Short haircuts for obese women 40-50 years


All women come to this world absolutely different from each other. We have different shapes, weight and height, but each has its own unique beauty. If you do not fit into the dubious standards that the media dictate to us, this does not mean that you are ugly. The main thing for a woman is to feel confident, and a competently chosen hairstyle will help in this. Today we want to tell you what are short haircuts for obese women.

Stylist tips

Haircuts for short hair for obese womenShort haircuts for obese women 40-50 years

A competent choice of haircut will not only mask some of the flaws of the face, but also change the impression of the appearance as a whole. If you want to visually make your face slimmer, remember one main rule: when you want to hide flaws - emphasize the advantages.

When choosing haircuts for women with magnificent forms, stylists advise to rely on the following aspects:

  • Avoid heavy straight bangs, because it creates a horizontal line and visually expands the face.
  • Compact and fitted hairstyles - a taboo for obese women. Haircuts that create chaos effect on your head will look beautiful.
  • No matter what hairstyle you choose, try to leave the cone-shaped strands over the temples. They will make your face much slimmer.
  • To lose a few extra pounds will help additional volume on the back of the head and short-clipped temples.
  • Very short haircuts for obese women, however, as well as long curled curls, absolutely not relevant. This will lead the eye away from the main image and draw attention to the magnificent forms of the body.
  • Forget shapeless haircuts with long hair and hanging curls around your cheeks. A straight line not only visually enlarges the face, but also looks extremely untidy in combination with curvaceous forms.
  • Do not be afraid to experiment on your hairdo - the only way you can choose the option that is right for you.

Fashionable short haircuts for obese women and girls

Women under 40 years of age are well suited for short layered haircuts. Asymmetrical non-standard shapes and strands perfectly conceal flaws on the chin and emphasize all the attention on the eyes. And the side parting will give a certain audacity to the general style.

Short haircuts for obese women: layered haircuts

If a young girl of luxurious curvaceous forms is not afraid of experiments, you can try a very bold hairstyle with short-clipped temples. In this case, the upper and occipital part should have a fluffy ragged shape.

Short haircuts for obese women: short-cropped whiskey

An elongated bob is the perfect haircut for a full woman with a short neck. This hairstyle visually lengthens the neck and face. And flowing strands will cover voluminous cheeks. Young girls also look very cute with a car.

Long caret

The fair sex with luxurious shapes and curly hair is best to cut curls in 2-3 layers to avoid unwanted volume. At the same time, elongated temples and a certain randomness of the overall hairstyle tendency will look harmoniously.

Remember that any newfangled haircut should fit your face shape. Wrong hairstyle, no matter how beautiful and stylish it is, will only emphasize the shortcomings.

What hairstyles are suitable for women for 50 years?

For women with appetizing forms in their 40s, and even more so in 50 years, in addition to the choice of haircuts, special attention should be paid to daily hair styling. The older the woman, the smaller the curls and poorly hold the shape. Various gels, musa, hair dryer should be your good friends.

Haircut "Bob" with a side parting and strand behind the ear

This short haircut with a side parting on the right side and a long strand of hair that retracts behind the ear creates an asymmetrical look. Due to ragged oblique bangs, a full woman over 50 will look not only slimmer, but also younger by a couple of years. Such a short haircut for a full woman of 40 years is also ideal.

Laying technology:

  1. Apply necessarily styling foam on wet hair.
  2. Dry the temporal lobe on the right and left side, giving the desired shape to the hair.
  3. Use a medium diameter round brush to dry the remaining hair.

A haircut

Layered haircut "under the boy"

Easy short haircut, made in several layers, will give the face freshness and youth. The hairstyle is suitable for any type of face, as well as for straight hair, devoid of volume.

Laying technology:

  1. First you should apply the foam mousse on wet hair.
  2. Blow dry your hair with a styling comb.

Short hair with a slanting bang

Who said that pretty ladies at the age can not wear bangs? Our answer is as much as possible. Torn asymmetrical bangs to the side visually lengthen the face and make it more fit.

Laying technology:

  1. Apply the foam mousse for styling on wet hair.
  2. Dry them with a hair dryer and a thin comb for styling.
  3. Shape your tips with cosmetic wax.

Chic haircut with a long bang

This simple haircut looks beautiful on obese women who are over 40. The short clipped occipital and temporal part and bangs, cascading to the side — what could be more elegant?

Laying technology:

  1. Apply styling to wet hair.
  2. Blow-dry your hair with a short nap brush.
  3. Lay the bang on its side, giving it shape with a mousse or cosmetic wax.

The fact that women have extra pounds does not give her the right to stop caring for herself and to be beautiful. Choosing the right haircut will not only hide the lack of appearance that confuses you, but also help you look younger. We hope that our selection of stylish haircuts for obese women inspired you to new experiments with your hairstyle.