Short haircuts for curly hair


Owners of hair curly from nature, probably, were more fortunate than others. After all, their hair is thicker and stronger than those with straight hair. In addition, curls do not need to be done artificially by resorting to chemical perms, and if desired, hair can be straightened.

Wavy hair looks more feminine and attractive to men. From them you can get voluminous, luxuriant, luxurious hairstyles. The main thing is to know how to do it. What if for some reason you like short haircuts? Will they suit curly hair owners?

Short haircuts for curly hair

Fashionable short haircuts for curly hair

  • In the coming year, short haircuts on wavy and curly hair will be very fashionable. They can be with bangs and without, with elongated side and front strands, as well as symmetrical or asymmetrical, textured, etc.
  • Cascading haircuts that are great for curly hair remain fashionable.
  • Haircut stylists invent new, but the basis of fashionable haircuts next year has long been known. This is, first of all, retro haircuts.

Short haircuts for curly hair

Short haircuts in retro style

The popularity of past years haircuts is gaining momentum. In retro hairstyles and haircuts are used curls and all kinds of curly naughty curls, which create the effect of shagging, rags, negligence.

A woman with a short haircut in retro style will look feminine and at the same time bold and independent.

Short haircuts for curly hair

Short layered haircuts ("cascade")

Stylists in beauty salons will help you to create an unusually beautiful and fashionable image with a cascading haircut. Do not think that the cascade is good only for long hair. On short hair, it also looks great, especially if you know how to properly style your hair. Curly hair will be your advantage when styling. Because layered haircuts suggest some ruffled and lightheadedness.

Such short haircuts can be up to the chin line or to the line of the ears. Your choice.

Short haircuts for curly hair

Curly hair for short curly hair

Kare - haircut for short hair. For some reason, many believe that such a haircut requires special care. Hair should be perfectly smooth. For a classic haircut, a bob is the right opinion.

However, now stylists have come up with bob for curly hair! This is a real discovery! After all, the owner of curly hair sometimes does not have so much extra time to straighten hair.

Short haircuts for curly hair

Curly hair cuts for curly hair can be with bangs and without bangs.

The wavy structure of the hair will give haircuts a special charm. Especially lightness and pomp. A very fashionable is a square with wavy ends of hair and smooth bangs. Radical part of the hair is also desirable to be smooth.

Fashion kareso beveled bangs. In the new season, light curls and curled ends of hair are added to them. It is good for a short caret to twist the hair inside or outside. Holders of curly hair can modulate a haircut, styling their hair as they like.

Short haircuts for curly hair

Elongated beveled bangs with a square look just perfect on natural curly hair. If your hair is not very curly and very naughty, then make wavy strands all over the haircut. A certain mess on the head does not hurt, especially in windy weather, when it is not possible to make the perfect styling.Smooth hair at the top of the haircut and luxurious fluffy curls down the haircut - just a real trend of the coming year.

Graduated and textured short caret

Caret can be done on hair of different lengths. For a strong effect, haircuts on short hair of different lengths are used. The layered structure of the haircut is perfectly emphasized by hair and unruly strands. Bold owners of short wavy hair will appreciate this haircut for dignity.

For four of a kind, elongated side strands are very fashionable. They can be both the same and highly asymmetric.

Short haircuts for curly hair

Short bob and bob hairstyles for curly hair

Bob haircut is a short haircut designed for straight hair. but Textured bob haircut is suitable for owners of curly hair. The image of a certain non-dressing is fashionable, and it is curls and all sorts of curls that will help in its creation.

The soft contours of the bob-cut hairstyle will give again beautiful female curls, irregularities and undulations. This style of hairstyle will suit romantic young girls. The styling of these haircuts exists in weight, for every taste and color!

Short bob haircut, besides the fact that it is adapted by stylists for wavy hair, also has variations with bangs. For curly hair, this haircut will look great with long oblique bangs. In some girls, it reaches the chin. Of course, it will have to be laid. But the image will be exactly unforgettable!

Short haircuts for curly hair

Grunge style for curly hair

A fan of this style should not forget that it is also great for short hair. If you want to look particularly fashionable, then choose creative bob-cut hairstyles and bob in the style of Grange. The hit of the season is disheveled haircut bob, as well as bob-square.

Short haircuts

Short haircut on curly hair - amazing volume. This must be taken into account by you and your hairdresser. Pick yourself such haircuts, the highlight of which consists precisely in the volume, as well as in the femininity of unruly curls.

You do not need to resort to curls to make fashionable styling. Curly hair you gave nature itself. Therefore, experiment with your usual short haircuts and break stereotypes, as fashion stylists have done recently!

Short haircuts for curly hair

No need to worry about your naughty curly hair! Even if you have them very curly, cut your hair under the boy, you might like it!

Proper care for curly hair will help you make beautiful styling for any short haircut.

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Curly hair like any other very fit short haircuts! They are now a great choice!