Simple hairstyles for teens in school and at celebrations


Regardless of their age, each woman wants to look attractive. And to solve this problem, you need to create beauty not only on the face, changing the eye section with arrows, marking cheekbones or highlighting lips, but also something to do with the hair. Selection of a variety of hairstyles is especially relevant for adolescents, whose appearance is often determined by the rules of educational institutions.

In general, for adolescent girls, discussed in the article, can be divided into categories according to their focus - on the way out or for walking and studying. Any of the options below is available even for those who previously didn’t create anything harder than a horse's tail. No special devices in most cases are needed here. Only a bit of free time and perseverance. And a bit of practice and creativity.

Hairstyles for teenagers to school

Hairstyles for teenagers

Hairstyles for teens in school are usually characterized by their simplicity, restraint and minimum time spent. After all, given the fact that in most cases, classes begin at 8 am, there is no possibility to conjure 1-1.5 hours over the hair.

One of the most easily doable and neat hairstyles for teens, which is unlikely to ever lose its relevance - is the tail. But not the one that tightened a huge plush gum, anyhow. And more carefully created. For example, here are his variations:

  1. Hair slightly combed at the roots in the area of ​​the crown and slightly towards the forehead. Without losing the created illusion of volume, collect all the strands, creating the most even surface. To fasten a thin elastic band to match the hair, pull the free part of the tail with a flat iron.
  2. The highlight of the previous hairstyle, and a simpler tail can be given if, after creating it, from the free mass of the hair, choose a thin strand and braid a pigtail from it. She will subsequently wrap the gum, disguising it. The pigtail should be fixed by bending it and fixing it with a short pin on the top.

teen hairstyles

The next version of the hairstyle for teens in school, which requires already long hair and the absence of bangs, is also created on the basis of the tail.

  1. Make a side parting, starting above the protruding eyebrow point and extending towards the crown. The main work will be done with a greater mass of hair. A front strand is selected, from which a tight braid begins to trail. At each stage new strands are added, the movement occurs around the circumference, from the forehead to the crown side.
  2. The free mass of hair remaining on the other side, to comb to the top of the head, collect everything in the tail, secure with a thin elastic band. Pressing the tip of the braid, gently pull sideways, one of the links behind the other. Visually, it should become thicker but flat.

Not the last place among hairstyles for teenagers is occupied by those that are created on the basis of various braids. The easiest way is to weave a classic "French" version. This hairstyle can be given a twist by twisting the braid out when weaving.

Popular among young people and the "spike". Otherwise, it is also called "fishtail". On long hair weaving takes a lot of time and also requires some skill. At first, fingers may even get tired, since it is necessary to simultaneously hold one part of the hair and work with others.

Hairstyles for teenagers

This is done like this:

  • Hair gathers in a tail, are fastened at the base with a rubber band, better with hooks - it can be removed later. The whole mass is divided into 2 equal parts and carefully combed.
  • From under the bottom, 2 thin strands are selected from the left and right and output through the sides forward. Intersect on the front side and go to the wrong side, mixing with the bulk of the hair.
  • Without releasing their place of attachment, select 2 new thin strands and repeat the algorithm.
  • Especially effectively this braid looks on blond hair. And also, for example, if you wrap the base of the tail with it, putting it in a bun. In addition, it can be variegated double harness.
  • The tail gathered at the crown is divided into 2 equal strands, each of which is rolled up into a thick and elastic harness. And both of them should be created in different directions. After which they must be connected, interlacing with each other, fastened at the end with a silicone rubber band. The resulting heavy rope to wrap the base of the tail several times, hide the tip inward, secure with stealth.

Teen hairstyles for special occasions

In fact, you can give a festive look to even the most everyday hairstyle. To do this, simply decorate the final result with an interesting hairpin to match the tone. But you can pokoldovat a little longer over the hair.

Hairstyles for teenagers

One of the most fashionable hairstyles for teenagers in the spring-summer season of 2014 - the tail with braids will look very impressive. It takes no more than 7 minutes to create it. It looks good not only on a holiday, but also on a regular weekday.

The entire weight of the hair is divided into a central part in 2 equal parts. To the right of the temple, a strand is separated, which begins to curl inward. After 3-5 revolutions, the same volume is picked up to it. At each 5th turn, another strand is added, and moving is required to the crown. As soon as the entire right side is twisted into the harness half around the head, the same pattern is carried out for the left side.

Both bundles are fastened together with a thin elastic band, the free mass of the hair is passed inward through the space between the attachment point and the head. Then the tail is pulled out by the iron.

The same hairstyle looks no less original, if instead of twisting the strands, start weaving a braid. And if desired, the free tail can be turned into a beam. To do this, you can either twist the hair into a bundle, wrapping it around the gum, or twist them outward from the place of binding, and hide the ends under it. But the last option will work only on hair of medium length.

MostHairstyles easier to do on the hair that reaches the blades or slightly shorter than them. The scope for experiments with such a length is no less than with a scythe to the toe, but to take care is much easier. That is why the vast majority of adolescents are shoulder-length haircuts or slightly lower. They can also be laid in various interesting ways.

The previous hairstyle can be modified. For this, the direction of movement changes, representing an inclined line from the temple to the back of the head. Connect the harnesses together, secure with a rubber band and fold into a bundle. Secure it with studs and sprinkle with varnish.

Hairstyles for teenagers

In this style, the following solemn hairstyle is performed:

  • Inverted braids are woven in the same direction from the temples to the back of the head on both sides. They need to be brought to the very end, continuing to work with the free part of the hair.
  • After this, the braids should be laid in the form of an infinity sign on the back of the head, crossing with each other. Secure studs and stealth.
  • One of the most elegant and fashionable hairstyles for teenagers and not only can be safely attributed to the "shell". She has a lot of variations, and any of them gives the appearance of grace and refinement. Create a hairstyle really on the hair of almost any length except for a short haircut.
  • First of all, the hair needs to be pulled out, since the "shell" implies their perfect smoothness.
  • Then they are processed with a small amount of gel or mousse, which will simplify the work with them. Clean and dry strands will begin to crumble in your hands.
  • Part of the hair in front is removed and left for the final stage. The main mass is scratched on its side (for example, to the left) and fixed by invisible so that they form a vertical line. This line creates a pile on the inside.
  • The free mass is thrown to the right and screwed inward. The tip must be hidden, and the hair to fix hairpins and varnish.
  • The final stage - the last “fringe” left as a kind of decoration, covering possible flaws in the finished “shell”. It is necessary to lay it as you want, after slightly treating the strand with gel.

Hairstyles for teenagers

Undoubtedly, on the hairstyles listed above for teenagers, ideas either for school or for a holiday do not end. The only limitation that can exist here is its own imagination and skills. The latter is easily acquired through practice. Inspiration and ideas can be gleaned from fashion magazines.