Smell of shoes


There is such a cult work of P. Suskind - "Perfume". From it we, among other things, learn that in the XVIII century the cities of France, including Paris, were filled with an unimaginable eerie smell. Everything was soaked around them: rivers, streets, temples, palaces. Both peasants and noblemen were making the stench, and the king was also not fragrant. And all because then there was still no barrier to the degrading activity of bacteria. Imagine how they lived? It’s good that we are not living in those dark times, but today there are plenty of ways to get rid of unpleasant odors. Probably, many wonder: "The smell of shoes how to remove?". We offer today to deal with this and put an end to unpleasant odors forever.

How to remove the smell of shoes at home: find out the reason for his appearance

How to remove the smell of shoes at home: find out the reason for his appearance

It’s one thing to smell worn shoes, but why does the same smell come from newly bought sneakers or shoes? There are two main reasons:

  • your new shoes are made of artificial materials and do not breathe;
  • your legs are sweating a lot.

Strictly speaking, the reason is one - sweat, but the conditions for its appearance are different. Sweat gets a heavy odor as a result of the vital activity of bacteria parasitizing on our feet. And if there is also a foot fungus, there can be no talk of any fragrance. In shoes made of synthetic materials, a greenhouse effect occurs, which favors the growth of bacteria. Therefore, in order not to disappoint yourself with an unpleasant scent, purchase shoes made from natural materials.

In any case, we sweat - this is an inevitable physiological feature of our body. Legs completely covered with a lot of sweat glands. Therefore, no matter how hard you try, it will not work at all. However, it is in our power to regulate the profusion of perspiration.

One thing remains: to buy high-quality shoes from trusted manufacturers

How to remove unpleasant smell from shoes? You can, of course, change shoes whenever a stench comes out of it, but this method is not cheap. One thing remains: to buy high-quality shoes from trusted manufacturers. Get new shoes every three years. Buy two pairs at once and wear them alternately. Dry and air your shoes at the end of the day. Do not store it in a cabinet without ventilation.

The sense of smell of a person has one peculiarity - we quickly get used to our own smells and stop feeling them, but this does not mean that they disappear. Smells remain with us and still annoy others.

In order not to think how to remove the smell of sweat from the shoes, follow these simple rules:

  • in the morning, wear fresh tights or socks, even if you think that yesterday's shoes are still clean;
  • give preference to cotton socks;
  • rinse your feet daily with warm, soapy water or a decoction of oak bark;
  • rub gently with a soft brush between your fingers and dry your feet well;
  • after washing, apply talc or corn starch on the feet;
  • Use foot cream that will reduce sweating, eliminate odor and prevent foot fungus.

Remember: you do not solve the problem with shoes, until you eliminate the smell of sweat from the feet.

What to do with old shoes?

How to remove the smell of old shoes?

In the worn shoes, the smells of her material and sweat come together and massively attack our nose. Mostly it concerns, of course, closed shoes. This trouble can be eliminated by using the following methods:

  • Every evening, having come from work, thoroughly wash your shoes, periodically clean it and inside. Winter boots, of course, inside it is undesirable to wash - use aromatic insoles or deodorant for shoes.
  • Soda is a popular folk remedy: it is poured into shoes, and a day later it is shaken out or sucked out with a vacuum cleaner.
  • Pharmacies have special powdered products for falling asleep in shoes.
  • Sneakers, sneakers, slippers or something similar can be washed.
  • After water procedures, shoes must be properly dried. To do this, you can use special dryers.
  • Also try changing insoles more often. Hydrogen peroxide or a weak solution of potassium permanganate will help to disinfect your shoes.
  • From folk remedies tea and oak bark help to eliminate the smell from the shoes. Tannins in them contribute to the reduction of sweating. To do this, wrap in a napkin dry tea leafed or chopped oak bark and put inside the shoe overnight.

Eliminate the smell of new shoes

Often, bringing home a new shoe, we understand that it would be nice to air it. Only airing does not always help. What to do? There are several ways to eliminate the smell of new shoes:

  • Previously tested means - peroxide or potassium permanganate, and if it does not immediately help, repeat the operation until the odor is completely eliminated.
  • Pour the flour inside the shoe, you can soda, and put on a couple of hours. Then shake out this mess with the smell.
  • Dampen a cotton pad in vinegar, place it in your shoes and wait a couple of hours. Then we take the disc, the shoes are aired. In general, follow the advice of the famous television journalist Komarovsky: the main thing is airing.

The smell of cat urine: methods of processing shoes

How to remove the smell of cat urine from the shoes?

It is wonderful when a fluffy pet lives in your house - such a small, mischievous kitten. It is pleasant and fun to watch him play or take part in it. And when in the evening, after coming home from work, you sit at the TV, pick up a warm purring creature, what could be more soothing and relaxing?

You calmly fall asleep. Morning. As always, some five minutes are missing. And here you are at the finish line: you just have to put on your shoes and jump out onto the street. You wear your new, newly bought shoes and ... Oh, the horror, what is it? Is the right shoe wet and smell? Can not be! Yes, dear, this is the other side of the coin from the presence of small, fluffy and mischievous kittens in the house. In the evening, purr, and in the morning surprises. We hope you had shod shoes besides your favorite shoes, and you were not late for work. In the evening we will save the right shoe.

Unfortunately, a simple wash, which you may have resorted to in the morning, will not help: the smell of cat urine will still remain. But do not despair, before throwing such a nice pair of shoes, you need to try all means. So, let's begin:

  • The first way. If the injured shoes are made of fabric, start with an insole: you can wash or replace it. Clean the inside of the shoes with a solution of vinegar and air it.
  • Another way is to wash off the cause of the smell with water pressure, treat it with a solution of manganese and send it to the laundry. Wash shoes in the open air for a couple of days.

These measures are usually enough to eliminate the smell of cat surprises.

But leather shoes in the washing machine will not put. You can try to process it with a concentrated solution of manganese, hydrogen peroxide, or mix lemon juice with water in a 1: 1 ratio. It is also recommended to use a solution of iodine, but this is applicable only for the dark top of the shoe, otherwise you risk permanently spoiling it. And the procedure ends with what? That's right, airing.

If your leather shoes are not cheap, then it is better not to risk and resort to the help of the chemical industry. It now produces a variety of substances to neutralize odors, which include components that decompose uric acid molecules. They eliminate odor from the surface of any materials.

If you still do not trust modern chemistry and believe only in folk methods, then you should remember that in no case do not process the already damaged shoes with deodorants, perfumes and colognes from your cosmetic arsenals. The components of your cosmetics will react with uric acid molecules, and the smell will only increase.

And yet, when you defeat the smell of cat urine in the shoes, put it away from your pet, because he will definitely try again to mark the thing he likes so much.

We hope that the tips and recommendations given in the article will help you to avoid the awkwardness associated with the smell of shoes that can hit not only the image, but also become an annoying factor for others. Naturally, few will say directly that the smell that exudes your feet, prevents them from being near you, but the unpleasant impressions will remain. Therefore, it is important to observe personal hygiene and use all available means to reduce foot sweating - the main cause of unpleasant smell from shoes.