Shiatsu massage for energy recovery


If there were jokes about blondes and shiats, it would be logical to assume that the girls would confuse Japanese therapy with a small dog breed due to phonetic similarity. Perhaps someone now gives in to this auditory deception.

Shiatsu is a Japanese branch of medicine with Chinese roots dating back about 5000 years. In the literal translation of "shiatsu" can be interpreted as "giving fingers." This type of massage is primarily aimed at restoring the energy of a person.

Contrary to the name, in shiatsu, you can use not only your fingers, but also your hands, feet, knees, elbows. During a massage session, the master can even walk through your body, stretch it to better stimulate the flow of energy, or use a massager. The essence of the method is to press on certain points on your body with different parts of the master's body. According to this kind of medicine, is present in man. energy, which can be broken, and anything. For example, injury, an accident, an accident, reduced immunity, and many other problems can affect your “internal flow”.

Shiatsu benefits

This Japanese massage has a therapeutic and preventive effect, and mentally concentrates the patient., stimulates his energy for recovery. Long-term practice has proven that such therapy can get rid of various ailments: headache, spasms in the back, sports injuries, menstrual pains, orthritis, asthma, anorexia - all this can be eliminated through massage.

In addition, Shiatsu can be used to concentrate and increase sexual energy. Disorders on this basis are treated simply: massage movements in the area of ​​the thyroid gland and the breast will solve the problem.

If all your health problems are already solved and you just want to relax and enjoy a massage, shiatsu is also perfect for that. You can study the shiatsu massage method on your own and direct it to eliminate pain in the shoulders, lower back, increase blood pressure, and fatigue on your own. Regular therapy will allow you to look rested and be in harmony with yourself.

Of contraindications, in which massage is not recommended: preoperative condition, infectious diseases, pregnancy, skin inflammatory diseases, tuberculosis, ulcer, malignant tumors, blood diseases, mental disorders. Shiats should be abandoned for older people, children under one year old, and women during menstruation. Before the procedure, do not drink alcohol and do not eat too much, but you should not go for a massage with a empty stomach either.

The basic techniques of shiatsu

Shiatsu is good because you can improve your performance without leaving the workplace.: half-minute massage in circular motions at the base of the nasal septum, in the chin fossa, between the eyebrows, the temples. Next, take two minutes to the center of the palms and fingertips. The next two minutes, stroke the zones of the shoulder girdle and the points in the center of the chest.

But if you want to relieve fatigue, momentarily massage the points of the head located along the back of the head, then go to the temporal and back of the head.

Normal sleep will provide you with this exercise.: to massage for about two minutes you need a point on the very crown of the head, also on the bumps of the forehead, in the occipital pit.

Stress will leave you if you press for two minutes on the base of the nasal septum and in the fossa area below the lower lip. Pat your favorite crown and bumps of the head for a moment. And if you succeed, give one minute a massage with the pads of the toes. Stress, as never happened!

Shiatsu for stress relief

Here are some more massage tricks.

  • With the help of shiatsu you can make reasonable and weighted decisions. To do this, place the four fingers of each hand on your temples, and your thumbs on the corners of the lower jaw. Gently press on the temples, massage and release.
  • To stimulate the flow of creative ideas, push the four fingers of each hand under the cheekbones upward with the pads. Do this several times, but do not get carried away.
  • Here is the most important reception. All of us often during the day have to contact with friends, colleagues, relatives. So, to get rid of nervousness and tune in to positive thinking and excellent interpersonal relationships, take a shiatsu. Lower your arms. Next, bending them in the elbows, place each ear between the index and middle fingers. Place your head slightly on the head, slowly moving up, then down.

Every person can master such uncomplicated massage techniques and use them in stressful situations or to relax the body.

In Japan, by the way, the authorities gave an official definition of this type of massage. Now it is a method of treatment that supports and improves health, eliminates various kinds of diseases. The Japanese believe that Shiatsu balances various beginnings in the body, giving harmony to consciousness.

And now Shiatsu massage technique is also available to you, enjoy it at home or at work.

Especially for - Anna