Shades of red hair to go

From rich copper tones to deep ruby ​​shades, these are all shades of red hair. Nowadays in the world of fashion many hairdressers and stylists are not indifferent to such shades of hair. And even world stars every year more and more join the ranks of red-haired beauties.

At the height of fashion trends

Mysteriousness, mysticism, sacrament and witchcraft - these concepts have long been associated with red-haired girls. And if in the Middle Ages, many beauties were afraid to get such statements in their address, so as not to burn out at a righteous bonfire, today almost every woman wants to repaint as a redhead.

In truth, women are not so much attracted by the mysticity of red shades, as the attention of men, whom they unwittingly bestow on girls with fiery hair. Hairdressing specialists can offer women dozens of different fiery tones: copper, orange, gold, brick, lemon and others. Our small photo review will help you decide on the choice of shade and clearly see who the red hair color is going to.

Warm shades of red color

  • Intense bright copper hair color in the sun shines just like a brand new coin. It will be an excellent choice for girls with delicate peach skin, emerald green or brown eyes.
  • Spicy ginger shade is closest to natural hair in the whole spectrum of fiery-red tones. This color is best to choose girls with fair skin and freckles.
  • Saturated copper shades make hair look spectacular, bright and attractive. Such colors will suit girls with golden skin and light brown eyes. In addition, you can go a little further and choose a mahogany tone paint and only then give the hair reddish highlights.

Warm shades of red color

Red color in cold tones

  • Light red color is a mixture of pale golden and light brown. Choose this perfect shade if you have creamy skin and blue eyes.
  • Golden chestnut color is a cross between a redhead and a brown-haired woman. And if you want to add brightness to your hair, but are afraid to radically change the image, this option will be a smart alternative.
  • The spicy golden-copper hue simply attracts the eye, especially if a girl with porcelain or peach skin and sky-colored eyes possesses such hair color.

Red color in cold tones

Dark brown hair with a copper sheen

If you look at a girl with auburn hair from a philosophical point of view, then you can say that there are hidden unexplored secrets in her. Red-haired brown-haired women look advantageous in any outfit, whether it is old sweatpants or a beautiful evening dress.

Dark brown hair with a copper sheen

Bright sunny colors

Ladies with extravagant taste and creative outlook on life have always stood out from the crowd. They try to express their individuality in a unique style of clothes, bright nails and an extraordinary hairstyle. If you consider yourself to be in this category of ladies, then try bright orange and sunny shades.

In addition, remember a few simple rules of good image:

  • Chestnut hair color with a red tint goes brunettes. Dark reddish tones will be appropriate here.
  • Bright colors, such as orange, copper, gold - ideal for all shades of dark brown hair.
  • Noble golden colors are a good choice only for fair-haired ladies.

Bright sunny colors

Changing for the better

Dye your hair in a perfect red color is not easy, especially if before that you chose neutral shades of paint. How to make the right choice and not make a mistake? First of all, let's pay attention to your eye color:

  • If your pupils are of a beautiful emerald or sky color, use a paint called "Golden Copper", "Flaming Copper" or "Wild Cranberry".
  • Brown-eyed girls will not lose if they choose auburn hair color: "Pearl Almond", "Rose Tree", "Golden Amber".
  • From the wide range of hair dyes for girls with gray eyes should pay attention to the "Copper Blond", "Hazelnut" and cherry shades.

Now look at your natural hair color:

  • If it is of medium dark brown color, choose a paint with a dye that will be two shades lighter than your natural shade. So you can add a light reddish, without losing the beauty of natural curls.
  • When your hair is in the range from light brown to dark color, only light hints of redhead will look impressive. Choose semi-permanent colors of paint, you can also make highlights and coloration.
  • If you are naturally blond and want to completely change the image, it is better to start with a close-up to natural tones of red. By the way, for blond beauties it may take several trips to the salon.

What paint manufacturers should you choose when choosing a color?

A characteristic feature of red hair dyes is that this color is quickly washed away, especially when compared with dark shades. This brings some inconvenience for girls, because the hair becomes faded and after a time requires re-painting. Those who, despite such a significant minus, still decided to dye their hair, hairdressers recommend using special shampoos, tonic and balms.

In addition, when buying paint preference is better to give the proven and well-recommended brands:

  • Garnier 100% color;
  • Garnier Color Naturals;
  • Estel;
  • Londa.

If you want to become red, but are not confident in your abilities and the right choice of paint, it is better to visit a beauty salon, where the master professional will carry out all the procedures. Red hair shades look very attractive. This color adds a special crafty sparkle to the eyes and attracts the eyes of passersby. But in the people it is believed that those who seek to dye their hair, change not only their color, but also their character.

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