow colors are suitable for hazel eyes with amazing green shade.
  • Girls with pure honey shades of eyes should definitely try to make smoky ice from coffee, coal-black, olive, lavender colors.
  • Hazel gray eyes can be effectively emphasized with shades of purple, steel, dark blue and black.

Smokey Ice for Brown Eyes

In addition, Smokey Ice is one of those makeup that really requires choosing the right brush size. Of course, you can always use handy tools or your finger to wipe the borders of color. Nevertheless, makeup artists recommend using three basic brushes that will allow you to create a playful haze without much effort:

  • Angle brush allows you to apply the shadow V-shaped without much difficulty on the outer crease of the eye.
  • Fluffy brush for mixing colors is used to create a gradient on the inside crease of the eyelid. Move the brush back and forth as the wipers do on the car to blend sharp contrast.
  • A small corner brush helps to enhance the color on the outer corner of the eye. It is also great for applying liner along the bottom waterline and soft shadows under the brow ridges.

When it comes to how to make the perfect smoky ice for brown eyes, all makeup artists agree that the important part of it is to mix colors correctly. For example, for the traditional black icy smock, some may use only this shade on the inner crease of the eyelid and mix it slightly upwards. But if you have very pale skin, then you need to make this transition a little more subtle. Instead of going from black to white right away, add a medium gray tint between the two colors for a smoother gradient.

Hot Makeup for Brown Eyes: Step by Step Photo Tutorial

The main aspects are studied, the correct shadows and brushes are selected, it's time to go to the detailed make-up instructions for brown eyes Smokey Eyes with step by step photos. Our master class will help you create a golden brown eye color that is perfect for any skin.

Necessary cosmetics:

  • eyeshadow of three colors: ivory, light and dark brown;
  • soft dark purple eye pencil;
  • bulk mascara.


  1. First of all, you need to apply a light color on the inner corners of the eye and under the eyebrow, which will work as the main shade for coloring. The light color of ivory allows you to make the view more open, and besides dark glares are perfectly concentrated on it.light shadows
  2. In order to make the eyes visually even more, you need to use a soft brown shade on the crease of the eyelid. You must put this color on the entire fold of the eyelid with the exception of the inner corner of the eye and place under the eyebrow.Smokey Ice for Brown Eyes
  3. Take a darker brown shade and focus on the outer corners of the eyes. Then take a new brush and mix all the color transitions or use the index finger for this.Smokey Ice for Brown Eyes
  4. To arrange certain accents and make the look expressive, apply the shadow of the same color on the outer corner of the bottom line of eyelash growth.Smokey Ice for Brown Eyes
  5. Now we need to outline the exact line along the upper waterline of the growth of eyelashes. To do this, use a dark lilac pencil and draw a straight arrow, starting from the middle of the eye. This may seem like a rather difficult task, but it is imperative that the needle be as close as possible to the eyelashes. Keep in mind that if you use a black liner, it will visually narrow the incision of the eyes.Smokey Ice for Brown Eyes
  6. And finally, finish your makeup with greasy strokes of mascara. It is best to apply it in several layers, as well as add a couple of tufts of false eyelashes for the stroke.Smokey Ice for Brown Eyes

Smoky eye makeup is one of the hottest trends of the year. However, each girl looks different with him, because it has its own shape and eye color. What looks amazing on one woman will look very different on another, so you should know exactly what makeup suits your eye color. We hope that our advice and recommendations will help you make the right choice.

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