Shugaring at home


Shugaring is a type of oriental hair removal, which is considered the oldest. In the last year, it has become increasingly popular, especially at home. On the Internet you can find a lot of ways and recipes, how to make it. The name itself comes from the English word "sugar".

If you believe all the instructions, the effect of shugaring exceeds all expectations, but whether it can be said so just by trying or examining the reviews of those who have already done so. To make an informed decision, it is best to get acquainted with the reviews of ordinary people and make your own impression of what you read.

Is it possible to make a shugaring at home: reviews

  • Olga: "I decided to try such a popular shugaring now. I prepared it according to the recipes offered on the Internet. 10 tablespoons sugar mixed with 1 tablespoon of water and juice of half a lemon. I tried to cook it for 3 p., First as expected, then I digested it and then brought it to an intermediate state. But what I did not do, as soon as I take the sugar, it turns into candy. I didn’t use any recipes, it’s all in vain. I won’t cook more. "
  • Ulyana: “I cooked according to recipes of the Internet, at first I didn’t work either, then I added more water, and finally it worked out. I don’t like one thing - if you don’t notice in time, all hands will be in sugar, you will have to wash for a long time.”
  • Elena: "Our grandmothers also cooked similar recipes, and everything worked fine for them."
  • Carolina: “Everything works fine for me. I just try not to get involved much, because it takes a lot of time and I have to wash for a long time. I cook 100 g of sugar according to the recipe, juice of 1/3 of lemon and 5 tsp of water. I cook for low heat, constantly stirring, until the paste becomes a bright golden hue. Then I cool it down, spread my legs, attach a strip and everything is as usual. "

Is it possible to make a shugaring at home: reviews

  • Elizabeth: “I think that if you can’t make shugaring at home, then it’s better to buy ready-made pasta for home use. For me personally, this method of waxing is much better than wax. I don’t really like wax, so I use only shugaring.”
  • Natalya: “I did shugaring at home, absolutely without keeping the proportions, somehow I calculated them, instead of lemon juice I used diluted citric acid. I treated the bikini zone, I was very pleased. But the second time I got a candy, so it doesn’t always work out” .
  • Ksenia: "I tried to make a shugaring at home, nothing happened. I will try again, I hope this time it will not be a candy."
  • Anastasia: “I tried to do a shugaring for the first time using a recipe from the Internet, everything turned out well. I cooked it in 15 minutes, I processed everything I wanted. It turned out clean, fast and not so painful. The only“ but ”is sticking to my hands, and you need to be careful. The mixture from the top cools down, and the inside is very hot. "

Impressions from shugaring at home: reviews

  • Anastasia: "I cooked a shugaring, it seemed to work out right, but the effect did not please me. I don’t know, maybe I didn’t cook it right or something. I’m deciding whether to go to a specialist or try again."
  • Lena: “I didn’t succeed at once, but I didn’t pour the mixture, but added some hot water and put it in a water bath. I shook the sponge on my legs, covered it with a rag and took it off. The effect is amazing. Then it turned out to roll up the ball, but with strips of fabric liked the most. "

Shugaring at home: reviews

  • Lelia: “I learned how to cook it, the result is completely satisfactory, but for the first time I think it is better to go to the master. I used to do electro, laser depilation, wax, but I came to the conclusion that shugaring is the best. Less painful and harmless. I didn’t do it the second time so it hurts, as for the first time, apparently, the body is used. So I advise everyone. "
  • Ksenia: “I worked on the armpits and legs. A great way. The effect is similar to using wax, but much cheaper. I did not use shugaring balls, but used strips of fabric. I took off against hair growth. If the hair is thick and hard, the procedure needs to be done several times I used to use salon services, but now I use shugaring at home, the savings are decent. We have to spend a little more time, but it's worth it. The result is very happy. "
  • Lena: "I have been shugaring my feet for a year already. Everything turns out fine. The legs are smooth and the hair does not grow for a month."
  • Anya: "I managed to prepare a shugaring from 3 times. But what effect, by no means, does it go with the epilator. I removed shugaring for hair growth and it’s not scary and not painful. Everything got dirty, but took a bath and everything went away. I would have known that it would have been so easy, would have long since switched to the use of shugaring, now I will only use it. "
  • Irina: "I also tried to cook shugaring at home, it did not work right away, but I tried another recipe. The result was just impressive. Now I use only it."

Impressions from shugaring at home: reviews

  • Victoria: “I didn’t like shugaring, I bought a photoepilator. I think that it’s easier with him, you don’t need to cook anything, it’s washing and it’s not painful at all.”
  • Angela: "I tried on the advice of a friend, I was very pleased. Instead of lemon juice, I use citric acid in cooking. I use it to remove all unnecessary hair. They do not appear as quickly as using other methods. So I advise everyone to try a sweet epilation."

Shugaring is becoming increasingly popular due to its efficiency and economy. But rather big difficulty is the preparation of shugaring. If you use the right tips and recipes, then judging by the reviews of many girls, you will be satisfied with the result.

Only having studied all the reviews left about the new trend in removing excess hair, you can decide whether to use this method or better to opt for proven methods. Make a choice and good luck in it!Especially for Yuliya