Short hair extensions

Modern technology has made life easier for people. Many actions are performed for us by various devices. We can communicate at very long distances, and in several ways. You can even drastically change your appearance in a matter of hours in the nearest beauty salon.

One of the most popular transformations of appearance is to increase the length of hair with the help of extensions. Previously, this procedure was available only to owners of medium-length hair. Now technologies have advanced so much that short-haired girls can change their hairstyle in this way.

Should I increase hair for short hair?

The reasons for the decision to build can be many. Extension will help correct and adjust the haircut, which in the end you did not like or it was made poorly.

However, to do this procedure without the need, still not worth it. If your hair is thin and damaged, then it is better to grow it a little later when it grows a little. If you really want to still grow hair, then select the average length. Do not rush to extremes and turn your short hedgehog into a braid to the waist. Of course, anything is possible, and a hairdresser will help you in an effort to quickly “grow” long hair. However, your own hair is unlikely to enjoy this idea. After all, it is very difficult for them to bear such a burden. Just imagine what could happen to them from such a load.

If your hair is in good enough condition to bear the burden, and your decision on the building is deliberate and weighted, you can safely go to the hairdresser and implement your plans. For, to increase hair for short hair, you need to take advantage of the innovation in this area - micro-hair growth.

What is micro hair growth?

  • Mikronarashivanie as a way to extend the hairstyle emerged quite recently. However, even in this short time, he has already gained a lot of fans. This procedure is that the master works with a small strand of hair. A ring is put on this strand, which is necessary for protection. The ring should lock securely.
  • When the hair is passed through the ring, which in turn is securely fastened, the hairdresser cuts the client's real hair a little shorter, and the artificial hair strands to the place where the cut is located. Combining natural and artificial hair will be a microcapsule, which can be formed directly by the hands of a master or by a special apparatus. You should not have any concerns about this. The microcapsule is completely invisible to the eyes, no matter how it is fixed.

  • Micro-suspension will provide you with the unique comfort and convenience of socks of extended strands. This method of building will allow you to calmly comb, dye, wash and curl your hair. Thus, having a new beautiful hairstyle, you can do the same procedures with it as with your real hair. In addition, the correction of your innovations you have to do no more than once in six months (the usual build-up involves adjustment once every three months).
  • The whole secret of this procedure lies in the very invisible capsules with which the artificial strands are attached to real hair. And for ease of care due to the large number of strands. The disadvantage of the procedure is time consuming. To grow strands in this way will take about three hours. However, if you want to have high-quality hair, you can donate your time and be patient a little. Beauty always requires sacrifice.

Rules for hair extensions for short hair

Keep in mind that if you do not want to lose or severely damage your own hair, then before building you should take care of their health. Imagine your legs in shackles when you need to walk for three months continuously. About the same feel and your hair when building. Take care of the health of your hair before extensions, and you do not have to eliminate the consequences of a disaster that may arise after.

  • When you come to the hairdresser, be on the alert. If you notice that the hairdresser is trying with all his might to impose this or that method of hair extensions on you, it is better to look for another salon. Most likely, this hairdresser does not have enough experience, and he feels confident only when he grows hair using one of the methods (he will impose it). Remember that an experienced master will always leave the right of choice to the client.
  • Remember that the fact that you have increased hair, was imperceptible to others, artificial strands should be as accurate as possible to repeat your own structure. Always ask the hairdresser to give you touch his chosen hair. So you can compare them with your own to the touch. If you are confident in their identity, feel free to increase.

  • Do not chase the appearance of artificial hair. Before you start building, a hairdresser should offer you several choices for the procedure to choose from. Many of us, wanting to make the hair very spectacular, choose very shiny curls. Do not do this. Such strands are treated with silicone, which, after washing the head, can lead to loosening of the capsules, and loss of artificial hair. To build a successful and durable, choose matte strands. You can give them shine by washing them with a balm or a mask. In addition, such hair looks as natural as possible.

Building up will help you to drastically change your image, become more feminine and give the beauty of your hair. To preserve this effect, it is important not to forget to make corrections at the time. And remember, even if you have short hair, modern technology will help them to become long. The main thing is not to neglect the health of your natural hair.

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