Shampoo for hair growth


Spit to the waist at one time becomes the desire of almost every woman. And because the need to accelerate hair growth for one reason or another requires the earliest finding of aids. And modernbusiness industry is able to provide them in large quantities. For example, in the form of various shampoos for hair growth.

Shampoo "Hair Growth Activator": product features

All shampoos for hair growth that are present on the beauty market today can only lead to a natural maximum due to the awakening of dormant bulbs, the normalization of the scalp, and the strengthening of the hair. The latter is often perceived by women as an increase in density.

And yet, there is a point in buying activators of hair growth shampoos, but you should make the right choice. Of course, this will have to decide on the study of the composition. Those who are afraid of the abundance of chemical elements, simply remember a number of components that help and harm hair.

Shampoo for hair growth: how to choose?

The isolation of such ingredients as sodium and ammonium, which are detergents with a synthetic nature of origin, will provide an opportunity to immediately discard a good half of the funds. These elements are found in most shampoos, because they clean and really high quality, but at the same time too dry. They should not be not only in a specialized shampoo for hair growth, but also on the bath shelf of a person concerned about the state of his curls.

Medical specialists recommend looking for such products, which contain TEA detergents, which are classified as gentle and natural. With the task of cleaning cope these components are not worse, but are not able to injure the scalp. In addition to them in the list of ingredients must be auxiliary elements. In particular, these are many base oils - jojoba, castor, avocado. Herbal extracts of mint or rosemary have a similar effect.

Particularly active today in such means add pepper tincture, which gives an annoying effect. But she has to be careful, especially for girls who have sensitive scalp.

Comparison of the most famous tools and reviews about them:

  • Once it has been clarified by what criteria a quality product is determined to stimulate the hair follicles, you can decide on specific means. It is worth going to their searches either to the pharmacy or to the store of professional cosmetics. Household inexpensive bottles usually do not pass the selection of the composition.
  • Of the most famous today, the three stand out most prominently. The first one belongs to the largest holding company Schwarzkopf, called BonacureHairGrowthShampoo. Reviews of him online most of all because of its high availability. Cost in comparison with mn. other similar products below, ranging from 370 to 500 rubles. for 250 ml. In addition, the brand is available in every city, even the smallest. It is purchased, of course, in a professional store for hairdressers.
  • Judging by the comments, the shampoo works, if there is no individual addiction, qualitatively. A valuable addition is the safety of this product for children's scalp.

Shampoo for hair growth: how to choose?

  • Another representative of the professional cosmetics segment, but with a higher cost, is MoltoBeneMoltoGloss. For products of this Japanese manufacturer in the network reviews are diametrically opposed, but, oddly enough, the response to a particular tool is almost definitely positive. What is interesting is the positioning of the product with the aim of first obtaining brilliance. And the acceleration of growth is, as if, a side effect.
  • And yet, it is natural. The composition of the funds marked horse keratin, which, apparently, and has an impact on curls. Women enthusiastically write that even others notice the speed of change of hairstyle, as well as the increased need to tint the roots more often in case of a color change. But such an attractive face has an unpleasant reverse: women often talked about tangling strands. Thus, after using the shampoo, a mask or balsam was required.

Shampoo from the company "MedicoMed"

The Russian-made product is allocated separately for a reason: it no longer belongs to the category of professional products and is usually purchased at a pharmacy. In addition, it is significantly embossed on the background of other brands with its composition. Here and onion extract, and horsetail, and taurine, and even oil - ylang-ylang, rosemary, which are far from the last places. In addition, of all the candidates considered, it is most accessible. The cost varies between 90-120 rubles. for standard 250 ml.

As for the result, they talk about it either sharply negatively, or with sincere admiration. In the first case, the absence of any positive effect was noted, although no negative sides were revealed. Since the task of cleaning the hair and skin of the head, he copes perfectly. In the 2nd, users report that they did not expect such an action from cheap means. For 30 days it grows about 4 cm. But it only works out to the maximum in combination with a lotion or a mask.

The remaining quality characteristics of the product are average - purity and freshness are kept for about 2-3 days. The question of tangling curls when washing the head is individual, but the lack of abundant foam is noticed by everyone. But it is not surprising for any shampoo with a natural composition without surfactant.

Hairdressing tips:

Shampoo for hair growth: how to choose?

  1. Before the uncontrolled purchase of all means that promise a chic head of hair, you should not only familiarize yourself with reviews of products, but also recall some facts about hair growth.
  2. In pursuit of a fictional ideal, many people forget about genetics. The fact that someone managed to grow curls to the waist, says not only about leaving, but also about the predisposition to it. And the growth rate, and length, and density - each factor has already been laid, and the modifications are almost impossible. Therefore, if no movement at all is noted for a long time, do not complain about the shampoo, mask or ampoules.
  3. To enhance the effect of the product, both physicians and hairdressers advise not only to apply and wash off, but to produce a gentle massage for 1-2 minutes. This ensures at least 50% of success, since it is the best stimulation of blood circulation. This hint directly comes from the translation of the word "shampoo" from English, where it means the verb "massage".

Having decided to purchase a shampoo for hair growth, be sure to look at the composition. This not only best describes the properties of the product, but also provides an opportunity to protect yourself from possible adverse effects on your scalp. And if not a single product, even the most expensive one, as a result can cope with the task, it is useful to visit a qualified trichologist. There is a possibility of the need to change internal processes by taking vitamins and the like.