Sesame hair oil


There are many factors that "suck" the vitality of our hair - and this is the impact of ultraviolet radiation, and wind, and chlorinated water. But what to do? How to restore and protect the hair from the negative impact? An excellent tool for hair restoration is sesame oil. This oil has long been known for its healing properties, in addition, it is rich in vitamins and minerals.

The benefits of sesame oil for hair

  • Sesame oil is beneficial for all hair types.
  • Vitamin E, which is contained in this oil, is able to give hair volume and vitality.
  • This oil has antioxidant properties.
  • This oil is especially useful for oily, prone to diseases of the scalp.
  • Sesame oil is especially beneficial if your hair is colored.
  • The use of this oil makes your hair soft and shiny.
  • Oil protects the hair from drying out.
  • Sesame oil, even, can protect your hair from premature graying.
  • This oil strengthens the hair roots.
  • Eliminates dandruff.
  • Warns and cures hair loss.
  • Normalizes the sebaceous glands.
  • Sesame oil effectively protects against UV rays, bleach and sea water.
  • The composition of sesame oil is some element that, when caring for hair, has a calming effect, relaxing the muscles of the face.
  • The oil has an anti-inflammatory effect, is able to restore local skin immunity.
  • Sesame oil is effectively used in the treatment of seborrhea.
  • This oil is very widely used by the world's leading manufacturers of hair care products.

The use of sesame oil in hair care

The standard method of application of this oil is to apply it on the hair, leave for one hour and then wash it off. Consider what else there are recipes for masks using sesame oil.

Mask with sesame oil for oily hair

Take 50 ml of sesame oil, add 15 drops of bergamot oil, 15 drops of lavender oil, 10 drops of rosemary oil and 5 drops of pine oil. Divide the hair into many strands. Take a sponge and soak it all the hair consistently. Then put a plastic cap on your head, and leave it on for one and a half to two hours. Rinse the mixture with shampoo. The procedure should be performed daily.

Mask with sesame oil for dry hair

Take 50 ml of sesame oil, add 20 drops of rosemary oil, 20 drops of lavender oil, 5 drops of patchouli oil and 2 capsules of vitamin E. Mix all the ingredients, apply to the hair with a sponge. Put on a plastic cap, leave the mixture on your hair for two hours. Then rinse with shampoo.

Mask for bleached and damaged permhair

Take 50 ml of sesame oil, add 10 drops of geranium oil, 10 drops of sandalwood oil, 20 drops of rosewood oil, 5 drops of lavender oil, 1 vitamin E capsule and 1 vitamin A capsule. Mix all ingredients thoroughly, apply to hair with using a sponge, put on a hat, hold the mixture on the hair for about one and a half to two hours. Wash off with shampoo.

Mask for hair restoration with sesame oil

Take sesame oil, thoroughly massage it into the roots of the hair with massage movements. Then wrap the hair in a towel and leave overnight. In the morning, rinse with shampoo.

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Armed with the recommendations here, you can quickly bring your hair in order - return them strength, shine, health and beauty!

Health to you!

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