Shilak (shellac) at home. how to make shilak

Nowadays, the rhythm of life has become so dynamic that there is almost no time left for visiting beauty salons. But many procedures can be done at home, for example manicure using gel varnish shilak (Shellac). Applying it at home is almost as easy as in a beauty salon, all you need is to purchase a kit that includes the gel itself - lacquer, base, and a fixing top coat. You will also need a UV lamp in order to dry shilak.

This procedure will not take more than half an hour, and as a result you will save your time and money, and the result will please you for several weeks.

Lucky Shilak

Silage technique (Shellac). How to make shilak? How to apply shilak?

  • First, prepare your nails for applying the gel - remove excess skin and polish them, as for modeling artificial nails.
  • Then apply a small amount of the base gel on the surface of your natural nail, after this procedure, the nail becomes matte. Take note of - you can not put too much base gel, as a result, gel polish just peel off. If the nails will shine, it means that you have applied too much base coat, in this case, remove the excess with dry foam sponge.

The benefits of shilaka

  • Next, you need to place the pen in the UV unit for 1 minute to secure the first layer. Removing the adhesive layer after fixing the base coat is not necessary - it is important to know! The basis for drawing the following layer is ready.
  • After applying with a brush with a thin layer of gel polish on top of the base layer. Be careful when applying gel polish, try not to get into the area near the cuticle and on the skin near the nail, this will lead to exfoliation of your natural nail. If the gel varnish got into these areas, then remove it with a plastic pusher designed specifically for the cuticles.
  • Place your hand in the UV unit for 3 minutes to solidify this layer. Alternate fingers - for example, apply varnish on the little finger of your right hand, then place it in the machine for 5 seconds, after the time, apply the varnish on the little finger of your left hand and also place it in the machine for 5 seconds, thus cover all the nails. Using this technique, you protect the nails from the gel flowing into the periungual skin and cuticle.

How to apply Shilak?

  • Only the last layer remains - fixing. Apply it with a thin layer on the nail, especially at the free edge of the nail and the cuticle. Thereby you protect the varnish from peeling and chipping.
  • Remove excess gel with a special cuticle pusher. Then place your hand in the UV unit for 1 minute. Remove the adhesive layer with a wetted foam rubber sponge.
  • When you finish all the procedures, the surface of the nail should be shiny and smooth.

Plain lacquer and lacquer Shilak

How to remove shilak at home?

Removing shilak at home is a very simple procedure.and after it does not require a procedure to restore the nails - you can immediately apply a new layer.

  • Wash your hands first. Take a cotton pad and wet it with isopropyl alcohol or undiluted acetone.
  • Put on each nail on a cotton pad and wrap your fingers in a regular foil so that the tool does not start to evaporate. It will be easiest for you to do this procedure in turn with each hand so that one of the hands remains free.

Manicure colors Shilak

  • Leave fingers in this position for 10 minutes. After the time has elapsed, start massaging the nail under the foil, then with a light movement, remove the cotton pads and foil along with the gel polish.
  • Remove the coating residue with a cuticle stick. If, however, residues of the gel remain somewhere, then remove them with a cotton pad soaked in acetone or isopropyl alcohol.

Shilak at home is a very easy-to-use procedure, and the result is excellent! You can learn more about this type of manicure in the article Covering nails with shellac.

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